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    942 Deal for existing customers???

    For myself, I don't see any reason to spend that kind of money on a 942 until the Mpeg 4 question is resolved. My 811 is good enough for now. I can wait.
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    Dish Model 811 - P2.89 Software Update

    I have had P2.89 for a couple of weeks now. No problems until last night, when the program guide started showing "information unavailable" for all channels for any program 30 - 90 minutes into the future. If I tried to click forward to those slots to see if the information would load, then the...
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    Are the Directv antennas compatible with Dishnetwork

    D* = DirecTV E* = Echostar (Dish Network).
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    Is The 811 Really That Bad?

    I've had my 811 for 13 months now (got it installed during the first week that the box was released). It had significant problems at the start, but since the software updates in July, it has worked pretty well for me. -- Albert
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    How to get out of my Dish Contract?

    1. Many Dish customers have one or two year commitments, but many do not. If you don't remember what your obligation is, just call Dish, tell them you want to cancel, and find out what they tell you about what the consequence will be. At the end of the conversation, whether they tell you that...
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    Dish Reduces HD Quality / Gray Block Artifacts

    While everyone here is complaining about E* screwing with their transponders and reducing HD quality on Dish, over on the Hometheaterspot, and on AVS forum (as Night Ryder notes above) there are threads where people are complaining about D* putting three HD channels per transponder on their...
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    Are there any satisfied DISH customers

    I have had E* for over 4 years now. I originally got a Dish 500 with two receivers, a 2700 and a 3700. Now I still have the 3700, and have added an 811 feeding into a 50" HDTV (sold the 2700 on Ebay). While it took the 811 a little over 8 months (and softare versions from 261 to 269) before...
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    Maybe a problem with 269 upgrade

    I have noticed the same thing that Harry did, although I find some variation from station to station on how low the sound level is. Since I tend to frequently adjust my sound levels anyway, I will take this problem in exchange for the other corrections that 269 made. I know practically...
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    269 is here, dark picture problem fixed!

    For me, the S-video output is now comparable with what the component output has been since 266 (or was it 264?). If I switch to my TV's own tuner to view my local stations thru my antenna, that is a few notches brighter. But considering how improved it is from where I started out in December...
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    P266 Dark Video Thread

    Interesting, Scott. Except that version 266 was supposed to take care of the dark video problem. It is better than it was, but it still isn't right yet. The solution(s) seem(s) to be incremental -- sort of like the movement of the continental plates. I hope Dish isn't expecting us to accept...
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    Yet another 811 OTA digital problem

    I am no expert, but I have read that some local broadcasters sometimes vary the level of their signal, at times broadcasting at a higher power, and at times broadcasting at a lower power, depending on time of day, other needs, etc. Maybe that is part of what is going on in your situation...
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    P266 Dark Video Thread

    I spent some time doing careful comparisons tonite, using my TV's source selection to toggle between component and S-video outputs on my 811. I believe that 266 improved the dark video problem, but did not solve it completely. The S-video is visibly somewhat darker than the composite outputs...
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    What's the latest on 811 fixes?

    My HDTV, a Toshiba rear projection model, has better stretch modes for 4:3 material than the stretch modes built into the 811. So when I am watchin HD material which is in 16:9, I watch it through the component outputs, without a dark video problem. But when I am watching SD material broadcast...
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    What's the latest on 811 fixes?

    Well, I got my 811 on the Friday of the first week they were available, way back in early December. I've waited this long, I suppose I can wait a little longer. But it is getting old. I did notice something last night that I hadn't noticed before. My problem with dark output has been...
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    need help with 811 dolby digital

    For me, I went a month with my 811 and no DD. Then, on advice from this forum, I went thru my manual on my receiver, and found that I needed to change a receiver setting. Since then it has been trouble free. If you are getting a red light out of the toslink, then I would check EVERYTHING at...
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    Are you happy with your 811 now???

    I had never had a HD tuner before I got the 811, so I was pretty happy from the start. I had two problems at first, but turned out they were both my fault -- I had lots of the 49% problem with my locals until I re-aligned my OTA antenna (then everything was over 90%); and I had no 5.1 sound at...
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    New Software upgrade for 811

    Maybe "scheduled on March 2" is sort of like the due date for a baby...a rough guesstimate. It certainly seems to have generated the same level of anticipation anxiety as an impending birth.
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    Have you canceled your $9.99 HD Package?

    I haven't cancelled mine. I wish there was more, but I have been pleased with some of HDNet (but I didn't like Charlie's Angels in the 70's, and putting it in HD doesn't improve the plots, acting, etc.), and with many of the HD movies. ESPNHD is mostly disappointing, though occasionally they...
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    Dish 811

    DAVE: I have a 50HX81. Here is how I switch from HD to SD w/o changing channels. I have two output cables from the 811 going simultaneously into my TV. One is the S-video going into my input 1. The other is the component, going into my input 5. The 811 is set for 1080i. When I want to...
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    Dish 811

    Well, I have the 811 going into a Toshiba 50 inch RPTV, and I prefer the S-video for SD material because the stretch modes on the Toshiba are superior to the stretch modes on the 811. The Toshiba's own stretch modes work with an SD (480) signal, but will not work with a 1080 HD signal...
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    811 dark image software update

    My experience is the same as gpflepsen (i.e. component output is OK, but S video is dark) but I don't think it was that way at the start. I got my unit on Dec. 12, with software 2.61, and at that time I think all the outputs were dark, although true HD material from the satellite (such as...
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    811 Existing Customers program status

    Well, as to the dark picture problem, I got my 811 on December 12, with the first software, and had the dark picture problem on all outputs. With software updates, I now have the dark picture problem on S video output, but it has been corrected on component output. Others here have noted the...
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    811 Dolby Digital output Issues

    Everyone having the toslink optical problem with the 811 should check out JoeSP's thread elsewhere on this forum entitled "DD 5.1 and OPTICAL out NOT a problem of the 811?" Joe suggests that if you are getting a red light out of the toslink cable after it is plugged into the 811, then the...
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    DD 5.1 and OPTICAL out NOT a problem of the 811?

    Joe, YOU WERE RIGHT !! After reading your post, I pulled out my receiver instructions (Technics SA-DX1040), read how to change the settings, pushed the correct button, and presto -- the receiver showed a digital signal. Flipping thru the movies that were then playing, on the third one I got...
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    optical audio probs w/811?

    811 toslink problem My problem with 811 sound is the toslink (fiberoptic digital) connection. I have hooked up the analog L/R RCA outputs to my TV and my audio receiver, and they work OK, except for a few times I got a popping noise, and also a few times I had complete sound loss. On the...