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    suspending service

    nope, it asked for an end date. not being home, I don't know if it's actually suspended or not.
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    suspending service

    when you suspend D* service (vacation/seasonal) using their automated phone system, does it take effect immediately or when the next billing cycle starts? thanx
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    HDTivo: do you actually need to plug in the phone line?

    the HR10-250 has been nagging me about not being able to make a call (b/c the phone line isn't plugged in), but as far as I can tell, it's been downloading program guide data from the satellite just fine. So do I actually need to plug in a phone line at some point? There's no jack near the TV...
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    2 tivos in one room.

    I just got an hdtivo. I still have a SD standalone tivo, which I still need to use b/c I have a bunch of stuff recorded on it. They're hooked up to the same tv. Problem is, BOTH tivos respond to EITHER remote -- chaos ensues. the standalone tivo has a DVR 1 2 switch. I've tried putting it...
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    $4.95 a month for DVR service. is this right?

    so I got my hdtivo finally. hit record and a msg came up. "you must activate dvr service...." I called and they told me $4.95 a month. you've gotta be kidding! is there a package that INCLUDES dvr service? maybe I should just get THAT.
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    VOOM was a great deal!!!

    i agree. now i'm ota only, trying to mull over my options :( 1) ahellphia 2) e* and commit to 1 yr. 3) d* and get hd-lite and no TNT HD
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    So, tell me about the 942 DVR

    what is the lease option? how much is it?
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    Please help diagnose my D* dish problem

    what do you mean by "make sure mast is plumb" it's really odd that I get 80+ on C and zero, nada, zilch on A and B. Can this happen with misalignment? But it seems highly improbably I would have two bad LNBs. If I call D* to take care of it, I'm afraid they'll hit me w/ another 1yr...
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    Please help diagnose my D* dish problem

    With Voom dead, I decided to hook my D* gear (unused for one year) back. I have 3LNB oval dish and Hughes E86 recvr. The recvr won't download guide data. I go into system test / line test and got this: Sat A: zero across the board. Sat B: NA and zero across the board. Sat C: 100 on #8...
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    This needs to be said of V21 Again and again and ....

    sorry, but no freaking way do I want V21 in SD. I hardly watch most of it in HD!
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    Yes, There is Life After Voom

    you're LUCKY to be in a Comcast area. enjoy!
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    Lets Take Time To Thank Sean Mota

    big thanks to Sean for making this forum what it is. you've been a huge asset to the voom community. see ya'll around!
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    Voom should enable OTA permanently!

    the thing is we DON'T know for sure. I keep hearing conflicting report. would be nice to get definite confirmation from an engineer.
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    Voom should enable OTA permanently!

    if voom is not going to collect the receivers they they should enable OTA permanently, i.e., no satellite or authorization needed for OTA reception. it's the least they could do for their customers. Sean pls pass this to TPTB
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    April fools: Holy cow, PlayboyHD is FREE and OPEN right now!

    flipping around and saw a naked girl and a guy on a couch and she's playing w/ his ----. holy cow I checked the guide and yup it's playboyhd. I have vavavoom I don't know if that matters or not. thanks voom! may this last as long as the starz "preview"...
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    Idea: DVR Early Sign-Up

    1. tdillon 2. Bilodeau 3. jbcheshire 4. timbuckone 5. atp1313 6. ardbell 7. Danielle 8. truqui ( ket us know what the bugs are, OK?) 9.kemguy 10. Jamey K 11. jnardone 12. webtent 13. bartj2k oh no I'm #13
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    KungFu HD (104): Iron Monkey 8:30pm ET

    FINALLY! a good one on Fu
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    Could ESPN2-HD be part of the deal?

    screw espn2hd. there's hardly any hd sport on espnhd as it is! heck I watch more sports on tnthd (nba)
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    New Pricing options please! Stop the madness

    so v* thinks that people won't sub to VVV for HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Sho, but wealthTV and endless reruns of "best luxury yatchs" is what going to reel people in? I don't think even v* is THAT stupid. they're just doing it this way now b/c they don't have the system in place for doing more...
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    What is more important now?

    i want the dvr, b/c i need to record ota the most. unfortunately, by the time the dvr comes out the tv season will probably be over! so i guess fixing the pq is most important.
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    AOL with Broadband commercial

    this is why I never bought aol stock even during the .com craze. I can't believe they actually bought time warner. that's just nuts. there once was a reason for aol: to get on the internet easily. that was back in the days when windows didn't even have a tcp/ip stack, and you have to...
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    ****My rant against PQ on New Encoders****

    Sorry but mpeg2 is mpeg2. there's no magic encoder that lets you squeeze in a bunch more channels w/o degradation. considering the pq was not top notch to begin with (mosquito anyone?), they didn't have a lot of room to play around. now they look like kirstie alley in her fat actress show...
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    Time to take action on TNTHD

    Hey I wish all SD looked as good as TNT's upconvert (minus the anamorphic stretch). What TNT needs to do is STOP LABELLING EVERYTHING AS HD!! You're not fooling anyone; you're just pissing people off!
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    New channels look bad!

    when I first moved from D* to V*, first thing that I noticed was the SD channels looked a quite a bit better (aside from some weird artifacts on some channels). HD was harder to tell, since the content wasn't the same. But now the new recently added SD channels aren't looking good at all...
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    70 HD Channels????

    by the same token, d* could claim they have 1500HD b/c they have a sat ready for launch. by the same token, Verizon could claim they have HDTV service b/c they laid down some fiber. but that's all b.s. isn't it? we were led to believe v* would have the capacity for 70HD AND the...