"To be Announced" message on TiVO channel guide

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Dec 18, 2003
Virtually all of my channels display "To be announced" in the guide. Consequently, it will not record any shows. Any ideas? I have the Samsumg 100 hour Direct TiVO unit. :confused:

Thanks y'all.
you didn't get the guide data last night. make sure box is plugged in and connected to D* and a phone line tonight. If it happens again, you may have a problem with your box. do you have any other receivers in your house with this problem?
Thanks for the reply. My other recievers in the house are standard (non TiVO) Phyllips recievers and they are fine. It's very curious, b/c yesterday there were only about 1/2 of the channels "To be Announced" now 90% are that way. Maybe I'll try and reboot as well.
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