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    The Latest Verizon Wireless News

    Has anyone signed up with Visible their new prepaid for $40 unlimited? I got a referral code wMf82 for $20 off the first month but wasn't sure how the service was. The hotspot is unlimited at 5mbps I read.
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    Everything Pack channels

    What does America's Everything Pack beyond Top 250 give you besides Starz and Showtime? Those are $10 each so would add $20 to the Top 250 to make it $112.99 (92.99+20). So with HBO and Cinemax gone, what are subscribers getting for the extra $30 a month?
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    Price increase greetings from the Deathstar

    A friend said his Directv bill goes up $7 and then $1 more for regional sports fees. I only recall Dish raising $5 at a time and there wasn't any regional sports fee or $10 HD charge. My dad still has dish and signed a new two year agreement recently. His programming went up $5 from the prior...
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    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    I haven’t cared about HBO in years and it wouldn’t make me leave Dish for Directv just because Dish doesn’t have it.
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    $10 HBO going away???

    Since the AT&T merger, they raised my AT&T bill $1.46 for Administrative Fees, raised Directv Now by $5 and my dad received this notice that HBO would increase to $15 after 2-3 year being $10. They didn't waste any time raising things. Also, I noticed Dish has Cinemax half off for only 3...
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    ME TV On Dish

    I was gone last week when MeTV was added and just saw it on Dish today. I see what others are saying how it's squished and needs to be wider.
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    ME TV On Dish

    Weigel started MeTV full time in 2005 on WWME 23 and is located in Chicago. They also own WCIU 26 known as “The U” in Chicago as well as subchannels Decades, Heroes and Icons, and Movies! MeTV airs on WWME 23 and also on WCIU 26.3 in Chicago and has been available on cable and satellite for...
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    ME TV On Dish

    My cousin has the Top 120 and they have it.
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    ME TV On Dish

    Is it going to be added today I wonder....
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    ME TV On Dish

    It’s too bad MeTV didn’t launch this week. MeTV was dropped yesterday in the Bay Area and doesn’t have a new station to go to yet, so many are upset. Only U-Verse carries it at this time.
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    ME TV On Dish

    Yes some markets are lucky to have MeTV on Dish in their local channels. Some of the markets are New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Paducah, KY, and most recently St. Louis. I know Paducah, KY also has Antenna TV.
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    ME TV On Dish

    I'm not seeing it yet, but I have Welcome Pack so maybe it's not on it.
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    Lousy Dish tech support

    I couldn't even get them to schedule a tech visit after four calls to tech support about Hopper and Joey issues. I finally had to call a local retailer to come out and fix it. Dish was no help at all.
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    DirecTV Carrying METV On KNLC Ch. 24 St. Louis On Feb 1st.

    MeTV has nothing to do with FETV. FETV at one time carried part of the CoziTV lineup however they discontinued this last Fall and now air their own classic TV lineup that includes shows like Perry Mason, TJ Hooker, Matlock, Hazel, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Maude, Barney Miller, One Day at...
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    CES 2018 DISH

    Dish probably doesn't have anything new to show at CES.
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    At the end of 2 year price lock?

    Why would he want to pay more? With $5 a year price increases, I'm sure the regular price is quite an increase from the promotion.
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    Wireless Joey Troubles

    How far away is the wireless access point from the Joeys? I've had to move the access point around to different places to try to get it a better signal to the other rooms.
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    Joey problems cousin had such a bad technician a few weeks back for a new install...they got the old Hopper and the dish wasn't put on the house correctly. Another one had to come back and install a second dish for some reason...we need 119, 110, and 129 in this area. People don't have two...
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    Joey problems

    The coax wall outlet in the house were RG59. The wires all come together under the house. The coax wire from the dish outside had been run under the house to the Hybrid Solo Hub and then the RG59 wire from it to the wall outlet. This was corrected. I don't know why the installer didn't do...
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    Joey problems

    I wanted to follow up with this. I talked to Dish tech support three different times and the last two people said they would "report" the problem to engineering and that it was a known issue with others having the same complaint. They never offered to send anyone out to the house so I finally...
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    Joey problems

    I don't know why, they won't even suggest that for me or sending someone out to take a look at the equipment. I'm guessing the Hopper needs replaced.
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    Hopper not seeing OTA module

    eBay would likely be the cheapest.
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    Hopper not seeing OTA module

    Dish doesn't even sell them on their site and I thought mine was put in with the Hopper a few years ago but it didn't matter. They didn't offer to replace it or sell me a new one. Your best option would be to just buy another one unfortunately.
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    Hopper not seeing OTA module

    The older single tuner was larger than the newer dual tuner one. You can search for both on ebay and that should give you a picture of both models.
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    Joey problems

    All four of our Joeys continue to have problems. They work for awhile (after a Hopper reboot) and then won't tune a live channel. It ends up going to the TV Activity screen showing the active tuners in use (with plenty available) or it will say 0 of 0 tuners available at the top and rest...