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Nov 12, 2003
This is a weird one.
I've had my 622 through many software revisions and never had this problem,
including the current software which was working fine until this week.

I've got plenty of timers set-up for OTA recording, but starting this week
my 622 has been recording lower priority timers at the expense of higher priority ones. :(

But not only that, it *thinks* that it has recorded BOTH (which would of course be impossible.)

If I look at the history of my missing programs, the timer shows as "Done", not "Skipped".

Everything looks "normal" beforehand. It shows the high priority program as scheduled to be recorded, and it shows the lower priority one as "Skipped by priority". But when the recording actually begins, the lower priority one is the one that gets saved to the hard drive.

It's really starting to anger me.

My software version hasn't changed, and this version of the software was handling these conflicts just fine for the past few weeks.

At first I assumed it was a fluke, but it's happened every night for the past three nights now.


So after anoter hard reboot, the symptom is now worse. My 622 has lost it's damn mind.
Last night I attempted to record Studio 60 OTA. This time it was the only timer for that time slot.
Nothing was competing with it. The recording kicked off, and all was normal... so I thought.
There was in fact a "Studio 60" in my DVR list. But when I went to watch it, the recording with that title
was an hour of the History channel! Something that was never scheduled to record!
My OTA timer chose an arbitrary satellite channel and gave it the title and description of the scheduled OTA event.
What the hell? DISH really needs to get their hardware/software act together.
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I would delete all timers and re-input them, possibly after a hard reboot. Check the unit after the hard reboot, that might have fixed the problem in itsself.
The plot thickens

See the edit to the first post in this thread to see how my 622's behavior has gotten much worse.
For some it would be a real pain to re-input the timers if like I, they have about 40 of them. If really cleaver Dish would allow output of the timers, favorites, etc. to USB--another use for it.
I had a similar issue. It was diagnosed by AHDTS as a guide conflict. Running check-switch, and backing out when it completed, forced a new guide download, which resolved the issue....may be the same thing.
Running a "check-switch" is an easy enough thing to try,
and not something I've tried yet. I look forward to trying it tonight
and pray it sends this symptom into remission.

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