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  1. olliec420

    Transmit C-Band???

    I really wanna help them because I want to to work with them and this would be a great way to bring a unique skill in for live events.
  2. olliec420

    Transmit C-Band???

    Additionally, if anyone knows or can recommend someone in the Tampa area that could provide the service.. I will put them in touch.
  3. olliec420

    Transmit C-Band???

    Hey guys. Hopefully you can help me here. So I watch these guys on youtube, am a huge fan and they're nearby. They are putting on an event and live streaming it. They have done so in the past and have had internet issues causing feed issues. They asked if anyone has a satellite truck so...
  4. olliec420

    Serial Birddog

    I have an old serial Birddog laying around. Is this worth trying to sell to anyone (eBay) or trash? I assume its not going to be able to see a lot of new signal types?
  5. olliec420

    Big pro dishes in Northern BC

    View: I don't know if any of you are in the area but this guy just posted on my subreddit and thought you guys might want to take a look. It'd be a mfer to get them but if you could it'd be a...
  6. olliec420

    What Satellite?

    3.5"HD DVB-S2/S2X Satellite Signal Finder Meter GTMEDIA SAT Digital V8 Satfinder | eBay I have one like this and it is a lifesaver. If you plan on moving it a lot, you'll be glad you did.
  7. olliec420

    Ole receiver, for AFN I believe. Does anyone want it before I throw it out?

    Is this of use to anyone? If no I am planning to throw it out. I doubt it is still usable but I thought I'd check first. Pay shipping only, I will box up and send.
  8. olliec420

    CNBC TV channel original feed signal

    You gotta have a position BEFORE its talked about on mainstream financial news or you're not going to get anywhere.
  9. olliec420 - Does anyone want it?

    I have it. I got it years ago because I wanted to do a blog or something. But I am so F****** lazy that I did nothing. Renewal getting close and I was going to let it go but thought to ask here first. Free to good home.
  10. olliec420

    Could Quantum Physics Allow Smaller FTA Dishes?

    Rain and ku band is why, I assume.
  11. olliec420

    Hurricane Sally Victim

    Gulf Power, just got it back of couple hours ago. Much better now, although it was real cool last night so that made it much easier. I haven't messed with the dish yet. I'll mess with it after I move and get its mount setup. If it doesn't work well I'll just toss it. I have another in the...
  12. olliec420

    Hurricane Sally Victim

    Yes still without here. My office just got it restored but the fiber is still down. At a friends house with power and internet so I'm good right now.
  13. olliec420

    Hurricane Sally Victim

    Better bring a generator and gas too if you can. Haven't heard much about over there. We used to go to the Sweet Home Farm when we were kids. They still around?
  14. olliec420

    Hurricane Sally Victim

    Yeah, I'll try knocking it back. Im pissed because i had ordered 2 new ones and kept them in the box for a while while trying to move to the new place but there are still paper work problems. I took this out to catch a feed, used it that once with intention to move it soon and then the ladder...
  15. olliec420

    Hurricane Sally Victim

    Will the memory in the metal let me hit this and snap it back or no? A ladder fell on it. I had it on the ground wedged under something and a ladder fell on it and dented it.
  16. olliec420

    Moving... with a great view of the arc!

    Those aren't on my property... but they might accidentally get hit with a bulldozer.
  17. olliec420

    Moving... with a great view of the arc!

    I know right! I can finally put that ASC1 I have in the box to work!
  18. olliec420

    Moving... with a great view of the arc!

    Satellite Pointer for iOS, I wanna say it was $4.99
  19. olliec420

    Moving... with a great view of the arc!

    So I was supposed to close on the new house on an acre today but some paperwork issues pushing it back till next week. I went out there last night to look around and realized that all the times I went to see the property I never checked for the arc with my app. Did that last night and I...
  20. olliec420

    GT Media V8

    I have one. I like it. Easy, cheap, handy. I got mine for $48 on eBay. For that price I have zero complaints.
  21. olliec420

    Any chance at all for 58W 4160H on a mini-BUD? Has anyone been successful?

    Very strong on 103. I get 12145 on a Dish 500 mod.
  22. olliec420

    How has it been?

    ABC NewsOne is gone along with their great car chase coverage on so many occasions. Was always nice to see.
  23. olliec420

    Why Squirrels? Why?

    On my longest, hardest to maneuver cable run.
  24. olliec420

    CNN Mux on 87 West

    TVU Grid? Is that like a private fiber network? I don't know how they can assure high quality video with the nature of the internet without having a dedicated connection which they were getting with with satellite.
  25. olliec420

    8ft SAMI Re-homed! Pulling in FTA on 43w-133w

    I have the exact same dish and I got mine from a guy down the street too! lol Love it.