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    HR2x / HR34 External Hard Drive FYI/Support (eSATA)

    I had the same problem. I switch eSata cables to one that is used in the My DVR hard drive and it worked perfectly. Very strange.
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    HDTV: DIRECTV Finally Gets the Picture

    I am a Dishnetwork subscriber for my main channels and use Direct just for NFL Ticket. This season they upgraded me for free and gave me an H20 and a five LNB Dish (just had to committ to 2 more years of NFL Ticket). I thought is was my imagination at first, but it is not...the HD looks better...
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    DirecTV -- utter garbage (plea for help)

    I live in N. Scottsdale and COX locals always sucked. I am using an HD antenna for the olympics as I hve E*. The broadcast is of very poor quality. It may not be D*'s fault at all.
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    DirecTV and 700,000 HD Subscribers

    I think they might have an initial growth spurt for Voom TV. But since Voom has become totally pitifull in adding new content, it will be short-lived. They only realease a few new titles a month, and nothing on some of the channels. Voom needs to get their act together.
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    ESPN2 HD September 8th

    I want CSPAN 1 & 2 in HD before ESPN2 ;-) Actually, can't wait until the Outdorr Channel 2 and National Geo in HD.
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    Send Directv an E-mail ASKING for VoOm

    They will be offering all 21 by Jan 1, 2006. They are rolling them out a little at a time, that was just announced yesterday. They will switch to MPEG4 whenn they are all out and move from 61.5. The first 411 mpeg4 Dish receivers will hit the market this fall. I am a former V* customer an now...
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    Send Directv an E-mail ASKING for VoOm

    They probably will never get it. Dishnetwork owns part of Voom Originals now and is the excusive distributor of the channels. Their maybe a must carry law, but I think that only applies to networks. That is why Inhd1 & 2 are only on cable. I had Voom and just went to Dish. Voom looks much better...
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    Big News for Voom on E*, can D* get a similar deal

    I am/was a Voomer and and a D* sub. I am dropping the D* HD Pack because E*'s HD pack with the VOOM channels in only $14.95. They are only charging $4.95 for the Voom originals. Guy TV and Monsters HD is worth that alone. Yes, D* should just get all 21 and put that to rest. BTW, United Cable...
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    More HD? When?

    Sorry, you may have watched the game but it was not in HD on D*.
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    More HD? When?

    Fox Sports Arizona is in Hi-Def. I am looking into it then.
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    More HD? When?

    I hve both D* and Voom (D* for sports only and hd pckage. I am grandfathered in from 1995). Anyway, VOOM is just as reliable as D*. As fo HD, I like HDnet that i not on VOOM and I have NFL Ticket, Regional Sports + the Outdoor Chanel. Do you think they will air anything but local HD content...
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    New HD Channels?

    As if the worst hasn't already hapend with Bush. I'm a Republican who for the first time voted for a Dem. But I'd rather not discuss politics here.
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    Voom with Tivo

    I have both D* and V*. Just choose VOOM as your sat provider on the Tivo set-up screen. There is only one receiver type that you will be allowed to choose and one channel changin option. If you have OTA, plug it in and you will get locals as well.