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  1. AlaJoe

    I love Dish but can no longer justify it.

    Well I did it. It took 30 minutes on the phone and in the end as I was a "Platinum Customer" I was offered $35 a month off if I locked in for 2 years but I cancelled Dish. I would have done this sooner but I was worried about my wife not liking streaming as she is not that tech savvy. After...
  2. AlaJoe

    I love Dish but can no longer justify it.

    Well after 17 years I am leaving. I made my first post here Mar 5,2005 and got Dish Mar 27, 2005. I will say without question Dish has the best DVR system of any provider. The Hopper 3 / Joey system is awesome and I love it but I can no longer justify what it costs. I have been paying 122 a...
  3. AlaJoe

    How long with Dish?

    16 years. I made my first post here Mar 5,2005 and got Dish Mar 27, 2005
  4. AlaJoe

    Here's something more current: "Dish is begging authorities for help with T-Mobile’s CDMA shutdown looming"

    Boost has these folks phone numbers. Start sending them text or Calls starting now with one a month and then ramping it up to one a week then daily as the shut off time nears to let the folks know to get a new phone. Anyone that still has a CDMA phone needs an upgrade anyway. If they can not...
  5. AlaJoe

    Hopper always turns on preselected channel

    Settings, Power...............
  6. AlaJoe

    NBC Sports Bay Area, California and Washington Cut off April 1

    I thought NBC sports was shutting down the channel. You wont be able to get it anywhere.
  7. AlaJoe

    PC Video on TV. Hopper Feature?

    Nope the Home media option was a app you could pull up like the Netflix app and use to watch videos that resided on a PC running a DNLA Media Server.
  8. AlaJoe

    PC Video on TV. Hopper Feature?

    Nope none of them. Only link any have to the internet is my Hopper system which I assume is it because the names listed are also the same names assigned to them in the Hopper system.
  9. AlaJoe

    PC Video on TV. Hopper Feature?

    I was listening to a video on YouTube on my PC the other night. I noticed this button that said play on TV. I clicked it out of curiosity and it brought up a list of all the TVs connected to my Hopper/Joeys. I clicked Livingroom and next thing you know my video is playing on the living room TV...
  10. AlaJoe

    Snuck in a downgrade on the family and nobody noticed.

    I got to looking at my bill and after much thought decided to downgrade and just go with the flex pack and with the sports pack. I did it over a month ago and nobody has said anything.
  11. AlaJoe

    What could this mean in regard to my owned H3...

    I don't see this making much difference to very many people. I just check Solid Signals price and it would cost me about $450 to buy a hopper 3 and 2 joeys. I would go from paying $29 a month to $15 a month. It would take me 33 months to break even buying the equipment.
  12. AlaJoe

    New Software: Hopper Duo (U992), Hopper 1 (U917), Hopper 2 (U742), Hopper 3 (U939), Wally (U827)

    I wonder if Home media is gone for good. I would far prefer to have it than Amazon prime that was added.
  13. AlaJoe

    Replacement remote for 211Z, 211K

    Here is my suggestion. I went threw this a few months ago and I understand your frustration. LIE. LIE.LIE. Claim your remote is 100% completely dead. Claim you have replaced the batteries with know good batteries from another remote. You can not use common sense with these people so just LIE!
  14. AlaJoe

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    Well I got a new remote for free. I did another chat where I just lied and said my remote was completely nonfunctional. Would you believe even then they wanted me to take the batteries out and put them back in.You would think being a 10 year plus customer that has always had the protection plan...
  15. AlaJoe

    Chat is unbelievably useless

    4:37 PM DISH, Hi, I'm the DISH virtual agent. I can help you with many things. If I can't, I'll connect you with someone who can. How can I help you? You, I need a new remote. The buttons on mine require you to push really hard. I have replaced the batteries and that did not...
  16. AlaJoe

    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    I do not care if it comes from Satellite or Internet and do not care what the company is called. I will stay with Dish for one reason. I really like how the Hopper 3 and Joey system functions. From Storage space, the number of tuners to the responsiveness (Lack of Lag) of the the Joeys. To me...
  17. AlaJoe

    Getting a better deal

    I have been out of contract for over a year. Can I get a better rate if I agree to another 2 year contract?
  18. AlaJoe

    Dish and Sprint?

    I think if you live in a major metropolitan area, stay there and travel very little one phone service is about as good as another. If however you travel a lot of backroads or get more than a mile from an interstate with any regularity Verizon or ATT is the only way to go to me. When I want to...
  19. AlaJoe

    Thinking of switching..

    I will take these two; 3. How real is the picture quality issue? There is no significant difference. The only people that would see a difference are people that would hear a difference in there stereo sound using monster cables going to the speakers. 4. Hopper 3 vs Hr-54? H3 by a mile. The...
  20. AlaJoe

    The future of satellite TV is unclear

    Somebody is going to have to come up with a good DVR solution (Something that functions as well as the Hopper 3 with all of its features) before i consider streaming.
  21. AlaJoe

    Happy Birthday Hopper 3

    I really don't know what a hopper 4 would be or why they would come out with one. The Hopper 3 beats every other DVR by any provider in any category, number of shows you can record at once, storage space, and ease of use. I am not saying the H3 is perfect but it is miles beyond the hideousness...
  22. AlaJoe

    4K Joey

    I don't know if it is still true but I paid the extra $50 for it just to get a faster Joey and I can say the Joey 4K performs at 90% or better of the level of the Hopper 3 it is connected to.
  23. AlaJoe

    Check Out This Dispute

    To all that do not want it. Dish does offer the flex package and you do not have to add ESPN to it
  24. AlaJoe

    It's that time of year again, upcoming price changes.

    Who is eligible for these two year offers. I am out of contract but would sign up for another two years to save $20 a month especially since I am not swapping anyway.