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  1. rcpandr

    loss of service

    She had DirecTV before Dish and that mount was already there. The contract was canceled.
  2. rcpandr

    loss of service

    My mother in law called the "Dish" number because she was having signal problems. Installer came out put in all new DirecTV receivers and switched her over. I called Dish and they said it was happening a lot. Very nice lady got everything taken care of and two days later she was back to Dish...
  3. rcpandr

    Dish Price Lock

    Called a couple of days ago for my mother-in-law and got $15 off her current package. Price lock for two years. Also a one time $40 credit. Oh, and two new remotes for free. That's what the original call was for. Yes she had to agree to a 2 year contract.
  4. rcpandr

    Hopper 3 with DPP44 switch diagram

    Here's what I have.
  5. rcpandr

    211K Receiver will not work with hybrid antennas

    Not positive but a 211k will not work on a hybrid system. Once you turn it into a hybrid system either at the hybrid lnb or DPH42 the 211k will not work. That's why we have our 211k's before the DPH42 with a standard lnb. Once you install a DPH42 on a regular lnb you have a standard system...
  6. rcpandr

    211K Receiver will not work with hybrid antennas

    Disregard where it says Tailgater by the 211k. This is how I have my camper 211k hooked up for the winter at home.
  7. rcpandr

    Upgrading to Hopper3 - can't see DPH42

    That's a diagram I made of my system. H3 needs a hybrid LNB or the 42 hybrid switch. With the DPP44 I can add my rv 211k before the system turns hybrid.
  8. rcpandr

    Loud High Pitched Noise on H3.

    Work around is to turn off Dolby Digital in the Audio Output settings on the H3.
  9. rcpandr

    Loud High Pitched Noise on H3.

    Same here on my Sony XBR-75X900E that was just updated last week. Hopper 3 to audio receiver plays OK. Hopper 3 to TV to audio receiver and Hopper 3 to TV has the loud high pitched noise. Has to be the Sony update. Just checked and it seems to only make the noise on HD channels and not SD...
  10. rcpandr

    Help Pointing relocated dish ( Hopper 3)

    most people don't realize that the satellite signal comes from higher than where the dish is "pointing".
  11. rcpandr

    Setup problem with 211k and King Dome

    I think you have to hook up the 211k to a regular dish so it can download the software to control the King Dome. I could be wrong.
  12. rcpandr

    Problems when fast-forwarding on 4K Joey

    Don't hit the play button, hit the pause button twice.
  13. rcpandr

    Wife question - 52.0 remote, record...

    My installer said he just needed any remote . I gave him some old 4.3 and 3.2 remotes and kept my 4 current 40.0's . Now if they put voice on the 40.0 I'd buy them .
  14. rcpandr

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    Just swipe right for mini guide and left for trending. Tap center to record and see other episodes.
  15. rcpandr

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    If you say "TV activity" it goes to that screen. You say "closed caption" it turns it on. If you say "settings" it goes right to settings. Say "apps" it goes to that screen. Pretty much covers the color buttons.
  16. rcpandr

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    Just add the voice feature to the 40.0 would make a great remote.
  17. rcpandr

    Reader App behaves really strange

    I can only see the first 25 post in each thread.
  18. rcpandr

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    "I would like to win a HopperGO!"
  19. rcpandr

    another question

    No problem. That's the way I did mine. And if you have a wall mount use a longer bolt with a nut so the head sticks out some.
  20. rcpandr

    another question

    Reread the first post.
  21. rcpandr

    another question

    Grim-reaper said he wanted a way to hide a 4k Joey behind a TV.
  22. rcpandr

    another question
  23. rcpandr

    4K Joey Mount

    There are keyhole slots on the 4k Joey. Just put a screw in a wall mounting hole and hang it on that.
  24. rcpandr

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    Just saw a new hopper 3 commercial and it had the new voice remote, 4k Joey, and wireless Joey in it.