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  1. cobalt

    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Vizio M series 75" 4k TV will not display 4K content!!!!!!!!!

    Internet connection = 60 Mbps, and I have the samsung 8500 player connected to the only 2.0/2.2 port (#5) that the unit offers. I just don't have the will to call Vizio Tech Support and stay on the phone for hours, ending up no better off they when I started :( Thanks for the reply llya
  2. cobalt

    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Vizio M series 75" 4k TV will not display 4K content!!!!!!!!!

    We got an incredible deal on a Vizio M series but have been unable to get 4k content to work. 1080p yes 4k no. The onboard youtube app wont render 4k, and the samsung 8500 blu ray only plays 4k discs in 1080p. I've tried different 4k hdmi cables, tried different Hdmi inputs, I've tried...
  3. cobalt

    Star Trek the Video game really stinks!

    I bought this lemon for $5 on amazon and I paid too much! I'm about 5 hours into the game and I can't proceed due to clipping glitches. An entire wall I'm suppose to climb isn't visible to my character. Uggg. Stay away from this turkey...
  4. cobalt

    Missing 3d channels ?

    Never Mind :) A reboot did the trick.
  5. cobalt

    Missing 3d channels ?

    I'll admit that I haven't watched my 3d channels in a while but... None of them are showing up on my guide. Has Directv dropped all of their 3d content? I'll try a reboot of my H34.
  6. cobalt

    Anybody see this today? Receiver must reboot?

    I had to force a reboot on the hr34 and the h24. The h24 could no longer see the hr34's dvr programming. I still can't get the Directv2pc program to see my hr34. I guess it's time to reload the software. The reboot did fix the issue with the 24.
  7. cobalt

    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    September 1 2012 12:01 a.m.
  8. cobalt

    Still waiting and waiting and waiting for the HD GUI...

    Still no HD GUI on my hr34. My 25 has had the update since day one. This is getting really old. :mad:
  9. cobalt

    When can I expect the updated GUI for my HR34?????

    I had a new 24 and 34 installed at the start of January. The 24 got the update that night and I'm still waiting on the 34 to get it. I was told it would come in a few weeks and that has come and gone. I'm not to keen on forcing the update but I may have no other option. Thanks for any...
  10. cobalt

    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    I was one of the 1st to get a dish network google tv and I've just dropped my $4.00 fee and have disconnected it from my dish receiver. Reasons for disconnecting it 1. no app store 2. very slow to navigate 3. couldn't get it to send a 5.1 signal to my receiver through the hdmi (dish and google...
  11. cobalt

    I'm sooooooo fed up with dish and Google TV that I can't see straight !!!!

    Thanks, I'll post again tomorrow when I receive it.
  12. cobalt

    I'm sooooooo fed up with dish and Google TV that I can't see straight !!!!

    :mad: I was one of the original suckers the fell for the RCA and 811 dish network Hd combo pack years ago, so you would think that I would have know better. I place my original order for the revue about 3 weeks ago. They said it would ship 2day blue label, so after waiting 3 day with no revue...
  13. cobalt


    They said they could only refund the amount I paid for the google tv minus the amount that they applied to my programing. I demanded to talk to his supervisor and after waiting on hold for about 10 minutes the csr came back and said the full amount would be credited to my card. We'll see :mad...
  14. cobalt


    DISH SUCKS!!! I was told today that my google tv that was promised by 2 CSR's to ship out today wouldn't ship until nov. 1st. And they used my 193.53 payment for google tv and all ready applied it to my programing bill.... WTF... Take the money for a product not available and apply the money...
  15. cobalt


    Mine is on order and should be at my door by Tuesday. I asked the CSR 3 times to verify that there is no commitment required and he said the purchase puts me under no service obligation. I can't wait.
  16. cobalt

    Top 25 Bestselling hd dvd and blu-ray titles right now!!!!

    Head over to amazon - they are running a 3 for the price of 2 sale on select hd-dvd and blu-ray titles. August 28th - Top 25 "DVD" Best Sellers 2. 300 hd-dvd 5. 300 Blu-ray 8. The Departed hd-dvd 9. Casino Royal...
  17. cobalt

    Who is having problems with HDMI with 211/411/622

    Add my 942 to the list - If I wiggle it just right (the cable - not me) it works about 50% of the time.
  18. cobalt

    Is my 942 Possessed???????????????

    Yes I use OTA more than my dish network programing. I turned it on tonight and the save features are there again. Very stange.
  19. cobalt

    Is my 942 Possessed???????????????

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that my Hdmi connection stopped working (Due to a wonderfull software update) and now I can only use my component connection. Now I've noticed that my timers are messed up. I have all my timers set to record only new shows and the timer is now recording all...
  20. cobalt

    Has dish messed up my 942's dvi output with an update?

    I own my 942. Now if they'd give me a free owned, not leased, 942 I'd jump on that. But alas I don't think they will. But thanks for the suggestion.
  21. cobalt

    Has dish messed up my 942's dvi output with an update?

    The Tech told me that it was a know issue with a large number of 942's after the last update.... Just count youself as luckier than I am and keep you fingers crossed.
  22. cobalt

    Has dish messed up my 942's dvi output with an update?

    Just got of the phone with a dish tech and she informed me that the issues I was having with my hdmi output on the 942 was a result of the update dish sent out on the 16th of this month. I asked if there was any fix other that to reboot (which doesn't work in my case), she informed me that it...
  23. cobalt

    Has dish messed up my 942's dvi output with an update?

    Yesterday I turned on my tv and didn't see the normal dish network screen saver logo on my tube. I turned on the power on the remote and could hear sound but without an image. I did a reboot of the system and everything was working fine. Today the same problem is present - no image on the...
  24. cobalt

    Dear God in Heaven - There is No audio on USA tv

    After the reboot I'm getting audio on USA. I hope this was an isolated event.