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  1. Mojo Jojo

    Link TV No Longer on Dish

    Effective October 31, 2023, Link TV has stopped operations. As a result, this channel is no longer available on DISH or any other TV provider. Visit Looks like I won't be able to watch that Japan news when nothing else is on in primetime anymore.
  2. Mojo Jojo

    MGM No Longer Available

    According to Dish: MGM is no longer available. MGM will be stopping operations across all satellite and cable TV providers. As a result of MGM's decision, this channel has been removed from DISH.
  3. Mojo Jojo

    Cheapest Dish Plan with local channels?

    Maybe try calling the Loyalty Department number (1-888-496-1260). I am not sure if you are in an area where you can get a Locals Only package for $15 before surcharges and taxes. That would be the best scenario if you only want locals, but I am not sure it is still offered. I know not everyone...
  4. Mojo Jojo

    What is the least expensive programing package? Sadly, Welcome Pack is now $44.99 :( if you can get the package. We are grandfathered for now at $40.99. At least you do not have to pay extra for locals....if that happens then we may need to consider...
  5. Mojo Jojo

    Is there an add-on to get Nickelodeon for the Flex Pack?

    With Dish, the following packages have Nick: With Dish, the following packages have AHC: Flex Pack has some add-ons: However, I only saw one with Freeform, not Nick unless you want Nick Jr or...
  6. Mojo Jojo


    I have access to my local CBS affiliate in the Paramount Plus app without my Dish login. One can get Paramount Plus standalone without a provider. My CBS affiliate is not available currently through Dish due to the TEGNA dispute. What I meant is that I did not try the CBS app since having...
  7. Mojo Jojo

    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    Good to know. Glad you shared your experience. I suppose some people do not like human interaction at all. I do not always but will do so if necessary.
  8. Mojo Jojo


    I was not referring to the CBS All Access app that is now Paramount Plus. I was referring to this one: Roku Before having Paramount Plus and before the TEGNA dispute, I was able to stream my local CBS affiliate with my Dish login through the CBS app when channel signal loss would occur on Dish...
  9. Mojo Jojo

    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    I think someone finally realized they forgot to turn off the free preview of the music channels. It feels like it has been a few years because I remember listening to the music when working on college work. Maybe we can luck out again this holiday season. I like the music channels but not sure...
  10. Mojo Jojo

    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    I feel the same. We have Welcome Pack and the Dish Movie Pack. I have entertained the idea of dropping the Dish Movie Pack and maybe going with the Encore add-on to save a little bit. However, I like that we get access to Encore, Epix, and Starz with the Dish Movie Pack. I know Philo has Starz...
  11. Mojo Jojo


    Isn't there a CBS app, too? I believe it works with the Dish subscription. I am guessing it would not work with mine with the Tegna dispute. However, before the dispute, I think I was able to stream the local CBS affiliate through it. That was the extent to which I used it in the past but did...
  12. Mojo Jojo

    Tegna removes local channels

    Yes, I have been watching my local Tegna CBS affiliate via Paramount Plus. I have the grandfathered lower tier service that had access to local CBS where available. I probably could catch it via antenna if I fixed the indoor antenna right or if we set up the outdoor antenna to the TVs with Dish...
  13. Mojo Jojo

    Welcome pack sub. DVR glitch last night , and music channels gone today

    I can confirm the music channels are gone. I don't think we were really supposed to have them that long; I think it was glitch from when the holiday music channels were free. While I wish we had other channels free, I would listen to Sirius XM The Coffeehouse. We have 211ks but no EHD or DVR...
  14. Mojo Jojo

    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Never Say Never - The Fray
  15. Mojo Jojo

    Is Dish planning on more HD channels, like Oxygen?

    I think you can watch it through the Oxygen app in HD with your Dish subscription. I can watch it in HD through the Oxygen app on Roku with the Welcome Pack. It may not be ideal but a possibility.
  16. Mojo Jojo

    2020 Dish Price Increase. ?

    Actually (and surprisingly after asking numerous times over the years), a little while back I noticed that you can add the $10 Latino Bonus Pack now to the Welcome Pack. However, I did not add it (at least not yet); I also have Philo.
  17. Mojo Jojo

    Hallmark Missing

    With Dish, I get Hallmark with the Welcome Pack; I get Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with the Welcome Pack or Dish Movie Pack. I do not get Hallmark Drama with Dish as it is in America's Top 200 or the Heartland Package (along with Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries if you have an America's...
  18. Mojo Jojo

    A message to Orby

    We have satellite, too. Had cable for a while then DirectTV once local channels were added and now Dish for over a decade....started out with AT250 then Latino Dos w/Encore and now Welcome Pack with Dish Movie Pack...
  19. Mojo Jojo

    A message to Orby

    For $20 a month, along with about 57 other channels, I get the Science Channel and Motor Trend with Philo (if you have good Internet in your area).
  20. Mojo Jojo

    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Your question stayed on my mind for the rest of the day. I think I have a better answer to the general question. Here is a channel lineup card with the main America's Top packs and the Flex Pack: Here is a channel lineup...
  21. Mojo Jojo

    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Also, Channel 9605 shows the channels available in Flex Pack, and channel 9606 shows the Channel Packs available. The Dish site also has information here: Request Rejected
  22. Mojo Jojo

    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Science Channel is in Smart Pack. However, it is listed as no longer for sale. FMI: Request Rejected I believe it is in free preview right now as I am catching it with the Welcome Pack. I would suggest what we do if you have high speed Internet available in your area.. We have the Welcome Pack...
  23. Mojo Jojo

    Cheapest DISH Package with Buzzr and Game Show Network

    I do not know if one can get Dish America. I believe it has all three channels: DISH America | English Programming | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support I think it is $52.99. 2019 Programming Rates | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support May be worth asking about. Sometimes a CSR can add those "Packages No...
  24. Mojo Jojo

    Need a recommend for my parents

    Glad that met their must-haves. I totally missed that part of the thread. XD Sorry I was a little late in replying; I do not visit the site as often as I used to as not as much seems to happen with Dish lately.
  25. Mojo Jojo

    Need a recommend for my parents

    America's Top 120 Plus would save them $10/month and would include the "must-haves." However, there are quite a bit of channels they would lose from the Top 200, and I would ensure that they do not watch those a lot. I know when we used to have Dish Latino Dos, we would get the regional sports...