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  1. J

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Finally. The Longhorn Network.
  2. J

    Vacation Mode

    i've taken another job in a different town and will be living in my RV for a while. i can set up dish at the trailer but i'm not going to have much time for TV for a little while. plus save me a little money.
  3. J

    Vacation Mode

    Does dish still do this? Turn your programming off for a set amount of time without canceling you account. I think it use to cost like $5 a month to do it? I'm going into a situation for a while that I don't need dish but don't want to cancel it or pay $124 a month for it to sit there. I'm not...
  4. J

    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    I got a a stack of them too. From a model 1000 to the 522.
  5. J

    722k playback recordings problem

    It sucks but I'm glad it's not just me then.
  6. J

    722k playback recordings problem

    It's happened twice so far today. I start watching a show that stop somewhere in the middle of it like the recording has ended. Looking at the menu it shows the whole thing got recorded. I restart the show and fast forward and it still ends. This has never happened before today. It has done it...
  7. J

    DISH Cheers Ruling on AutoHop, PrimeTime Anytime

    i don't have a hopper but this is great news. now that fox is pissed i wonder what they will try and do now to make dish's life miserable.
  8. J

    Play On and HBO Go

    My pc doesn't have one but my laptop does. I guess I could try that.
  9. J

    Play On and HBO Go

    using my ps3 to watch it. no app for that yet.
  10. J

    Play On and HBO Go

    is there a way to keep logged into hbo go through play on? i have play on installed on a computer i don't use much and it is a PITA to have to go to it to log into hbo go every time i want to watch something on hbo go.
  11. J

    Lost OTA guide info after re-scan

    well i have tried everything here and still nothing.
  12. J

    Lost OTA guide info after re-scan

    Ok I'll try that too.
  13. J

    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Wichita Falls, TX / Lawton, OK DMA 006-01 KAUZ CBS affiliate OTA showing digital service in the EPG. All other OTA channels showing the correct info on the EPG.
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    Lost OTA guide info after re-scan

    It's been 3 days now.
  15. J

    Lost OTA guide info after re-scan

    I have a 722k and all was good. I did a scan to pick up some new channels that had been added OTA. Now I am missing the guide data for one of my OTA channels and it is the normal CBS station. It was working fine until the scan. So I did a check switch and let it download that guide info to try...
  16. J

    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    Called on 7/8 and got the free Roku with 2nd day shipping UPS. Mine has not showed up. Checked my bill online and the credits are there they gave me.
  17. J

    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    I chatted today and received the Roku and the $120 worth of credits.
  18. J

    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    well i do watch the popular shows on AMC and will be pissed if they are removed i probably wont jump ship. i can catch them on netflix later. i dont need to watch them as soon as they are shown.
  19. J

    My install story......

    I think it's stupid all the hoops you have to jump through to get these things to work right. I don't know why dish has to make everything so hard sometimes. I want to upgrade but I'll wait a while. I use to be an E* installer and I am glad I don't have to do I now.
  20. J

    Sports over run

    I'd like to know if PTAT caught all of The Good Wife to night since it started way late due to basketball. I haven't upgraded yet and was wanting to hear what it did about that.
  21. J

    Joeys hooked to wrong Hoppers

    i believe that can be changed at the joey. just go in and tell it which hopper you want to link it to. i read this in another thread.
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    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    I think what happened is when I asked what the impact on my bill would be they gave me the total cost of the fees and didn't subtract what i was already paying.
  23. J

    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    $200 + $95 install for 2 hoppers and 3 joeys with a $28 increase a month. Gonna need to think about this one.
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    PTAT question

    i've read here that if you set up a timer for a show that PTAT also records you get to keep it past the 8 day limit and it still only uses one tuner. it will not record twice. if you want to keep a show that you do not have a timer setup for you need to tell it you want to keep it past the 8...