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  1. nyrfan1

    DISH Lawsuit vs. Peloton

    DISH has a big lawsuit vs. Peloton. They have stopped Peloton imports.
  2. nyrfan1

    Watching 4K HDR programing via a 4K Joey

    Did not work for me
  3. nyrfan1

    Direct TV to DISH

    There is also a bonus that if you get a fire TV stick you can watch all of your programming on an additional TV at no cost (except the Fire TV stick) You also have to remembered that most 4K Sports Programming is not shot in 4K but made 4K in the studio. Most 4K TV's can also improve the...
  4. nyrfan1

    Joey 4 with Hopper3 (without Hopper+) - real experience

    All of your concerns have stopped me from the upgrade. As far as I know the "PIP" has not been turned on yey. (It was promised and never came to the 4K Joey)
  5. nyrfan1

    FWIW - Update to Joey 4s Promised This Week

    Any idea what new software is fixing/replacing?
  6. nyrfan1

    Joey 4

    Have a 4K Joey. Thinking of switching to Joey 4. Questions 1) Is the picture quality the same or better on standard def and regular HD programming? 2) Is HDR always on and what kind of problem will this cause with picture on Samsung Neo QLED? 3) Are there a lot of problems that I...
  7. nyrfan1

    Just got Hopper Plus and Joey 4.0

    Do you have picture on picture on the Joey 4?
  8. nyrfan1

    Hopper Plus MultiView

    So does the Joey 4 or Wireless Joey 4 have multiview? Is there an advantage of one over the other if you are already wired?
  9. nyrfan1

    DISH Makes TV Easy with New Hopper Plus™

    I agree. 40.0 remote the best!
  10. nyrfan1

    New Hopper Plus and Joey 4s have major flaw at release

    Is the non-HDR programming not look as good as before??? Describe, please!
  11. nyrfan1

    xx24 software is here! - 8/24/2022

    It will not do 4K if DISH does not provide it. They had both 4K streams until just a while ago, so they could do it.
  12. nyrfan1

    xx24 software is here! - 8/24/2022

    Not technically a contract. They sold me something that now will not do 4K and never did do Picture in Picture which was promised!
  13. nyrfan1

    xx24 software is here! - 8/24/2022

    Yes. I need that thing on my big screen! They broke a contract with me selling me a 4K Joey that doesn't work on 4K and doesn't have the PIP I was promised. Glad to hear I do not need the Hopper+, cannot see a need for it, having fire TV sticks.
  14. nyrfan1

    xx24 software is here! - 8/24/2022

    Do we have any update on the cost for Joey 4, will they work with older remotes and their availability? I am going to in insist that I get it for free because I purchased a 4K Joey that DISH made a nonfunctioning 4K receiver and when I purchased it was also supposed to provide picture in...
  15. nyrfan1

    New Software Coming -x21

    So if we have a useless 4K Joey, we have to wait until the 15th???
  16. nyrfan1

    New Software Coming -x21

    I was talking to DISH today and was told Joey 4 and Hopper Plus will be coming out in 5 days. Can anyone confirm this?
  17. nyrfan1

    Team Summit 2022 Wrap Up Video!

    Are you talking about new Joey 4?
  18. nyrfan1

    Equipment upgrade

    Is there still a promise for PIP? That was promised for 4K Joey and NEVER delivered!
  19. nyrfan1

    Equipment upgrade

    will the people who bought the 4k Joey and were promised PIP and 4K get it free. We did not even get YouTube on it!
  20. nyrfan1

    Random freezing of video

    Yes, this is happening a lot!
  21. nyrfan1

    Dish/Hopper 3 w/ 77" OLED

    and...if you decide to return it, they pick it up if it was delivered!!!
  22. nyrfan1

    Greetings from Dish Team Summit Day Two!

    When will the Joey 4 be out? Will the people who paid for the 4K Joey get it for free, considering that they do not provide either 4K (without HDR) or PIP (that was promised and was the reason I had the Hopper 3 put in the other room)
  23. nyrfan1

    Greetings from Dish Team Summit Day Two!

    Will the 4K Joey support HDR? Will the non HDR 4K chgannels return?
  24. nyrfan1

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    But if you have a Joey you will be out of luck?