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  1. ddeloach1228

    Remote Code for Samsung Soundbar

    This is an old thread I found.. May or may not work.
  2. ddeloach1228

    Remote Code for Samsung Soundbar

    Have you gone to the My Services home page and checked out the programming my remote at the bottom. If not you might try it. I believe the PS3 remote is Bluetooth so that could be a problem.
  3. ddeloach1228

    BHN commercials

    I am in Orlando.
  4. ddeloach1228

    BHN commercials

    I never have this problem. Second, this won't change. Save yourself the grief and move on.
  5. ddeloach1228

    BHN commercials

    If you dislike them so much maybe you should consider another provider..
  6. ddeloach1228

    Do you really need to watch tv while on the toliet?

    Yep, got a 15" on the wall. It is all about football. Prefer everything live.
  7. ddeloach1228

    Trying to expand HR-20 capacity to 2TB

    I use a Fanthom 1 tb on my DVRs. Work fine. Do the following if you haven't already: Unplug the DVR. Turn the Esata drive on making sure the esata cord is plugged into the DVR and the external drive. Once the external drive is up and running, plug in the DVR and let it go through the...
  8. ddeloach1228

    Is the any way to extend wires?

    Jimbo is right on target.
  9. ddeloach1228

    Cable STB - No HDMI !!!

    Wow, you are so on target.
  10. ddeloach1228

    Question about universal remotes

    Bought three of these and they work fine: Logitech Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote - eBay (item 370130091915 end time Dec-23-08 09:03:06 PST) Sale may have ended, but he might still have some.
  11. ddeloach1228

    Too Many Duplicate Channels?

    DirecTv has this feature.
  12. ddeloach1228

    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    Here you go: "RR Turbo (perviously known as RR Premium) is increasing from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps starting 4/22. Upload is increasing to 2 Mbps. If anyone is interested in promo pricing, send me a pvt message. If you already have RR Turbo, your price will remain the same as you were paying for 10...
  13. ddeloach1228

    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    Page 238, should be more than 121.
  14. ddeloach1228

    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    Don't know about the others. I first heard it might be a possibility on this site. Then it was confirmed here: Orlando, FL - BHN - Page 238 - AVS Forum Go about 2/3rds down to a posting by Mister J who works for BHN. My understanding, the upgrade is limited to Turbo.
  15. ddeloach1228

    Breaking news: WKMG and BHN reach agreement

    No problem. I know you have a lot of information from your contacts, so just curious. Anyway, thanks for responding.
  16. ddeloach1228

    Breaking news: WKMG and BHN reach agreement

    Posts prior to your previous one didn't indicate BHN came out swelling like a rose. In fact what Hal Bodekker reports has been out there. I thought you might have even more for review.
  17. ddeloach1228

    MLB Update: Atlanta Braves TV for DirecTV 2008

    Here is a link: The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Braves sale is approved
  18. ddeloach1228

    new HD

    Boy, wait till you get old, real old. Show a little understanding and empathy.
  19. ddeloach1228

    **LOUD** BHN ads

    In Orlando, never noticed it. Some other ads, yes, buy not BHN.
  20. ddeloach1228

    TV hookup help sougt

    You need an HDMI to DVI cable and two RCAs for the audio. Monoprice sells a quality HDMI to DVI cable for a reasonable price.
  21. ddeloach1228

    Directv Wants To Upgrade me for free?

    Get it in writing.
  22. ddeloach1228


    Give them a call and ask to speak to retention. See if they will give you something or not. I have always been treated fairly by retention.
  23. ddeloach1228

    RR burps....

    It is more than that: Read the last three pages: Orlando, FL - BHN - AVS Forum