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    Kitchen question

    I want to get HD in my kitchen but I really don't have a place for a box. If I purchase a television which is cablecard ready will I be able to get HD or is it just for standard? thanks.
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    PQ Quality and sound..

    As far as I'm concerned the picture quality is getting worse here in NJ. The sound cuts in and out constantly and not just on one television set. Channel 2 seems to be the worst of the bunch with ABC a close second. I won't switch to Fios because of no MSG hd so until then, I'm stuck. Anyone...
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    Choppy picture

    I was watching the yankees (715) one day and noticed the picture was a little choppy. Last night I was watching the preseason football game on ESPN (736) and the picture was choppy once again. It is happening on both my Sony and Sharp televisions so I ruling out that the tv is the problem...
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    Optimum Boost

    Does anyone have boost? I'm toying with the idea of trying it but I'm not totally convinced that it's worth the 10.00. thanks
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    New Channels

    Thanks, I'll set my alarm.;)LOL@party.
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    New Channels

    I'm in New Jersey and have read numerous reports of how cablevision has added the 30 new channels which I have been waiting for months. Although they are activated in other areas and have been for a while I still don't have them. Anyone else in NJ get them yet?:confused:
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    Switching to Fios?

    While the server based DVR sounds good, I'm concerned about not being able to skip commercials. Until it comes out, I guess we wont know for sure if this is an issue.
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    Switching to Fios?

    More and more each day, I'm thinking of switching to fios. I like the multi-room DVR and having the ability to create your own channel guide is a definite positive. From what I'm reading the internet is faster and always consistent, not to mention the picture quality is much better. My neighbors...
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    New Hd Chaneels?

    Don't hold your breath. I just called customer service and got the old "we are upgrading HD channels all of the time" speech, with no insight as to what possible additions are on the way. Never mind that the guide is terrible, slow, and has no way of creating your own favorites menu, ala Dish...
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    Yes, channel 2 in HD. One thing though, when I rewound three or four times, I was actually able to hear the dialog of what was blanked out, then when trying again, it was gone. If this keeps up I'll become one heck of a lip reader.:D
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    I recorded CSI last night and the audio portion is cutting out a lot. I tried going backwards to see if it was a glitch, but it seems to have recorded that way. Since I did not watch it live, I'm wondering if it was like that when it aired, or is it something else. Anyone having this problem? I...
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    Since getting a blue screen telling me I no longer get voom, I decided to call cablevision to ask when the list of new channels, ie, hbo, etc will be available. Interestingly enough when I asked the girl when the voom replacements were coming she told me she did not know because nothing had been...
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    8300HD box Question

    Yes, but i'm usually up around that time and I've only noticed it lately. I'm guessing it's updating?
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    8300HD box Question

    I've been getting a message on my tv screen saying that my cable box will shut off if I don't hit a key on the remote. Is this something new?:confused:
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    Anything new on the 20 uplinked last week?

    Yes, does anyone know what the new HD channels will be?
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    Anything new on the 20 uplinked last week?

    Any indication of what they will be?:)