"Searching for Satellite signal" error message??

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Dec 18, 2003
One of my Phillips recievers has the message "searching for satellite signal" and the screen is blank. Before I call customer support is there a quick soln?
You can try and reboot the receiver by unplugging for 15 seconds. However I would be sure and check my Sat in Cable first, SFSS is a loss of signal. If your other receivers are working I would look at these two things first.
If you are getting a "searching for satellite signal, please wait" signal then resetting would more than likely not resolve the problem. When you reset your computer by pulling smart card and pushing it back in or unplug the receiver and plug it back in, and some receivers holding in on the power button for about 5 or so seconds, it will reboot and fix a blank screen problem in which results from the receiver losing its authorization to receive programming because it may not have been in the datastream and lost the keys that allow it to remain active.
Rebooting by pulling the plug on a receiver resets more then just the receiver, By unplugging it you also clear the LNB and or multiswitch. Many are looking into the Idea of a whole house reset, clear all voltage to LNBs and or multiswitches. In the phase lll dish the first receiver plugged in becomes the basic power supply to all 3 LNBs. The rest of the receivers just toggle the multi switch legs. As you can see this is a valid step one can try if they are having problems. Another important thing to try is tuning to 100 and 500, 100 is the odd transponders 500 is the even or 18 volt side. Channel 400 will verify the 119 depending on the audio, English is on 101 and Spanish is 119.
If you have the receiver(s) connected to a surge protector then you can also just flip the power switch off, wait, then flip the power switch back on.
Thanks for the suggestions... it's definately something with the connection. I replaced the box with others that are working in other rooms and I still get no signal. I appreciate the advice.
Please reply by conversation.

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