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    1/18 Satellite Expo News & Notes

    Memphis, TN USA—What began as the original grassroots effort to promote a satellite trade show for the retailers, dealers & technicians, is quickly turning into “the” satellite event of 2005. While Satellite Expo & Training Conference 2005 was designed initially to be a national trade show, it...
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    Satellite Expo Training Updates 1/11/05

    First off, if you are interested in any of the training being offered at Satellite Expo 2005 that is being presented by NCC, I would suggest you sign up...yesterday! These classes are filling really quickly (limit of only 25 per class) these classes include: Telkonet Training/Certification...
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    1/3/05 Satellite Expo 2005 News & Notes

    Satellite Expo 2005 Goes International: Tele-Satellite Magazine from Munich, Germany will be covering Satellite Expo 2005 as an international satellite news item for their magazine. In addition, Tele-Satellite will be promoting the event in their magazine. Published since 1981 Tele-Satellite...
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    Request For News Updates

    Beginning 1/17/2005 we will be emailing news updates bi-weekly containing new happenings, etc. about Satellite Expo 2005. We will only be sending these updates to those that have requested them. If you would like to receive this information please send us an email at...
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    Huge Thank You To Scott & Satellite Guys

    SatelliteGuys & DishRetailer have teamed to sponsor the Internet Cafe' at Satellite Expo 2005. A great big thanks for the support guys! Everyone be sure to stop by the Internet Cafe' at the show and "howdy and shake" with Scott and Claude. Thanks again guys!
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    It was announced today that SBCA past President Chuck Hewitt will be hosting the forum entitled "DIVERSIFY!" at Satellite Expo 2005. Chuck Hewitt is one of the most recognized names in the satellite industry and brings years of satellite knowledge to this forum. DIVERSIFY! will be one of the...
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    Northwest The Official Airline Of Satellite Expo 2005

    Memphis---It was announced today that Northwest Airlines would be the official airline of Satellite Expo 2005. The association between Northwest and the Expo will insure those traveling to the show the lowest cost air transportation from all points that are served by Northwest, KLM and...
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    More Training Added To Satellite Expo 2005

    Memphis—The following training and certification classes are officially being added to the ever-growing training program presented at Satellite Expo 2005. · June 23, 2005 DirecWay Certification · June 24, 2005 ViaSat Certification · June 25, 2005 Telkonet Solution Certification To attend...
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    Website Is All New!

    This show is also open for technicians.
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    Website Is All New!

    We invite you to take a look at the "all new" Satellite Expo 2005 website. Any feedback is welcome!
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    SkyRetailer is Official Media Sponsor

    You could always put two recliners together and you and Claude sit there and "howdy and shake" with all the members of the two boards that will be there.
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    SkyRetailer is Official Media Sponsor

    Your right its fun watching it all come together, but putting it all together is just like running a leaves you with one heck of a headache. Scott, we appreciate all the support from this forum for Satelliite Expo 2005, we need to have a SatelliteGuys booth at the show. I think I...
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    SkyRetailer is Official Media Sponsor

    In today's SkyRetailer
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    Exhibitor Listing

    For those of you that are interested, we have added an exhibitor listing page to our website showing you a current list of companies that have agreed to display at Satellite Expo 2005.
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    Welcome Speaker Announced & Other Expo News

    News From Satellite Expo 2005 Winegard Executive To Open Satellite Expo 2005 A familiar name to about everyone in the satellite industry will open Satellite Expo 2005 by delivering the keynote speech. Bob Howell, Director Of Distribution/Off Air Division has had the pleasure of helping to...
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    Memphis Local Channels in Little Rock

    I am pretty sure the spot beam's Memphis DMA footprint doesn't extend that far.
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    Expo 2005 Dealer Appreciation Party To Be Hosted By SPAUN/USA

    Dealer Appreciation Party To Be Hosted By Spaun/USA Memphis, TN—Satellite Expo 2005 is pleased to announce the Dealer Appreciation Party to be held on Saturday, June 25, 2005 will be hosted by Spaun/USA. This free party promises to be “the” networking event of the year for satellite...
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    11/7 Satellite Expo 2005 News & Notes

    Greetings from Satellite Expo 2005! It has been a busy week and each new day is bringing good news about the show, as promised, here is the weekly update about the show. Exhibitor space is selling quickly. We have no doubts that the show floor booths will be sold out by the 1/1/05 deadline...
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    Which is the better meter?

    We use birdogs for all our VSAT work, I can't remember the last time we even took the Spec A out of the van. We love our Birddogs!
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    11/3 Satellite Expo 2005 Latest News

    Homewood Suites (a division of Hilton Hotels) has made 25 suites available to attendees of Satellite Expo 2005 at a discounted rate of $109 per night. This hotel adjoins the Park Place Hotel where all the events that are not at the AgriCenter International will be held. If you are interested...
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    Forum & Training Classes No Up On Expo 2005 Website

    Forum & Training Classes Now Up On Expo 2005 Website Satellite Expo 2005 has just added the forum and class schedules to our website. Be sure and check them out then register for the ones that interest you. Please note: These classes will fill up quickly and once the capacity for each class...
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    Rant: Hotel locals?

    Hotel do not pay for signals they get "off air". That being said, for every off air channel they add there is the cost of a demodulator for each off air channel, a modulator for each off air channel, a strip amp for each off air channel...etc. etc. they do not pay a monthly charge for...
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    Suggestion for/about Satellite Expo 05

    We were in Memphis all day today meeting with caterers, decorators, the zoning board....yep even with the "beverage board". And I came away with one suggestion I would like to make to everyone that is supporting us so well on these forums. This was just a personal observation, one that I think...
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    Satellite Expo 2005 Updates!

    Everyone on the forums have been so good about helping to spread the word, I have an idea. If you all are serious about getting a meeting together at the show for the members of the board, how about Satellite Expo 2005 comps, the board a suite to have your meeting in at one of our two host...
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    Satellite Expo 2005 Updates!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We just wanted to make available to the readers of this forum the latest updates on Satellite Expo 2005. The new website is now up and functional. You may use the registration link to register for the Expo...