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    IPTV only channels

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    IPTV only channels

    which receiver are compatibility for IPTV only channels, thanks in advanced.
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    MGM+ Standard definition not available

    Two new channel, never in 110 Indie and Retro plex.
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    MGM+ Standard definition not available

    i want to see pictures too.
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    MGM+ Standard definition not available

    HD version is still not available @ 110/119.
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    MGM+ Standard definition not available

    but the their HD channel are not available to Puerto Rico subscriber, due to 129 satellite not available. Option to wait if added or remove the Movie Package, the only channel seen in the house is PIXL.
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    dish decline

    Dish need to make change or differential more of other provider, for example, lower price or more movies channel. Another option is other company handle other channel, any remember USSB and Direct each provider have different programing. A new company handle a basic oriented of sport package...
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    Orby Channels Active Again?

    What happen if a company, lease a transport and make contract only to three or five program providers to deliver a small but a good package. WarneMedia, Discovery, Comcast, and hallmark. Look like to previous Orby’s services, but smaller: Basic (I count less of 50 channels from the above...
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    Anyone know what's up with Orby?

    Thinking, If ORBY had (NBCUniversal network: USA, SYFY, E!, Bravo, GOLF, NBCS) and a Sport network, for example; NBA TV (Same management by ) TNT, TBS, ect. Maybe they would have had more clients and had a good position.
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    where to watch "Parasite" movie in the USA?.

    There a OTT platform called VEMOX.COM, may be the owner, olympusat, will cancel it because was removed from google play and there not update since the last year. Their acquire programing around the world and translatle to Spanish audio for their own channels and VOD services for cable and IPTV...
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    where to watch "Parasite" movie in the USA?.

    Although it is interesting and original. It's worth watching for free. My score 85%. I saw other foreign movie better than this.
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    the future of VEMOX TV app

    Does anyone by any chance know why olympusat removed VEMOX?
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    where to watch "Parasite" movie in the USA?.

    I just saw it weeks ago, luckily I didn't spend money renting it.
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    where to watch "Parasite" movie in the USA?.

    i read that netflix in latin america market, but in the usa?
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Hy to all, i subscriber to Netflix while the emergency situation are in effect. my parents like to watch a movie for this reason I have the premium channels in my account, Starz and Epix. and now the SHOWTIME free preview. My father told me that the Picture Quality of Netflix is superior over...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    is sad that DISH remove the latino 309 movie channel, movies from MGM, Miramax, subtitle, other movie from SONY and latin america in spanish audio.
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    Italian channels

    in sling for $5.00 get two Italian channel plus a set of bonus channel, not bad. Combining with the french package are great.
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    Italian channels

    is a sad, DISH lost a lot of international channel, including Russian channels, TV-1000 Russian Kino was open or clear a long time ago, i watch some movie, event with out any understand, i miss this channel. other channel including Korean channel and media set. The rare is Directv added more...
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    Rebuild packages in case of turner's basic channels removed?

    improve each package, such as add, FX, USA, Syfy, Lifetime, AMC in the packages from welcome pack and SmartPack. Will be a good offer or a massive reduction of subscription? also a good idea of this movie package: Showtime+Starz+Movie pack+Encore for $25.00 per month.
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    MGTV, German Channels in general

    the same problem with other international package, i remember the channel Tv-1000 russian kino.
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    Telemundo and other Spanish Networks

    i see in the guide some Turkey series.
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    Telemundo and other Spanish Networks

    free until this weekend. Latino Bonus pack is now available in welcome pack?
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    DISH to Offer DishLATINO/Sling Latino Customers Price Relief

    Dishlatino package price is very high for the channels have. Really only 2 discovery, 1 history, 1 natgeo, 1 hollywood movie channel. Sling also dnot have Discovery, Discovery familia and Natgeo Mundo.
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    Dish survey

    Dubbed? 827 is blocked in PR, multimedia too, but mexicanal is open because Galavision was available in Puerto Rico.