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    RC71 is driving me nuts!!

    any update?
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    HR54 ethernet port

    the company i worked for paid us to install deca's at the same rate as a whole new receiver, and only $5 for wireless. so if the coax was going by the router, why not make some more money for a better connection anyway. i was never a fan on directly connecting a receiver to the router because if...
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    Duplex Dish Question

    just in case anyone else sees this in the future, its B-Band converter you dont want. not a b-band filter. only bring it up because thats what it says on the sticker.
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    AT&T Service Question

    well look at it this way. go with the AT&T boxs for now. they're Uverse stuff is only 1yr contract right? if you still dont like it after a year, switch back to D*, and you can probably get em to throw some discounts in again. win/win
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    HS17-100 (For those wondering)

    that is 100% no-no. D* doesnt allow genie in commercial locations. so far as i know that included H44.
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    Upgrade to 4K Question

    I'm curious to know if you got your C61K to work with your AVR? because the HD stuff will play just fine, but there are ALOT of AVR's that were advertised 4k ready but did NOT work with the C61K. the easy way to test this is to unplug the coax cable from the client and it will say right under...
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    What are my options?

    as an update to maestro, you may get an HR54 depending on what your tech has on his truck and what the oldest "server" he has is. there is a miniscule chance of a 34, but a 44 or 54 is probably 95% chance. also, when upgrading to the genie system from a HDDVR there is generally a $3-$5 increase...
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    With a Gene HD-DVR, can you do this?

    while you already have a satsifactory answer, for those who may be less prepared to start something like that this scenario does still work. after you have started the recording, if you go into your recording list and start the program from there INSTEAD of the live feed, if you double tap exit...
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    Satellite Power

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    How easy is genie set up.

    sounds like a derp on D*'s end. lefatman, did they make you agree to a new 2yr agreement as well?
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    Self Managed MDU?

    sounds like requently...
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    Self Managed MDU?

    maybe some Polaroids in an envelope with the address attached to DTV's front door would get some action lol.
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    Sonic tap music on satellite 119

    had a service call for that once. older couple with 2 locations. felt kinda silly after i got off the phone with (Directv's) technician support line.
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    RC73B BackLit Remote?

    unless the reviews are saying the satpro is not sending hardware or sending broken hardware, remotes are a pretty safe bet. programming them OTOH, can be an adventure :).
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    Issue with DTV

    the reason pulling the plug on a computer is bad is because there are files in RAM that have yet to be written to the HDD or SSD. if any of those are system files you can corrupt your OS. these are singularly purposed machines where the only real danger is to a currently recording program. the...
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    I think I have made a big mistake

    the BBC just converts one signal to one useable by the box. your receiver probably THINKS its still using the legacy LNB and not a SWM one. a repeat sat setup should force it back into sanity.
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    Resolution not supported

    the other thing is you probably need to turn off Native in the DTV settings. under preferences IIRC.
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    Install question for house & guesthouse at same address

    that $130 included install of the equipment as well, plus any splitters that may have been needed.
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    New Receiver

    could try DTV NOW. that pretty much eliminates tuners. *shrug*
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    New Customer Problems

    the coax that was connected to the c61k needs to connect to a deca instead, then the ethernet connection from there needs to go to the TV. plus a power source for the deca (dont use the TV USB port, did that once, so much headache). then the PIN screen should come up.
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    Install question for house & guesthouse at same address

    (in case someone in the future reads this) from what i was always told, two locations is fine. the case either A) two seperate address, so long as they are not being used at the same time, is ok or b) two locations on the same property (non-appartment, like you have) is fine too. the 2nd ODU is...
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    Keep Old Box + Get New Box? Possible? (DTV says No)

    alternatively, just set up the swap through directv, when the tech shows up, just tell him you want to hold on to the box. its not hard for the tech to change something like this, i did it all the time. in fact, the tech may even get paid better for it since he's now technicly installing TWO...
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    Electricle interferance with Directv picture

    alternative theory, one or more of your coax cables is picking up EMI from a power cable in your home from being too close.
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    New Genie

    i would be skeptical of that. the C61 was supposed to be a cheaper C51. there probably isnt alot of similarity between the two.
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    New Customer Problems

    just kicking out an idea, can you try plugging the HR54 into a different TV (ok, bring the TV to it, whatever). some TV's have weird HDCP issues.