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    Layoffs? If you read the headline, you would think CNN is going stream only. Article does not confirm that though
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    Keep in mind that channels are also leaving broadcasters. ESPN has hinted about going stream only subs. CNN hinted after 2024 election they will be going to stream only to Time Warner streaming services only, so cable companies going under also
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    Channel 134 not available

    This came up today. What channel use to be here?
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    DISH Anywhere not working again! Go figure

    It never works properly at my house. We use a firestick and it plays for few minutes then rebuffs all the time. We have many other apps and ALL work fine but Dish. We call it the Dish No-where app because it never works smoothly. I know couple other people that say they have same problem.
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    Dish adding "The Cowgirl Channel" on Feb 5th

    They are now saying coming soon exclusive to dish on channel 269
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    Dish adding "The Cowgirl Channel" on Feb 5th

    I am checking my guide it is not there. Anyone have it yet? Must be 2024?
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    Any one else having intermittent issues with Phillies-Braves game?

    Yes i am watching shark tank on netgeo 197, and i have total signal loss
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    Disney Networks Dispute Recitifed

    We are already paying for these channels with DISH, why would I sub to another provider when I am already paying for it?
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    Showtime for $1.99 a month

    I just called dish, they flat out denied the promotion,saying it is a offer from other service. They would be more then happy to sell it to me for $10.00
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    Something is not right code

    Twice in past week while watching tv my reciever displayed a erorr code 514c saying something is not right and needs to reset because software may be unstable. It takes about 5 minutes to do so. Anyone else see this?
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    After 20 years, so long DISH, it was a good run

    I shouldnt have to find or know a secret phone number to renew a contract or get a good rate for service. Seeing I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years should make any company jump for my business.
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    After 20 years, so long DISH, it was a good run

    1-800-344-DISH. They transferred me also to another CR. In the past they offered me big deals to stay, cant figure out why not now, but all is good.
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    After 20 years, so long DISH, it was a good run

    My 2 year contract is fully up in December. This month my bill went from $100 to 114. Next month goes to $140. After calling, they only offered to give me a cheaper package lol. I told them I do not want a cheaper package b/c we watch those channels in the 250 tier. Didn't budge. After years of...
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    What Happend to Amc plus?

    Nope,all is good, happy new year
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    What Happend to Amc plus?

    Sorry Bob if it ruined your day, it was a accident, hope you have a Happy New Year.
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    What Happend to Amc plus?

    Where did AMC Plus go? It is no longer on my guide.
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    What happened to AMC plus?

    Where did AMC plus go? It is no longer on my guide.