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    Put service on hold, now I can't used HD-DVR to record at all?

    I'm cancelling my D* service this weekend. Last night I was trying to archive some of the saved content on my HR10-250, but I realized my DVD recorder wasn't working. Will I still be able to archive it later when I get the DVD recorder fixed, or will I need D* service to play anything off of the...
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    MPEG4 / Phoenix AZ

    I just got off the phone with D* and I got hassled big time over this. They said no way will they turn on the national feed, that it was against the law. I asked for the supervisor, who was the rudest prick I ever spoke to at D*, who told me I'd have to write to my congressman, and even then...
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    MPEG4 / Phoenix AZ

    Do you have to call Fox for the waiver, or can you just call D* directly?
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    BREAKING VOOM DVR News from CES!!!

    That PVR should be available any day now. LOL!
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    VOOM PVR/DVR Release Soon... Echostar/Rainbow information coming soon as well (???)

    This is why I left Voom in the first place, the endless delays and empty promises. Apparently things haven't changed. I'm enjoying my HD DVR at D* immensely.
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    Current Issues with VOOM's PQ

    One of my all time favorite movies is A Clockwork Orange. I watched it on one of the Voom Cinema 10 channels a couple of months ago and was disappointed by the PQ and posted about it at the time. It was very grainy. Last night I watched it again on HDNet through D* and the quality was amazing...
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    Directv to offer more HD

    And that will probably still be before Voom even gets a DVR :smug
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    I want an HD DVR SOOO BAD...tempted to switch.

    I switched to D* and the Tivo HD DVR HR10-250. An amazing machine. Expensive, sure, but worth it to me. I'm recording all sorts of Olympic events in HD. I haven't regretted the switch for a second.
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    Cutest Olympics chicks?

    You want ass? Take a look at the Greek diver. She had a booty on her that would make any assman proud :p
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    Thanks barth! My favorite was scan16. Can't beat a pair of heels! :yes
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    Technut, how about a larger version of that picture? :p
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    Stay with Voom or switch?

    If you read the first post, Jimmy asked for comments. I'm not whining, I'm just commenting on why I'm leaving since he asked. At least I didn't start one of those "I'm outta here" threads. Those are almost as annoying as people who whine about other people whining.
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    Stay with Voom or switch?

    The HR10-250 is an HD DVR. I'm sure if you had one of these it wouldn't be collecting dust :) Whether I watch HD or SD, it's important for me to control my TV watching, not my provider. DVR equals freedom.
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    Stay with Voom or switch?

    I'm switching to D* for several reasons. Before Voom I'd become accustomed to having a DVR. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I didn't have one. Now that I've got my hands on a HR10-250, I'm gone. Sure, Voom is getting a DVR. We've seen how quickly they've acted on other issues...
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    How important is HGTV?

    It's been a couple of months since I've been with Voom. I assured the wife that HGTV and Food were coming. Apparently they're not. I'm keeping Voom, but the evil cable company is coming out tomorrow to install cable for those two channels. HGTV is OK, but we both really miss Food. At least I'm...
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    Worldsport ... what the hell was that?

    It's called Kabbadi. Never heard of it before. Really stupid. They have to actually chant the word "kabbadi" over and over as they attempt to tag members of the opposing team. The way these guys were prancing around I thought I was on Divine for a second :) One guy had to be carried out on a...
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    WorldSports.. Can we get more?

    Yes to more marathons and track and field coverage. Anything involving a car is not a sport.
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    Voom, Add these channels!!!

    xtc, your little fantasy list might be nice for you, but most of us prefer to live in the real world. There are way more of us that are waiting for Food and HGTV. What's mindboggling is someone who wants a wrestling channel daring to criticize anyone else's viewing habits.
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    Night of the Living Dead (hd vs. dvd)

    Monsters showed the sequel, Dawn of the Dead, a couple of weeks back. Great to see that one in HD too. Have you ever seen blood so red before? :eek: Now we need to see Day of the Dead on Monsters.
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    VOOM Channels are OLD!!

    Absolutely! Elephant Polo must be shown live, or not at all. Otherwise I get confused when I read the Elephant Polo box scores in the newspaper.
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    HD Cinema (105): The Manchurian Candidate 5pm & 9pm EST

    A true classic. If you haven't seen this movie, make sure you do so before the upcoming Hollywood remake starring Denzel Washington. Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised and the remake will be ok, but I doubt it.
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    disappointed with programming

    jbonds, try reading some of the other threads before you rush in and start a new one covering the same subject, especially if you're interested in precious bandwidth. Like deeann says, speak for yourself, I love Cinema 10. BTW, your impressive skills with punctuation really drove your point home.
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    HBO-HD: Deadwood Season Finale 10PM EST

    Molly Parker was especially not shy in Center of the World.
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    New Red Couch Girl - Shari Albert

    Saw Sherri today for the first time, wearing a loose baseball outfit. Couldn't tell what kind of body she had under that, but man, was she annoying! I thought I was listening to one of Tony Sopranos whiny girlfriends. Not that pretty either. She'd have to have a hell of a body to make up for...