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    More Roku...

    TCL55P607.Roku based tv.My real question is - how does NBC or Roku send your app a signal that your device is ready to stream premier league?
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    More Roku...

    Excellent answer.Without a genius like you,I would have never survived 78 years.
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    More Roku...

    I signed up with NBC Sports Gold for the Premier league.Premier League is unlocked on website but how do I know it will be unlocked on my tv app?
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    Using my Roku...

    Xfinity-up to 100 MBPS.Triple play 140+ channels $165 per mo.
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    Using my Roku...

    tv for streaming (Sling,Hulu.etc.) Internet service from my only provider in my area would be at $89.99 + taxes per month.So add the cost of streaming service I might as well keep cable.Is there a way to do it cheaper? I've been around a long time,but still learning.
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    Is Comcast worth switching to ?

    I had a "double play" for 79.99 for 2 years.Near the end of 2nd year my monthly bill is 142.58.Can't argue with them-they are always right.Now I have a month to month triple play on a 99.00 plus sports package.We will see.No complaints with pic other than Fox channels-all blurry,always have been.
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    SiriusXM Internet Radio

    Been a subscriber for 9 yrs.I get XM for $77+Tx for a year.I ask for retention each renewal.In your case-try it.
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    About to renew

    Re-upped yesterday-$84 for a year + tax.
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    Avatar 3D $130, Is that typical for 3D?

    Last I looked Avatar $175.00 then a waiting-notification list.Imports for $20.
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    Where to buy ...

    a new or refurb XM receiver at decent prices.
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    Got the $77 deal

    For 6 years I've been paying by the month,called and asked why I couldnt get $77 deal.The csr said I could,so I did. I have a 2nd set that I pay quarterly.
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    Center Ice...

    no playoffs this year?
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    Police scanners...

    if you were a newbie to this and looked to experience to advise you,what would they tell you on how to get started?
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    TV calibration

    Took all mine out of box and used factory settings.Tweaked over next year,little at a time.Not much difference from factory.LCD's and Plasma's.
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    Detroit 1-8-7

    Is this program one of the ten ABC is chopping? Hope not.
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    Forest Whitaker to Star in Criminal Minds Spin-Off

    Saw it last nite.To me its a flop.Wrong role for Whitaker,botox lip blonde and an englishman.Wont last.:rant:
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    Satellite Service for Part-time RVers

    Carried mine with me for 9 years.Just have to check zip and aim each day.
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    DJs on Decades Channels

    Yea Cousin' Brucie!
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    NHL Hockey 2009-10 Season

    Declaration:The Tampa Bay Lightning will make the playoffs!!!:rant:
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    What Movies Draw You In Again & Again...

    Anything with John Wayne.
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    Which Broadcast Evening News Do You Watch?

    I watched (NBC) John Cameron Swayze,nightly for 15 minutes-7:30-7:45.Sponsored by Camel cigarettes,put the "T" in your T-zone.Beat that!!:)
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    No sat allowed...

    Read lease and no reference to"no holes drilled'. Thanx also to charper,I made copy of Info sheet and will procede to submit my sat installation request and $75 fee.:)
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    No sat allowed...

    I live in a Senior housing conglomerate run by the county.Four apts to a unit,on the ground.I had a Sat since '96 till I moved here 18 mos ago.Must use cable,told" If we let you put up a sat then 40 others will want to have it,also.So cant permit the dish.Cable is a rinky-dink outfit with...
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    No sat allowed...

    what is the Fcc reg # that regulates where you can and where you cant have a Dish? Thanx.