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  1. RobbinM

    Showtime East and West the same?

    It's back to normal on Sunday morning.
  2. RobbinM

    Showtime East and West the same?

    I noticed that my guide shows the same programming on sho-e (318) and sho-w (319). It's been that way for several days now. Anyone know what's up?
  3. RobbinM

    Cat Avatars Everywhere!

    There are cats then there are cats!
  4. RobbinM

    U-Verse Tech comes for new install tomorrow

    You can also use your own router. You have to use theirs as it's the "Residental Gateway" that makes it all work. But you can turn off their RG wireless and the plug your router into one of the ports. I remember seeing an issue or two on the AT&T community forums about people having issues with...
  5. RobbinM

    U-Verse Tech comes for new install tomorrow

    For me, UVerse installed a "G" router. They aren't doing "N" wireless as far as I know. The router is no larger than any of the off the shelf routers. Hopefully you will get the new black router rather than the older white/gray one. But I think that's a function of what they have in the truck...
  6. RobbinM

    Review: AT&T U-VERSE

    Everyone has their own view on quality -- so I'll offer mine. Last summer (just after the 3HD streams were activated in Houston) I had UVerse for 3 months. I overlapped with Directv at the beginning and with Dish at the end. I found the HD quality to be significantly lower than either Dish or...
  7. RobbinM

    CES-2011 PR: New REESE® Minis Are Most Surprising Launch at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

    I don't care if they are electronic or not. I'm enjoying my free bag of Reese's Minis right now!
  8. RobbinM

    May the Force Be with you on Blu-Ray

    Thanks for the tip! I've pre-ordered. My CES trip is good already.
  9. RobbinM

    Simulating "jump back" after Fast Forwarding

    I'm unusual I guess -- I've always liked Fast Forward better. I'm too lazy to push the button 5 or 6 times. :)
  10. RobbinM

    Simulating "jump back" after Fast Forwarding

    I may be the last person here to think of this but I've found it so useful that I have to post it. I've just come back to Dish after a two year stint with Directv (and a 2 month stint with Uverse). During that time I got use to the DVR automatically jumping back a bit after I transition from...
  11. RobbinM

    OFFICAL: I am STAYING with DISH Network thread

    Just back After a "brief" two year visit to Directv, I'm back with Dish. I had Dish for 10 years prior and I'm happy to be back. We have a Fox owned station in Houston so I could loose that for a while, I suppose. Happily, I'll have the OTA module installed in my new 722K by then.
  12. RobbinM


    I have U-Verse and I can record 3 HD streams (and 1 SD stream) at the same time. I only have one TV but 3/1 is the limit for the house. AT&T is rolling out the 3rd HD stream by market so it might not be in your area yet. Also, you need to be close enough to their neighborhood connection box...
  13. RobbinM

    Rumor: DirecTV considering buying Tivo

    If Directv did by Tivo, I wonder if, as a condition of the sale, that they would be required to license the DVR technology to Dish for a minor fee. If the the Tivo sale could result in hurting 14 million Dish customers (by losing their DVR), sure that would be addressed before the sale was...
  14. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    I give up Looks like "no ground" is the only solution. I ran a new line to the ground block and with that new line and the ground wire being the only things connected (the original coax wires were disconnected at both the ground block and the Sat receiver), the hum was there. Again I noted that...
  15. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    I had tried disconnecting cables at either end, but not the middle. One of my cables is a direct run without a break. The other is connected in the attic. I think I have enough Coax to run a by-pass of one cable at a time to see if that has an effect. I'm pretty sure it's from the ground...
  16. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    Postscript - Ground caused signal problems Ultimately my hum went away but I quickly discovered more bad news. My last state: - ground loop isolator in the SW input line - Common ground on the outside ground block - Ground from the A/V receiver to the outlet screw With both grounds...
  17. RobbinM

    Free Dish for the first 200 people (Houston)

    I saw a full page ad in the Houston Chronicle yesterday that Dish will be at a local resturant today (Tuesday) between 11 and 2. The first two hundred to apply will get free service for one year. This includes HD and a DVR. I assume this is a marketing program being done in major cities. Who...
  18. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    If a SW hums in the forest, can anyone hear it? Ah the sound of silence! I put an Xitel ground loop isolator in the SW input line and that has removed the hum. The device is rated to 20hz and my sub can, in theory, get down to 18hz. But I assume I won't notice the difference in any practical...
  19. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    And I did disconnect the messenager wire.
  20. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    Wildbill. I've tried several HDMI cables. Same result. The TV itself has only two inputs. One HDMI from the receiver and a second Hdmi from a Western Digital media player.
  21. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    I did try component as you suggested. The hum started as soon as I attached the first cable. I'm thinking I should try an RCA Cable ground isolator between the receiver and the SW.
  22. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    The SW doesn't have a ground. I went through the other suggestions -- nothing helped.
  23. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    I opened up my breaker panel. All the whites are on one side and all the cooper is on the other. I noticed that the cooper is twisted together in groups when connected. I wonder if that's left a wire not well connected.
  24. RobbinM

    HR21, grounding and SW hum

    I've tried some things -- I'll try again, making sure to check these items now that I have the receiver itself grounded.