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    Discussion of D*s upcoming conversion to MPEG 4

    I know what you're saying is tentative anyway, LonghornXP, but what do you mean by this statement? Does it mean something different than is already in place with national HD feeds? I kind of hope so as I would appreciate not dealing with my local stations (ABC is sketchy and CBS gives me audio...
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    WCCO-DT reception

    I knwo many inhere aren't in the Minneapolis, but for those of us who are I was wondering something. Is your channel 4-1 (WCCO-DT) coming in well? Mine cuts out every couple minutes or so for like a split second. Pixelation and a pause in the sound and then it's back to a crisp clear signal...
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    MLB Postseason on FOX in HD?

    So no Fox station is putting out HD content right now? If not, then what kind of feed was I getting up here in Minneapolis on my OTA digital fox feed? It was incredible clear for the Redskins game last night.
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    Is D* PPV-HD actually HD?

    Ah, yes while was writing the other response you chimed in. So what does OAR mean? In any event, I think I will buy the PPV of this movie. What is the difference with film and those "HD cameras" then? I am confused.
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    Is D* PPV-HD actually HD?

    Hmm, good point. i know some movies were shot in HD. For instance, Once Upon A Time in MExico. The director is a hige supporter of HD actually. Watch the features on the DVD and you will see what I mean. I know that The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed mostly in HD, thus I am...
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    NFL Sunday tickett

    And the going rumor is that the HD versions of these games would be in the 90's channel-wise. At least that was the last I heard. Very exciting actually!!
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    Is D* PPV-HD actually HD?

    I have wondered about this for a while now. :what I watch some movies on HDnet Movies and while they look great, they don't always look like HD (rather 480p). What are people's experience with DirecTV's Pay-Per-View in HD? I wonder if these films are even in HD or if we are getting some...
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    NEW HD RUMOR; 24 HD Channels for DirecTV..Bye bye Voom

    I don't see how that relates, but it is funny I suppose. If Voom cost about $10,000 to setup or something I could see the comparison to the Ferrari/Corolla theory. V :smug
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    Post Pictures Of Your Setup!

    Now I simply don't have anything in a theater room, though we actually have a room for it here. I just haven't wanted to put it together and the wife isn't so sure about the whole project either. Stategically, not financially. I don't think folks should worry about who can afford the best...
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    Hi, I'm new here, and I have one HD question

    You will get the CBS-HD (satellite version) free if you have the HD Package (free right now to many). Check your location on like the previous poster said and you will discover what feeds are close to you. You want to see some yellows and greens on the chart I think, though...
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    HTL-HD blows away Hughes E86

    Any first hand comparisons with the Samsung SIR-TS160? I love mine, but honestly I haven't seen much in the way of comparison. Actually I noted the TS360 is now the going Samsung flavor.
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    D* and Viacom

    I told my wife about this E*/Viacom fiasco and her first comment sparked my curiosity. She wondered when this would happen to D* customers. I looked in the forums but I can't seem to find anything about whether or not this can happen soon to D*. I was wondering agreements D* has and is it...
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    Waiver Denied

    OK, as luck would have it I called an complained about this today and while the lady was talking channel 80 came online. I literally watched it go from a black screen with a message at the bottom to CBS NY. Oddly she sounded as if she didn't do it and said it should have been there since the...
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    Cbs Hd

    AS a complete follow up I was officially mailed a note denying me CBS HD when I should, by their rules, get it. granted I am losing nothing here. I still have CBS HD from WCCO locally (the O&O market in Mpls), but it woul dhave been nice if a company would have come through on their promise...
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    Waiver Denied

    I mentioned this in here one other time I think, but regardless I thought you folks might find it interesting. I was told by my D* HDTV installers, two customer service reps during the setup, and a plethora of forums that if I lived in the Minneapolis area I would qualify for CBS HD...
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    Cbs Hd

    Well, they won't qualify me for CBS-HD NY or LA here. The D* woman said even though it's O&O she still had to send a waiver to the station. I called tongith and they said if it wasn't hooked up yet I won't get it. I did tell them they should remove Minneapolis from that O&O list, but she...
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    Cbs Hd

    Much appreciated information!
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    Cbs Hd

    I love when people give me this kind of detail in response. Thank you! I did misread the I didn't even notice that they post Digital and non-digital versions of the station on the same page. I will be living in Burnsville, MN which is just south of the Mpls/St Paul area...
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    Cbs Hd

    Honestly who lives in an area with only one CBS station that also happens to be O&O? Using I can't find any yet (checking address by address in the major areas). Like in Minneapolis it seems there are a couple CBSs, Foxs, etc. What I would like to know is what's the difference...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Big Happenings at DirecTV

    How far are either of you from these towers? Use if you don't already know how far away you are (as the bird flies obviously). I am 22 miles from all the towers (15 miles from one) in the Minneapolis area and from what I have read of other customers in my area I should get the...
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    Can DSR7000 do pic-in-pic?

    I asked ina few places in forums and did some searching. The result was that they can handle recording one channel while watching another, but they cannot facilitate PIP. It really sucks IMO, and it's the main reason I won't buy one. I would rather use a VCR on an extra reciever I have laying...
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    HDTV, who do I go with?

    I used that site a couple days ago. It gave me all my channels in yellow, thus the small multi-directional antenna. I guess I will find out if this is going to work. I think I might take the package.
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    HDTV, who do I go with?

    She certainly was speaking from her butt, though to give her credit she did say a couple times that she wasn't the authority on the subject and to call who I did the next morning. I am starting to understand the folly of the amount of locals being offered on satellites. I think it was...
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    HDTV, who do I go with?

    The D* guy this morning said there is no such deal available for a reciever for $99 w/ being a 2-year customer. In fact the deal cking2 mentioned in this thread isn't existant as far as I can find with D*. Maybe I need to call some "special" reseller" or something, I dunno. He DID give me...
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    HDTV, who do I go with?

    OK I talked with DirecTV INstallation techs this morning and he said I would have to fill out a waiver in Minneapolis even though it's an O&O city in order to get the CBS-HD. I had thought being in an O&O in Minneapolis I wouldn't need the waiver situation, but if I get OTA it doesn't matter...