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    DIRECTV: TiVo HD DVRs Can't Get New Channels

    After multiple unsuccessful attempts of calling customer service trying to get any sort of deal with DirecTV, I called up to cancel. The DirecTV CSR thanked me for my business and said that if I want to restart my service to give them a call back. When I have called them in the past and...
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    XM to Become Exclusive Satellite Radio Carrier of NHL

    As a Sirius subscriber, it makes me happy to know that I will no longer have to deal my news channels being preempted for out of market hockey games I don't care about.
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    Universal HD

    I called D* CS about it and was assured they would never turn off UHD for ST. Yeah right. I'd send a letter to D* complaining about UHD being pulled for ST but I feel that would be hypocritical given that I sent a complaint letter to UHD three days about their lousy programming. All Knight Rider...
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    Will there be any new channels in Aug?

    I may be one of the 3 people who watch NWI, but I do like it. After reading about Current TV, I will be removing said channel from my favorites. Thanks for nothing Al Gore.
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    Agree with the suggestion of talking to Robert. I found VE to be extremely professional to deal with and was very happy with the whole install. I called with a question about my order and Robert actually answered the phone and made sure everything was handled correctly. Bought my HD-Tivo from VE...
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    Need a reason to stay with directv

    As another former Dish subscriber, there is no way I would go back. I wanted an 811 but Dish could not provide me with one or a date when it ould become available. Friends who were lucky enough to get one said it was buggy, esp. with the dark s-video out problem. Say what you will, but I have...
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    VE discount on HR10-250?

    I bought from VE last month and the price for the hr10-250 was $899 after the discount, which I think was a good deal. I didn't get the 5 year warranty though, which is a bit of a bummer. As for the installer issue, I would contact VE. The installer I had here in San Francisco was first rate...
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    Picture quality levels

    Sharpie- I think a good place to start would be to get the Video Essentials DVD to set up your TV. Settings do vary from TV to TV, but I used this disk to set up my Sony RPTV and I am very happy with the directv PQ. As a basic guide, try turning down the contrast and sharpness- they are usually...
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    I can't believe it but I switched back to cable..and I'm happy.

    In my experience, it depends on the channel. On some SD channels, the picture is good (HBO), but the artifacts on VH1 classic and Speed on my cable are almost unwatchable. Also, the Motorola 5100 Comcast provides makes analog cable unbearable on my RPTV. I'll go watch Fox Sports on the 14" TV in...
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    I can't believe it but I switched back to cable..and I'm happy.

    I'm in the opposite situation. I switched to cable earlier this year and regret it. Comcast pulled a bait and switch on programming- if I watched Speed and Trio, that was another $5/month. And the analog cable PQ on my Sony RPTV looks like cr@p. And the capper is the Program Guide. Besides being...
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    Special for SatelliteGuys Members

    Slacker- Do you have a link for the HD Tivo rebate? Am thinking that would be the deal maker with the wife for getting HD Tivo ;-) Andy
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    What would I get?

    How do you determine which channels on the Lyngsat list are available. I see WGN-DT listed- I'd get a system just for the Cubs games!
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    What would I get?

    I have been reading this forum for a while, but guess I still don't quite get it (FTA). What channels can I expect to get? I live on the West Coast, about 10 miles south of San Francisco. Is there a way to decipher the Lyngsat channels to figure...
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    Bay Area VOOMers?

    I live in South San Francisco (near 280 and Westborough) and don't have a line of site to Sutro. San Bruno mountain blocks my view of Sutro. That said, with a Channelmaster antenna and a rotor, I am able to pick up OTA in all directions. As for the Outer-Sunset resident: To get NBC you're...
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    WGN-HD: Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals 6pm EST

    Sean- Here is a link to their WB programming: And the Cubbies:,0,260100.htmlstory?coll=wgntv-sports-1 and the ChiSox...
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    To Me Getting HDNET or InHD is a moot point if...

    I have digital cable and InHD is NOT that great, IMHO. Reminds me of when I got my OTA HDTV tuner. Watched the PBS loop over and over. Cool at first, but a while it was boring. Whenever I tune into InHD they either have bodybuilding or some lame 80's movie. Other than the three baseball...
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    is the digital channels on cable the same quality as the all digital satalite channel

    Here is my two cents, based on Dish and on Comcast (San Francisco Peninsula). Some channels do look better on the digital cable, but some are just plain unwatchable. In my case, the analog channels look grainy, though I have heard this is an issue with the Motorola 5100. As for the digital...
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    Good-bye Dish! Hello Comcast!

    Cable vaporware is oh so true. Comcast is running local comercials for their PVR, which it not due in our area for at least another 4-5 months. At least a few people out there actually have 921's. As for the package pricing, I think it all depends on what you want and what they charge...
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    Good-bye Dish! Hello Comcast!

    FWIW, I did not switch to cable do to their "vaporware". I based my decisons on what both companies had to offer and at what price. I wanted HDTV, locals and I wanted to add access to the bedroom. Bottom line for Dish was : No HDTV and to add locals and a second receiver would add at least...
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    Good-bye Dish! Hello Comcast!

    You personally may not, but I think Dish should. I too left Dish for Comcast recently. I admit to being a bit nervous dealing with Comcast given my past issues with Viacom and AT&T. I wanted to add a second TV and I wanted an HDTV tuner. I kept getting the response from Dish that I could go on a...
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    What's your opinion about Steroids and MLB Players and Baseball Records?

    If baseball had a real comissioner... Guys (and women) have been doing stuff like this for years. Doc Ellis threw a no-hitter for the Pirates while on LSD, and there have been players who have taken diet pills (speed) to help with their performance. Heck, our fine govenor here in...
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    Random Transponders reading 0

    Yes, I am getting all the channels I pay for (at180+hbo). I just thought it seemed odd, but if I am out of their footprint that makes sense. Thanks. I just wasn't sure if it was a hardware issue on my side. _Andy
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    Random Transponders reading 0

    I currently have a DP 7200 being fed from a Dish 500 to a SW21 switch. When I go into the dish pointing screen, I noticed something strange. On Sat 119, transponders 1,3 and 9 read 0 whereas all the rest read in the 80s and higher. On 110, I am getting no signal on 4,6,7,13,17,19. In the dish...
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    DVD Recording vs DVR

    smmamon- Was thinking of getting a similar setup. any chance of a schematic of how you setup your tuner/DVD/TV? I have a friend with the E80 and he has been pretty happy with it, though there are limitations. With the Panasonic, are we talking something along the lines of a VCR-type UI? I've...
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    Question for Dishplayer 7100/72200 owners

    I have had my 7200 for almost 4 years and have never been charged a fee for the Personal TV service. I just got my statement the other night and there is still no charge for the PTV.