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    D* and NRTC end exclusive distribution agreement.

    I'm glad to not get scammed $4.95 each month for nothing anymore. Hey, don't laugh... that's a meal for me. I can also get my TiVO service waived. Yahoooo!!!!!!
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    "To be Announced" message on TiVO channel guide

    Thanks for the reply. My other recievers in the house are standard (non TiVO) Phyllips recievers and they are fine. It's very curious, b/c yesterday there were only about 1/2 of the channels "To be Announced" now 90% are that way. Maybe I'll try and reboot as well.
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    "To be Announced" message on TiVO channel guide

    Virtually all of my channels display "To be announced" in the guide. Consequently, it will not record any shows. Any ideas? I have the Samsumg 100 hour Direct TiVO unit. :confused: Thanks y'all.
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    "Searching for Satellite signal" error message??

    Thanks for the suggestions... it's definately something with the connection. I replaced the box with others that are working in other rooms and I still get no signal. I appreciate the advice.
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    "Searching for Satellite signal" error message??

    One of my Phillips recievers has the message "searching for satellite signal" and the screen is blank. Before I call customer support is there a quick soln?
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    Any problems with Pegasus?

    I'm in agreement with Alan... don't need a phone line. I had to have one dropped for the DirecTivo unit. It does suck that I have to still pay D* the $4.95 for the TiVO service when I have the Total Choice Premier w/local channels. I don't get this Pegasus thing... the extra $1.95/month just...
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    Pre-order HD Tivo!

    ...and once again I'm screwed being a Pegasus subscriber!!!!
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    Caller ID?

    I recently purchased a Samsung 120GB TiVO... now I don't have on screen caller ID. Is there any way to get this feature?
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    Any problems with Pegasus?

    Thanks for the insights. I'm in a quandry b/c I want the TiVO functionality. I was told by the Pegasus sales rep that I could purchase my Direct TiVO at a local retailer and I will not have any problems. I guess I'll jump in and see what happens.
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    Any problems with Pegasus?

    I live in a zip code that is Pegasus. Has anyone heard of any major problems with them? I cannot deal directly with Direct TV.
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    Can someone explain this cropping vs. OAR issue?

    Depending on how the film was shot, the aspect ratio could be wider than 16:9. If you ever see a DVD that states "Enhanced for Widescreen" that means that they cropped the movie to fit. If you also look at the back of a DVD you'll see the actual ratio in relation to 1. 16:9 is = 1.78 Some...