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    SWiM needs sporadic reset but only affects 8 out of 24 receivers

    For that type of setup you need a TAMP and Polarity Locker...
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    Genie Mini c61k pissing me off.

    It's not a wiring issue.... I've talked to engineers from directv and it's a firmware issue.... They still are back logged patching a ton of other stuff....... Nobody on the front line support will tell you... You have to coax one of the ISS guys to tell you about it.
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    TV Japan

    Dish Network lost the contract..... so guess what that means...! A whole lotta new World Direct Installs LOL
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    Strange pop up

    It's new , part of the New UI rolled out this year...
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    Switching from SD to HD receivers

    No, It's $10 a month for HD service..... Price per location after the first box is the same.... Best best is 3 H-25 receivers if they don't want DVR service otherwise it they would get a Genie and client system... Either system will need an upgrade to the dish outside to swm if it is...
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    How do you know when you have the new guide??

    It will look like Directv Now Just do a google search..
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    Long distance WiFi over mountain.

    I wouldn't use those.... I would go with 2 Litebeam AC's running on an 80 mhz channel .....
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    Which is better for Sling TV, DSL or cable internet

    AIR FIBER if you can get it...
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    Ubiquiti Equip Running a WISP

    Are there any others that manage a wireless ISP that use ubiquiti as their back bone??
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    "Directv Lite"

    Each unit does not need a 29v power supply only the D2 Lite Main Box itself...2 PI 29's if you are using 2 SWM 16's inside (It comes Installed with only 1) They have upgraded it accommodate the new digital swm 30.. It will have more tuners so multiple genies can be put on the system....
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    We are using a 4 Point AP and a backhaul to shoot the signal across the street to another property with another 4 point AP..... Works great SIG
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    5.16 GHz to 5.84 GHz.... However we are running into signal issues with dense tree areas.... We are testing out a 900 Mhz radio solution for that.. Stay tuned...... SIG
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    Air Fiber is the wave of the future from what I'm seeing.. I'm heading up a project in the LA area where we are using point to point connections. It's fast and cheaper than traditional copper lines that Comcast , Time Warner , Cox etc... use.
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    Forget 1Gbps – the cable industry says you don’t even need 25Mbps

    This is hogwash courtesy of your local ISPs. Set top boxes are going the way of the dodo bird. Streaming is the future. Directv has plans in the works coming approximately in 2018 streaming services for TV for those who have high speed broadband. Which means at least 25mbps download...
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    Installer Pay for wireless clients?

    We get paid 15/wireless outlet just the same as Wired ones.... no extra pay for the bridge. SIG
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    need advice on equipment

    The client needs to download a software update and then it will get a bit quicker.............. SIG
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    Dish Hopper/Joey moca doesnt work for me. D*?

    I would go with the Genie and C41 minis........ While the H25 is nice you get the same capabilities of the Genie on the Minis....... When you get a chance I would check the F connectors in the wall plates and see if they are low frequency gray/white ones or hi frequency blue/orange...
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    Line of sight

    If he is saying you need all 5, that would be a SWM 5 install... Your locals are all on 103 you shouldn't need 110 or 119 which are on the SWM 5. You should only need a SWM 3. 99/101/103 HD of course. Need to check a local dealer and not have the HSP send anyone else out. SIG
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    Line of sight

    As a Dealer I see no problem with Putting in a SWM3. You don't need 110 or 119.. You get NFL Sunday ticket included with Choice packages and above. Might as well get the Genie/Client system as well.......... 1st yr is the big savings and 2nd year it goes up about 20/mnth. SIG
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    can i own my own reciever?

    You can buy and own a receiver. Some are sold by Directv employees that actually own equipment but you will have to buy a need Access card from DTV for around $100 plus the cost of the receiver you are buying......... It gets pretty expensive , then you will have to pay for installation if...
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    VIP612 trouble

    IMO this was the worst receiver that Dish came out with. I have seen more problems with the 612 than any other rx that Dish provides...... You are better off switching it to a 722 and switching it to single mode............ Just my 2 cents. SIG
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    DISH FORCING me to get a TECH visit for a receiver swap !!!!

    YAHTZEE , BINGO...... OUR SURVEY SAYS................. BONE THE TECH........... Dish has been doing this for years. Part of the reason why I stopped contracting with them.... You hit the nail right on the head there.. SIG
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    Signal problems...

    Unless the dish is pointed into a tree there is no dead spot..... There could be several problems you are encountering... In order for installers to help you with your issue we require more information on your setup........ 1. What model receiver are you trying to connect? 2. How many lines...
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    Nervous about DTV

    The Sales guy is an idiot........ The number of satellites has no bearing on your signal quality....... Proper installation will ensure signal quality . But factors such as rain or snow will affect the signal...... It will work in normal rain and snow but real heavy rain storms or snow...
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    American Airlines 25000 Mile offer

    I think you can do through a 3rd party but you have to call DTV after you order your service so they can apply to offer to your account. Probably easier just going through DTV. SIG