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  1. pacificrim

    [Sonicview] Sonicview SV-4000 Editor?

    I'm looking for the channel editor for a Sonicview SV-4000. Anyone still have the software?
  2. pacificrim

    Need North America Satellite .bin file for Satlink WS-6906

    I totally get what you're saying as well, but since DVB-S signals make up less than 10% of the signals up there it would not be hard to just look up the few DVB-S signals that still exist, write them down and add them to the meter. The other problem with tuning a DVB-S channel on that meter is...
  3. pacificrim

    Need North America Satellite .bin file for Satlink WS-6906

    These are pretty limited these days. They don't support DVB-S2, so your signal options on each sat are pretty limited or non-existent. As suggested previously, use Lyngsat or Tvrosat to find a sat/transponder that it can receive and plug it into your meter. It's pretty easy on these things...
  4. pacificrim

    TBS 8922 Problem - Solved

    These are current programs, already compatible with Window 10/11. The issue, I'm pretty sure, is with the TBS Win 10 drivers with the current version(s) of Windows 10.
  5. pacificrim

    TBS 8922 Problem - Solved

    I reinstalled my Home Theatre PC after many years and then ran into a big problem - neither DVB Dream or ProgDVB would work properly with my TBS 8922 PCI card. The TBS Blind Scan tool would work - lock and scan and find channels but DVB Dream and ProgDVB would lock but not find any channels...
  6. pacificrim

    NPR 91w ku MUX moved to 99w

    Recently, the NPR Mux on 91w 11912 V 2000 moved to 99w 12022 V 2274.
  7. pacificrim

    Trouble with Ku Signals on 10ft Mesh Bud

    I'm late to this thread, but I get amazing Ku reception on my 10' KTI. The factors I dealt with are: PLL Ku LNB in the dual polorotor, adjusting the LNBF in or out of the ring, skewing the polorotor and the final piece was the elevation actuator I put in 2 years ago. It also really helps that I...
  8. pacificrim

    ANIK F2 - Thy End Is Near

    The first phase of moving all channels from F2 to G1 has been accelerated and will take place starting Nov 9. Fuel levels are apparently an issue with F2 and some power-saving measures may affect its footprint into USA. These channels show as being MPEG4 after the move but at some point all...
  9. pacificrim

    New 24" Actuator

    Sorry, just saw this. I got mine from Amazon Canada but they don't list it anymore. I ended up trading it away when I restored a 30+ year old 24" Venture which was a twin to my Venture. I liked having a spare twin. I still have the small actuator from Windy Nation that I use for elevation. I...
  10. pacificrim

    Polorotor Help?

    Make sure to use a shielded wire with a drain connected to your mover' ground. I used regular CAT 5 for bench testing but had some weird groaning coming from the servo and it wasn't accurate in switching polarities. I switched it to shielded with a drain wire and the issue went away. Even 10...
  11. pacificrim

    Ku on big dish?

    I did my first incarnation as a prime focus Ku with a Cband sidecar on my 7.5' Unimesh. My thinking was that the Cband was more forgiving and I could focus on Ku reception. It worked great. Then I moved to a bigger dish - 10' KTI and a C/Ku corotor. My Ku reception is at least as good or better...
  12. pacificrim

    Orby TV was purchased by Disitron Satellite of Florida. Anyone knows what the plan was?

    Most of us figured that when the Orby transponder lit up with its current offering of <insert your own opinion> channels, using the same tech specs as what Orby using, that it was no coincidence. Looks like it wasn't a coincidence.
  13. pacificrim

    ibravebox v9

    I doubt it will work for either ShawDirect or Bell. That meter is pretty much a cheap Set Top Box with a screen. For Bell and ShawDirect, I use an AI Turbo S2. Not cheap but has earned its keep 500+ installs ago. Before the Turbo S2, I used a Birdog which had battery and display failures more...
  14. pacificrim

    5G Vulnerability

    Thanks - Yes, that's the luck so far, I guess. Some further reading found that they are all using 3.5Ghz, outside of C Band, but they are exploring future 3.8+Ghz. Really, there are a ton of spectrum allotments, but 3.5Ghz is the closest to anything I care about. Reading all about the new 5G...
  15. pacificrim

    5G Vulnerability

    I've read about some of your experiences with 5G interference and trying to figure out my luck in the matter. I live 700ft from a cell tower that is 80 or so degrees to the right of my due south position, so the tower is not down-range of any satellite I would be aimed at. I was thinking that...
  16. pacificrim

    DVR search that records from sources

    Ya - I wouldn't spend money on a dedicated recorder that only did SD, but I would spend the extra $25 on a composite to HDMI box and then purchase a recorder for recording the HDMI signal. For this, probably the cheapest would be an old SD Tivo
  17. pacificrim

    DVR search that records from sources

    I bought one of these to record (to an external hard drive) whatever is coming out of my HDMI switch to the TV: View...
  18. pacificrim

    Can't reset soft limits... actuator problem?

    My ASC1 had a stuck relay on two different occasions - years apart. It was an easy fix - open the bottom of the unit with an allan key (where rubber feet are) and gently tap the relays inside. The difference in my case was that it was only one relay and it would move in one direction. Worth...
  19. pacificrim

    Shaw satellite in Mesa, an update

    A quick search shows that commercial receivers made by Arris as far back as 2013 (SE7000) and the next ones in 2017 (7412 and 4470) all had HEVC capability. I'm putting money on the DSR8xx doing HEVC.
  20. pacificrim

    Shaw satellite in Mesa, an update

    DSR8xx came out in December 2017
  21. pacificrim

    Shaw satellite in Mesa, an update

    Just heard that Shaw Direct on F2 has a scheduled migration to G1 over the next 3-5 years. First the DSR6xx series receivers will be replaced by 8xx series boxes (new boxes sent to customers with 6xx), then channels will be moved to G1 and compressed - probably HEVC, which is not supported by...
  22. pacificrim

    Shaw satellite in Mesa, an update

    Directv does have a footprint that certainly favours the US, but like most Canadians, you live along the US border and could receive their services if you really wanted to. Geographically, most of Canada is not covered by US sats. Some have tried really hard to get G1 in the southern US...
  23. pacificrim

    OTHER free pickup only sunrise fl

    The DVB-S receivers are still good for most music/radio channels. I use a VS Xtreme in my workshop for music on 103w.
  24. pacificrim

    Just put up my dish 4feet with polar mount

    It looks great - but as a guy who went from a 2ft to a 4ft to a 7.5ft to a 10ft, I have to say that all the cool parts that you're using or planning to use on a small dish will perform much better on a 10 footer. Generally, an offset dish will outperform a prime focus for Ku and a bigger dish...
  25. pacificrim

    OTHER Using a rotator motor for my 3' HughesNet dish

    I've been using my STAB120 for 10 years with my Fortec 120cm without issue. It has been 100% reliable. Before that I had a Motec knockoff that lasted only 2 years.