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  1. J

    Questions on Cancelling Dish

    Thanks....still unsure of my first question...when I call to cancel, will my TV service stop immediately or will it continue to work until I mail the boxes back to them?
  2. J

    Questions on Cancelling Dish

    I am unfortunately going to cancel Dish, been with them for almost 20 years but the time has come to cut the cord. I had a few questions: When I call to cancel, will my TV service stop immediately or will it continue to work until I mail the boxes back to them? I am paid thru the end of the...
  3. J

    Still no FOX in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?

    So has Dish just given up and forgotten about us in FL? When the whole FOX blackout was resolved, WSVN Ch. 7 Fox in South Florida wasn't part of the deal. For the past few months my channel 7 was just a message telling me to contact FOX over the dispute, but now channel 7 no longer exists on my...
  4. J

    Issues with Google Home / Assistant Integration

    Now that Dish has Google Home integration, I have been playing with it but have had nothing but problems. Hoping others here have tried and can share success stories. So far I can turn the TV on and "show dvr" but most things work sporatic at best. I have a Hopper and 3 joeys, and whenever I...
  5. J

    Hopper Control with Google Home/Assistant?

    I know Dish announced that sometime in the first half of this year, the Hopper would be controllable via Google Home much like you can now with Alexa. Anyone know an update or timeline on this?
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    Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

    1. Option to disable Home Screen out of standby 2. Option to disable banner 3. 3 hour guide
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    Should I get 4K Joeys instead of 2.0's?

    I agree 10000% I just had my install. Got both 4k Joeys and Joey 2.0...the 4K are noticeably faster. The 2.0s aren't painfully slow like the original Joeys were, but you do notice a delay from when you press buttons to when something happens. My recommendation is if you need a joey for a small...
  8. J

    Hopper 3 wont transfer Timers

    Unfortunately it might have all been for nothing....we can't get the Joeys to work and now the installer things it's because we restored the settings & timers before getting the Joeys working so he wants to hard reset the system. Hopefully once it is all working I can restore again....sigh...
  9. J

    Hopper 3 wont transfer Timers

    First we un-paired the 52.0 remote so that the 40 remote was the only one connected. I then went back into the diagnostics screen and did a restore to hopper from remote. After that step the H3 rebooted but I still didn't see timers. I don't know if they had copied and it was just still doing...
  10. J

    Hopper 3 wont transfer Timers

    OK we finally got them. I removed the 52 remote and restored again...still weren't there. Then I connected the old hopper to the new one and did a "transfer recordings". Not sure which of those steps finally did the trick, but the timers are saved. Incidentally, none of the recordings copied as...
  11. J

    Hopper 3 wont transfer Timers

    Tech is here doing install right now...I tried restoring the timers from the remote, the Hopper 3 downloaded the "backup", rebooted, but no timers! Am I doing something wrong? Is there a place to get timers from an old remote other than the diagnostics screen? Any other ideas?
  12. J

    Techs leaving Hoppers?

    I have my install tomorrow morning and there are still some recordings that just won't transfer to my EHD. Some of them are new PTAT that haven't converted yet, but others (about a dozen or so) just give an error and won't transfer. Will I be able to transfer them from my Hopper to H3 after the...
  13. J


    I was contacted by AbeK yesterday but I believe he is off today. If another member could help out, that would be great. If not, I will be patient. :-)
  14. J

    Who got contacted from Dirt on a new Hopper 3

    Or should I post in the waitlist thread?
  15. J

    Who got contacted from Dirt on a new Hopper 3

    Hey was AbeK@Dish who was helping me. Is there something else I should do besides posting here? If someone else can pick up then that would be great. If not, I will survive!.
  16. J

    Who got contacted from Dirt on a new Hopper 3

    Abe contacted me late Sunday but I haven't heard back since...According to his profile he isn't back until Wed so my upgrade will take a few more days to get going....I'm not complaining mind you, I can be patient. I really want the Hopper3 but I also want to be respectful of the amazing Dirt...
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    Hopper Timers Backup for H3

    Thanks...sorry I read some about this on other threads but most of them were pre-release so I was hoping once some people actually got them in hand the answer might be a little different. What about transferring recordings from multiple hoppers to the H3? Any issues?
  18. J

    Hopper Timers Backup for H3

    I currently have 2 HWS and am upgrading soon to the H3. Trying to figure out if there is any way to combine all my recording timers. If I backup the timers from HWS1 to Remote 1, and from HWS2 to Remote 2, can I then restore from both of those remotes to the H3? Or would it be better to restore...
  19. J


    I am interested in a Hopper 3 Upgrade. Thank you!
  20. J


    Sorry if this was already answered..been reading threads like crazy on the hopper 3...when they say 16 tuners does that mean with. PTAT you can really record 19 shows at a time, or are there really 13 actual tuners and with PTAT it can record 16 shows at once.
  21. J

    Netflix comes to the Hopper with Sling

    I have Hopper w/sling but I don't see the Netflix app. What do I need to do to make it appear? (or do I just need to wait?)
  22. J

    Help Me Back Up My Shows

    Hopper started acting up last night doing random reboots and acting very sluggish. Sometimes it will reboot and asked me to insert the smart card again and generally after 2 to 3 minutes the entire thing locks up. dish is sending me a new hopper but I'm not able to backup my TV shows onto an...
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    Disney Junior - Channel 168

    I wonder what "later this year" means... Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  24. J

    Any word on android tranfers

    Any update on this? Really want transfers on my android phones and tablets...
  25. J

    Hopper Upgrades

    I have 2 hoppers and am interested in upgrading to 2 HWS. Can someone from DIRT contact me? Thanks. Jason Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!