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    Bug Reports

    some of the ads cover content in the forums does google not know where to put the ads
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    Directv dispute with Viacom IS OVER!

    you cant even watch anything on mtv bc of the stupid crawls
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    New call from D*

    are u behind on the bill or ballance larger then 300 if ur bal is over 300 they will pester u till its paid under 300
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    $6.99 pay per view

    the reason they charged 799 for the hd is because they put it on 30 days b4 dvd relase
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    HBO to GO, or NO? Directv?? PS3/Roku

    it will be available on the xbox
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    Why No Free Movie For Non-Texters?

    i didnt get the email think that might be to certain subs
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    Belo agrement expires NOV 1st at midnight

    he is talking about channel 3 in phoenix AZ a belo channel
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    It's 2011, why no HD pr0n?

    some of the unrated stuff comes on hd net channel 306 i just finnished watching GGW free they play the same stuff thats on thed ppv
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    It's 2011, why no HD pr0n?

    the net can also bring viruses if u go to the wrong site so you have to watch what you do
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    This really pisses me off.

    just called dtv they are going to install the sl5 swm lnb free asked if they woyld drop ship but the sys wont let them
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    Belo agrement expires NOV 1st at midnight

    they have it for 50 but they will ONLY sell me the 1 for my hr24 they will not sell me one for the H25 unfortunately
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    Belo agrement expires NOV 1st at midnight

    my area is affected guess the want more money to line thier pocket and cause D* to raise prices to carry them how much do the am21 that dtv sells????
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    HR34 release date

    how do their users get pre release boxes like the hr34??
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    abc on demand

    the networks do not allow us to ff bc of the loss of revanue
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    Nomad First Look

    are they going to be doing a beta test for this
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    CE FOR 10/7

    is there NO CE tonight havent seen any posts about it
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    does directv have recorse

    but why would the moron tech disconnect my D* the idiot could clearly see there was a gound block and a line comming from the swim lnb then the line goes into the house to the on que where the swim 8 and power inserter. i just dont get why they did that and locked me out and D* wants to...
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    does directv have recorse

    yes i work from home and mediacomm cut the lines the go inside the house and put a lock that requires a special tool to remove on the box that covers the connections from the elements. i lost about 6 hrs of overtime because i had to demand a tech that didnt want to come out and i have it on my...
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    does directv have recorse

    yes the cable compay did disonect every thing at the house and LOCKED me out of it i was told the box on the side of the house is MINE
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    does directv have recorse

    i canceled my cable with mediacomm cable for directv when thier idiot tech came out the unpluged the dish and my business internet/phone i have with cox do they have the right to do that. they unhooked every cable on the side of my house and locked me out of the box when the cable company...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 9.30

    this release fixed the hdcp issue i was getting on my h25
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    CE's for the Weekend of 9.30

    this looks like the last beta for the hd gui bc it listed a part to their website but it cant be found
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    HR2X/R22 CE for the Weekend of 9.30

    does this ce fix some of the issiesa from last week
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    Espn and espnu added to vod

    not on mine and i have ce i remember not all vod will be avail on ce software
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    Loss of connection of MVR receiver

    you can also reserve the ip in ur router if it supports it i have my 2 hd boxes hr24 and h 25 set up on reserved so the router never has to renew it