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    Post your 129W Spotbeam Signal Readings

    Date 2/26/2009 Receiver type ViP211 Clear skies 01: 0% 02: 60% 03: 48% (Locked - Name not acquired) 04: 58% 05: 25% 06: 61% 07: 75% 08: 53% 09: 0% 10: 0% 11: 75% (Locked - Name not acquired) 12: 59% (Locked - Name not acquired) 13: 73% 14: 57% 15: 57% 16: 52% 17...
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    Directv HD Quality

    He clearly has no idea of any science or technology and believes that unlike other Satellites, Directv's magical transponders have unlimited bandwidth. He probably also believes in 200MPG cars and perpetual motion machines. Just because he can't read a graph or understand the limitations of...
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    Hard Time Aiming Slimline Dish!!!

    Obviously you do not have a H20 or HR20 as you don't know how they work compared to past IRDs - they do not show signal changes in real time. If the OP cannot find 101W, then its ridiculous for him to try installing a 5lnb - as noted - even those who are supposed professionals have issues...
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    Red 'X' for 129 in System Info Grid

    Well, its certainly not a Sun outage if it has happened in the last week. 2 weeks ago that was certainly a possibility.
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    splitting legacy lnbs to 4 tuners.

    no....they work differently. just run the 2 feeds from 119W to the 2 units you want to work until the replacement comes in by inserting barrell connectors where the old SW64 once was. Remember to run a check switch after you do it as well. I have no direct information concerning this...
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    INDEMAND will carry MLB EI? No so fast says MLB... How about E*?

    Considering the Cox Cable San Diego action yesterday - and Cox is a major player with inDemand - it shows they know this is not a match. It also explains why another cable head was upset at Cox's action yesterday - as telegraphs what is going on. However, instead of playing games, Cox was...
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    INDEMAND will carry MLB EI? No so fast says MLB... How about E*?

    There is no requirement for cable to be all digital in Feb 2009. As Greg noted, this is a carefully crafted response so they can put it back on D* and MLB when it is rejected - just as MLB and D* attempted to shift the blame to cable with their "match" provision.
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    KA Signal (99) - Going, Going, Gone..

    It could be a lnb issue, I would be shocked if just the Ka side went out - though in rare instances, it could happen - however it sounds like that is not the case - especially given how these are stacked. 1) Don't knock some - knock ALL ice and snow off your dish. Ka is even more suspectable...
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    Directv HD Quality

    Correct, they are not.
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    Directv HD Quality

    If you are asking has the MPEG4 picture quality improved over the MPEG2 on the Network Stations in LA and NYC, I would have to agree that of the 30 frames each second - that most appear have a "better" look to them than the VERY old MPEG2 encoders - however, the problem is the when there are...
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    Directv HD Quality and god forbid the poster who has never seen problems watchs this!!!!
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    Directv HD Quality

    MPEG2 on the 4:3 SD (actually 3:3 @ 480x480 but who's counting with SD-LITE) and Channel 80. MPEG4 on the HD-LIL.
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    My email to TNT about TNT HD lack of quality

    Sure there is.....and there is a man in the moon.....and NASA is investigating it....will you hang the phone up now so we deal with other issues that are real? :rolleyes:
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    So is E* just going to hold out until Mar. 31 to announce not carrying MLB EI?

    lol...then you must believe nothing on this entire website :rolleyes: I've already ripped your fact wanting ass to shreds with facts in the other thread and won't spend more time on you because you live in some fantasy land full...
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    I Oppose the XM-Sirius proposed merger

    It is if you were on a 3 year contract for $9.95 a month. Regardless, its ALOT more than you are paying now.
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    Directv HD Quality

    No, its still the same revealed on tests in multiple markets last month on AVSForum by the same engineers that did the original study.
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    Directv HD Quality

    If it walks like a duck, looks like duck, sounds like a duck, its most likely........
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    Directv HD Quality

    Are you even thinking about what you just said? Degraded tapes look better than the current state of the DBS broadcasts :rolleyes: Nothing, except for actual graphics captures of then and now so that you can see it with your own eyes and bitrate measurements of then and now - not to...
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    Directv HD Quality

    Actually I would post the Rome Captures that you say are gorgeous from D* via HD-LITE and the same from Dish at full resolution and bitrate that I supplied on AVS years ago and to, but as certain moderators have an issue posting full resolution pictures and like to ban people as...
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    Theoretical arc tracker

    That is exactly what I am saying was incorporated into at least one model in the late 80s to try and push easier setup. Either you put in your zip code or city or coordinates (I really don't remember which from the reviews) and tweaked the setup on 1 satellite. Then hit a button and it went...
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    Math SAT of 800, Geometry and Distance to Clear Obstacle Question

    I seem to remember that someone posted that url as well about a year ago - and that the elevation on that page is for 97W from various cities around the USA - so you need to insert the elevation from your location of the bird you are trying to look at.
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    Math SAT of 800, Geometry and Distance to Clear Obstacle Question

    From the experts I deal with that do Commercial Satellite uplink and downlinks - they say in reality that polarity even comes into play: Assuming the lower edge of the reflector is on the roof 2.5 L x 1 H= 22 degrees of elevation. If you need 6.5 feet of clearance you would need 16.25 Feet of...
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    Math SAT of 800, Geometry and Distance to Clear Obstacle Question

    Well, therein lies the question I suppose....what does one use for the parameters:confused:
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    New Member with a question...

    Make sure the signal is flat across the entire system. Think of an audio equalizer.
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    Directv HD Quality

    Too bad you did not see the webpage when it was up - it actually had an example of Rome from Dish and Rome from Directv from the opening. The details in the circle were obvious as to what HDLITE did and what it COULD look like.