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    Is there a browse guide?

    DirecTV doesn't call it a "browse" guide. They call it the mini-guide (and that's what DirecTV's version really is). Just tell her to press the blue button on her white DTV remote.
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    Channels I Get

    Ch's I Get should be working after all of DirecTV's recievers and systems get updated. No sooner.To me, it looks like it should working for everone by March (but I have no inside information).
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    Any D10-200s or D-10-300s updated??

    The D10-300's don't have an update. It's still in testing. Only every other DirecTV Standard reciever gets the update.
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    A List Customer ?? If you get paper mail, you should have gotten something saying you were an A-list customer. Or the CSR was just on crack. :D
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    R15 Software Woes

    The OS isn't on the HDD with the R15. You'll just have to reformat. Down arrow+Rec on the box and hold it until the lights come on.
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    Directv YES INTERACTIVE testing viewable on Ch 1004

    How is this a waste of resources?
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    It's a feature of the VideoGuard system and the information comes from the recievers. I don't think it can differentiate you watching TV and you just leaving your reciever on.
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    DirecTV Measures TV Viewing

    You know all the yellow button does is switches audio feeds. You could have done that with your Samsung TS360.
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    New HD DVR from D*

    Yes, you must pay $5.99 for the DVR. I would recommend a DVD recorder for you. you can get one at Wal-Mart.
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    DVR Scheduling from Net?

    Yes, you can go on Tivo's website and scheldule a program and with a little bit of hacking you can also get video from the unit to your computer.
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    You pressed the Red button, right? And it will look a little different depending on where you live.
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    Then you must also be able to press the Active button and access the interactive menu. Can you tell me the menu listings? Anyway, I guess some H20s do have the update that DirecTV planned to do a long time ago to every H20 reciever. What software version do you have? Wait a minute, you...
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    Yes, you can get the channel, but do you have the yellow box around it? Can you highlight a program then select it with the select button? Everyone gets the channel, but only those certain recievers can access the interactive features.
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    NOOOO!!!!! ONLY THE D10, D11, AND R15 RECIEVERS CAN GET INTERACTIVE FEATURES!!!!!!! There will be an update for the H20 soon so people with an H20 can get interactive features as well. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ON DIRECTV'S PART!
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    New privacy option on site (account page)

    Yes, that is how it was made. If it didn't send information anonymously then both NDS and DirecTV would be in a whole lot of trouble.
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    New privacy option on site (account page) This is the feature I'm talking about. It also supplies the information for the new What's Hot feature. The access card (if you have the phone line connected) will send the information to DirecTV anonymously.
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    New privacy option on site (account page)

    This is a feature of NDS's VideoGuard, a tech DirecTV has had for years.
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    Using new DTV Recievers w/Remotes

    One for All and Harmony are good choices. (And an LG code won't work on that box.)
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    Movie Stars Play It Again for DirecTV

    WHAAAAAT???? That is so stupid. I can't wait to see the first commercials.
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    D* website being upgraded

    It's prettier now.
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    D11-100 caller ID trouble and forced update unsuccessful

    I don't believe you have the latest version of the software for your D10.
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    Two in One ( Satellite Receiver & TV Set )

    But even though they aren't here anymore, they are supposed to be comming to America again. The first of such you'll probably see is a Samsung 13" (but they are supposed to get bigger from other manufacturers), if you can wait.