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    Future Feature Thread

    Song Change Delay Enhancements Unfortunately, my fairly detailed feature request posting for the first "Recast" release seems to have been lost when the forum was closed/reopened. :( This is all about the core functionality of TimeTrax - timeshifting and archiving. (But I realize...
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    HD10-250 remote -- any UHF capability?

    I, too, switched to D* (just for the HD TiVo). I agree that something like the Home Theater Master MX-800 is a great solution, if you have a larger integration requirement as well. In my case, I added the HD TiVo to a setup which is integrated using a Crestron system. Until I can get to...
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    Special for SatelliteGuys Members

    Thanks, slacker!
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    Special for SatelliteGuys Members

    Hey slacker - Could you please elaborate on the $200 credit? What is this and how did you get it? Thanks
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    Seeking advice: CBS/NBC HD CSR-roulette tips

    Is anyone getting both HD feeds without waivers?
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    Seeking advice: CBS/NBC HD CSR-roulette tips

    Seeking a response from someone who has bypassed the waiver process I appreciate everyone taking the time to reply, but let me be clear here: I am looking for a response from someone who has bypassed the waiver process by successfully playing CSR roulette. Here's why:I am allowed to have...
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    Seeking advice: CBS/NBC HD CSR-roulette tips

    I've just subscribed to DirecTV, with a California address which qualifies for both CBS & NBC HD feeds. (It took a second call to actually get the LA feeds turned on.) I asked about NY but was told "not without waivers." (I said "Thanks, but I'll wait to apply for waivers.") I tried...
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    splitting dish signal

    Satellite feeds don't act like cable TV. You cannot just split the signal (for the reasons, see Why Splitters don't work). Either run a cable to the 301 from the outlet where it originally sat, or get the installer back in to add a new outlet where you now want the 301.
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    Anyone using their old Dish Network LNBF/dish?

    The title pretty much says it all. Is anyone using their old 61.5 Dish Network dish and legacy LNBF to receive Voom? Thanks
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    New 921 on eBay, no reserve
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    Keep HD6000 ???

    AJF - I have a graveyard as well. I'm actively trying to hold onto less, so keeping the 6000 for now is a very concious decision on my part. Good luck no matter what you decide, and enjoy the 921 when you do get one (I know you will)!
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    Keep HD6000 ???

    Keep it for now Although things have improved a bit, I still stand by this opinion. I needed the 6000, for example, to be able to keep watching the Superbowl during a spontaneous 921 reboot!
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    Dish 921 first impressions

    Don't believe in miracles! 921 locked up again... This time, no amount of rebooting is making the recordings & timers re-appear! :no I was about to send it in for the blue line fix, but now I'm not so sure I'd want the same one back!
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    Dish 921 first impressions

    It's a miracle! Thanks, Scott! OK, to be fair I must report the latest development... After a couple of pull-the-plug reboots, all the missing recordings & timers are back !? Good thing I didn't forget: "It's only TV." :D
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    Dish 921 first impressions

    More reasons why the 921 isn't ready to be your primary receiver Thanks to a spontaneous 921 reboot, I missed Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction! :D Just had to force a couple of reboots since the 921 would not playback anything properly (stuttering freezes of varying duration). Every...
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    Your 921 Wishlist

    Sorry, but this is one you'll never see. Even when ReplayTV had the "commercial skip" function (which I think they've since dropped), it recorded everything & auto-skipped commercials on playback. The main reason you'll never see this is because no DVR maker will risk the lawsuits sure to...
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    Questions about 921 from a newbie.

    Do you have an HD Dish receiver today? Here's my advice...
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    Your 921 Wishlist

    1. 1394 active! 2. OTA bugs fixed. 3. LIL listings mapped to OTA channels. Hey WCS - What bird do you get from 97?
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    Can I use my DTV Dish to get other stuff?

    Bob - I'm in the SF area and use a DirecTV dish to receive Bell ExpressVu from Canada. (I just happen to be using a DTV dish, but never been a DTV subscriber.) So yes, it is technically feasible. As to why to subscribe, in addition to the channels you mentioned there are a number of...
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    Merged Cable and Sat signal??

    The satellite signal doesn't work the same way as cable TV. Each receiver needs to "talk" to the equipment at the dish. So, for one satellite receiver, the installer could piggyback onto the cable TV line. But, you could not add more satellite receivers without at least some rewiring...
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    Does anybody have 4 sats hooked to 921?

    Yes, but what about an SW-64 on 110, 119 and one of the wings cascaded to a pair of SW21s on the other wing!?
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    The Truth behind Bingo TV

    Another crappy channel stealing bandwidth from the packages we pay for just to cram advertising down our throats... (Ashley or no Ashley.) ;)
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    DISH Network Introduces Lowest Priced One-Stop Shop for HDTV

    Re: DISH Network Introduces Lowest Priced One-Stop Shop for mike123abc - I think we're saying the same thing:
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    DISH Network Introduces Lowest Priced One-Stop Shop for HDTV

    Nice try, Jerry! :D According to the press release, the $600 is an upgrade to the HDTV system (811 + monitor).
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    DISH Network Introduces Lowest Priced One-Stop Shop for HDTV

    Yes, I understand that. Just because I already have an HDTV (& 921 :D ) doesn't mean I'm not intrigued! If I could, I'd eliminate every standard definition TV from my entire house today. So, a bedroom HD (in a box ;) ) is one I might consider especially if I can get upgraded to DishPro...