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    Should you worry about malware on your DIRECTV Gemini?

    A malware-infested zombie device sitting on your home network can do a lot of damage above and beyond the Gemini, just like how they say not to use public wifi without a VPN because certain bad actors can do malicious things once you're on the same network.
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    Gemini Air - New DirecTV Stream Device

    I don't have a 4K TV so I can't speak to the HDR issue, but Paramount + is unwatchable on a Gemini with constant freezing and skipping. On my Apple TV however, P+ streams smoothly. On Twitter/X there are others complaining about P+ freezing and skipping so the problem might not be confined to...
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    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    Well, looks like my AirTV Anywhere is going to get some more use.
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    Willow TV coming to DIRECTV and DIRECTV Stream on 10/3

    I had to refresh my Genie 2 using the DirecTV website to get Willow to show up in my Sports Pack subscription, shame that didn't work for the OP.
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    How to connect a single HR24-100 to SWM LNB/dish

    You should be able to get a 2 port splitter because that's the kind I have.
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    Yes, for tuning and viewing satellite channels and viewing DVR, but no internet-based features like voice control. My fiber went out for a little while and I was still able to watch TV.
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    Nexstar/Mission/White Knight dispute with DIRECTV

    ...and I don't have to care. My local CW39 is blacked out due to the dispute, but thanks to my trusty AirTv Anywhere DVR and Channel Master OTA antenna I'm not missing anything (never watched NewsNation). I'm just glad DirecTV allows you to download the Sling app (since they're a competitor) on...
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    DirecTV Satellite - 95+ bonus channels over streaming?

    I just signed up for DIRECTV Satellite in April and I get charged a $15 ARS fee.
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    DIRECTV Transponder Map ~ Data 2/28/2024

    I'm in Houston with Sports Pack and I get YES on the website and the app.
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    No 30 Second Skip on Gemini?

    See if this helps.
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    A new DIRECTV Genie DVR coming soon?

    This is just a WAG, probably wrong so I'm not going to argue with anyone about it, but I think it may not be just a coincidence that both Dish (with the Hopper Plus and Joey(s)4) and DirecTV (with the Gemini) are moving toward Android-based streaming boxes that are also add-ons to their last...
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    DTV gemini
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    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Yep, I do a fresh rescan on my AirTV Anywhere at the top of each month and I ran into the same thing. I guess the rescan function is somehow tied to the AirTV/Dish servers.
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    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    "Even though Dish Network didn't name the ransomware gang behind the incident, sources have told BleepingComputer that the Black Basta ransomware operation is behind the attack, first breaching Boost Mobile and then the Dish corporate network. Additionally, multiple sources told...
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    FuboTV Subscribers See Price Hike, Raises RSN Fee to Up to $14 with Addition of Bally Sports

    "“Please note that Bally Sports San Diego and Bally Sports Great Lakes will launch at a later date ahead of the Major League Baseball season,” the service explained." fuboTV Subscribers Must Wait Until Baseball Season for Select Bally Sports Networks
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    Sling adding ABC in 8 markets soon, will raise rate by $5 in 5 of those markets

    Ah, the same site that said fuboTV would have the Turner channels back by Jan. 16th. Well, Sling themselves say different.
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    Fubo TV drops AMC Networks channels

    Did fuboTV Drop AMC Channels in Order to Bring Back TNT, TBS?
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    fuboTV Announces Deal to Bring Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks to Live Streaming Service

    fuboTV Announces Deal to Bring Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks to Live Streaming Service
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    MGM No Longer Available

    "MGM+ will continue to be available in the U.S. on Prime Video, cable, telco, satellite, and digital distribution services"
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    We Must Be Getting Close

    I assume to get the new UI/features on additional TVs you would need to get the new Joeys. Question is would a J4 or WJ4 require a Hopper Plus attached to the host Hopper to work, and vice versa if you just wanted to add a Hopper Plus to a H3 would you also have to upgrade all the attached Joeys...
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    NHL & MLB Network

    Yeah, you can get both on fubo with either the Sports Plus with NFL RedZone ($10.99 mo.) or fubo Extra ($7.99 mo.) add-on packages to the base package Starter ($64.99 mo.). EDIT: Also available with Sports Lite add-on ($9.99 mo.).
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    Sinclair warns of 112 channels being dropped by DISH next Monday (8/16)
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    DISH Fights for a Fair Deal, Tegna Prioritizes Greed above Consumers

    I'm in northeast Houston near Bush airport. I can get 11.1, but it's weak and pixelated whereas I get a strong signal from 11.11 (confirmed by the signal meter on the Hopper when I was setting up with the OTA dongle). I don't have a formal theory about why, it just is.
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    DISH Fights for a Fair Deal, Tegna Prioritizes Greed above Consumers

    Here in the Houston DMA, the local CBS station KHOU 11 is involved in this dispute. I can't get reception of 11.1 (which is the channel Dish provides the guide data for), but they mirror the main CBS channel on 11.11 which I can get for some reason (maybe it comes from a repeater?). It would be...
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    Tegna removes local channels

    If it's not economically feasible to put a repeater on the other side of the hills, they shouldn't be able to count you in their DMA and you should be free to get feeds of your choice from a 3rd party provider (can't be Locast anymore since they're all but dead, but a similar concept fully...