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Apr 2, 2004
I am kind of annoyed about this and not sure what to do perhaps someone can tell me where I can find some info.

I was a DN subscriber previously and recently switched over to DTV yesterday as a matter of fact. When I called to request the service I was told by the person that my Local Channels were NYC, They come and install the system and say that My local channels are now Philly and the person my wife talks to says its based on Zip Code and some otherfactors and then continues on her little sales shtick... I get home and call and I get this is Federally Regulated and no one can give you any other info. The FCC detrmines what channel you get based entirely on Zip Code. You can get a waiver to get distant networks but then you have to pay for them.

DN says that my local networks are NYC.

If this is federally regulated by Zip Code then some one is violating federal law here which I seriously doubt. Does anyone have a list of these Zipcodes or DMA's by zip code so I can see which the FCC determines are my local channels? Otherwise I guesss I may have to call DN back up and say that DTV lied and I would like to come back so I can get my channels back.

Thanks in advance!
Not really a help there - it says Philadelphia - do the same at DishNetwork it says New York.

I did not put the info in online before I made the switch I guess now that it was a mistake, but call me crazy I believed the guy I spoke to when he told me NY.

If this is Federally Regulated as DirectTV claims then it shouldn't matter where I put in my Zip Code it should always be the same.
From what I can glean from the different sources around the internet the SHVIA which is what I believe that DirectTV is using here basically states that the Nielsen Designated Market Areas get specific channels those in the New York City DMA get the NYC channels - OK fine - it also goes on to say that these DMA's are divided by COUNTY not ZIP CODE. So I still need to find a list...
I think you're screwed there. Once they pick a zip code, you're locked in that area. Your only other solution is to "move" to an area that is in the New York local. Change your mailing address to be located in the area..... I don't know if D* verifies phone number prefixes since they require all units to be plugged in to a phone line.
Well sadly then I may just have to go back to E*... Too bad... I have heard a lot of good things regarding DTV and was looking forward to seeing if they were true.
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