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    GEOSATpro Decode video without needing PID.

    The old Pansat 100A worked like this. It had 100 bouquet memory with each bouquet slot having the frequency, polarity and symbol rate. When you tuned to one of the TPs, it would download the tables, set up the channels and tune to the first channel. Successive channel ups would tune to the...
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    any update on SES3?

    Looking into my crystal ball, I see that the cost of changing the skew on all those downlinks and uplinks versus keeping the odd skew on the new satellite; keeping the odd skew will win out and nothing will change as far as we are concerned.
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    Avenger PLL322S-2 (New Dual Port KU PLL)

    For an interesting read, I suggest downloading the August 2004 issue of Bob Cooper's SatFACTS. I had to laugh when I read page 30!:rolleyes::facepalm hxxp://
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    Huntington Beach on 103 W

    My mother got the same operation and noticed the same thing about things tinted blue after living with a yellow tinted world with the cataracts. Her surgeon said this is normal and related a story about Picasso going through his Blue period in his paintings after cataract surgery after his...
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    microHD Development: Feature Requests

    I don't have this receiver, but the firmware as described on here seems similar to that on the Manhattan RS-1933. You could try a few of these tips that work on the Manhattan and see if they also work on the MicroHD... When playing a recording and you have the OSD with the progress bar...
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    PBS mux on 125W moving around...preparing for changes

    Still there, same as always.
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    First FTA receiver?

    Pansat 100A bought from Mike Kohl. First day of owning it I received ONN at 37.5W with a low quality signal as one of the first signals I saw that day. This would be the Friday before Mother's Day in 1998. Still have it, but haven't used it regularly since it was replaced by the Pansat 200A a...
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    Need to wire up a c band mover/arm

    Every time I replace an actuator, this happens. Even if I try to second guess my first guess, because I "just know" that the first guess will be wrong. Have to unscrew the wires and switch. I even filled out the drawing in my Drake manual to show which colored wires go where, but do I ever...
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    DW-TV now on 91W C-Band,,15714267,00.html
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    did abc move from 95w to 99w or did my dish get a stray lobe?

    Daystar has been at that location in the arc for over 10 years and is using 4:2:2 colorspace which shows up as blocks in the picture or a blank screen if your receiver doesn't do 4:2:2, which most don't.
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    C band Dish and Manhattan Receiver

    I've been using a new out-of-the-box Seagate 2TB NTFS formatted drive with great results. The only problem I have run into is once, when deleting a program, it didn't get the allocation tables correct and I had to plug it into my Windows computer to run chkdsk on it to fix before the Manhattan...
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    dvb s-2 signal

    No icon for BISS, but all firmware since April/May 2010 that I've seen decodes BISS. Or I should say, cardsharing/network enabled firmware.
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    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    I have a Pansat 330A that I loaded Digian 2000 firmware on that has volume level setting per channel. Think of it as the volume level going from 0 to 100. Channels scanned in default to 50. Whenever you adjust the receiver volume, it is automatically saved as a setting for the channel tuned...
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    The Old PBS HD

    But with two important differences: The C-Band/103W feeds are both SD and HD versions of PBS-East with main audio of Musicam/MPEG with AC3/DD an option on the HD feed as opposed to HD and AC3/DD only with both PBS-East and PBS-West on Ku-Band 125W. This makes the C-Band feed friendlier to...
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    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    With a delayed release date and all this current firmware development, it might be the only receiver released with full featured firmware instead of having to wait months for all the features we need to be added and the bugs to be worked out. :D
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    Switching from TV to Radio feeds on Openbox S10...

    Go into the channel list and edit your radio favorite channels to be on both favorites 1 and 2, as well as the current 3 and it should make things easier.
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    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    Random thoughts: Someone mentioned teletext and closed captions. Both my Manhattan and Solomend will show teletext with their own OSD display. The Solomend/Openbox firmware that I run will also pass teletext data in the VBI of the composite output when in PAL mode. Neither will display or...
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    Intelsat 1R at 50°W

    These encrypted services usually have a good EPG for many channels that are FTA on other satellites.
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    Manhattan Update 3.4 thread

    I did that using the receiver PID Scan Mode under the TP Search menu. HB video PID and WCPE audio PID and PCR same as video PID made the audio stutter unless I went into a menu and backed out. Using the audio PID as PCR, the video would be a still picture for a couple of seconds and then play...
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    Manhattan Update 3.4 thread

    Just received my Manhattan on Friday and thought I would chime in with a few suggestions for improvement and a short reveiew. 1. In the "Dump To USB" menu the "Dump Mode" selection of "UserDB" dump a file with a ".bin" suffix. Since this file is actually a .udf file, the receiver should dump...
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    Contest: Enter To Win Ten Ecoda 22khz Switches from Satellite AV

    Favorite satellite: AMC-21 Channels: All PBS feeds and local PBS affiliates
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    125W LPB mux

    Sounds like my experience using a 10-year-old Astrotel universal .8dB LNBF on my 3ft offset dish. Montana hardly came in at all with heavy breakup. LPB was around 30 quality and at night would drop below 10 and become very pixelated. Until I get a new one, I put on an old bandstacked CalAmp...
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    Pansat 9500 HDX new s2 reciever

    More like a Manhattan with polorotor added, due to the increased memory (4MB vs. 2MB) for satellites and channels.
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    Manhattan Update 3.3 thread

    I use the channel editor to add things like this on the Solomend. I define a channel for every 3 APIDs I want to add and make sure the SID of the channel isn't the same as the one that scans in on the box or else that channel will be reset to the same limited selection of APIDs as the original...
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    Advice on 8psk usb/pci

    I can lock that on the Solomend, but it will only scan and show a picture on Pre-June 2010 firmware.