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    Shaw Direct set up

    You can use one cable, but not on a OEM type setup. I run two 630 and one 530 receiver off one cable from a 10ft mesh dish and feedhorn with C/Ku Norsat LNB's with a splitter behind receivers with the one KU cable connected to and then short cables running to all the inputs on the...
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    Actuator on Elevation Bar

    Any one ever try this ? It actually is working for me, Album in my profile with some details Hope it keeps working, Can adjust Elevation on the fly, or use presets for various parts of arc, and on a 10ft'er!
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    Security Screws

    Screws and Plyers You can use side cutter pliers, turn them on end putting the pointy tips in the little slots on sides of screws and give a twist. Regular size side cutters will work but the half size ones work best, I believe they are move for smaller electronic work
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    4DTV battery replacement.

    Old Battery Tabs Old battery tabs are " Welded " to battery they cannot be removed until battery is out of reciever. You can buy new batteries with either wire leads or tabs pre-welded to it. But those leads or tabs don't just line up an plug into right spot on motherboard you need something...
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    4dtv battery threshhold and front cover needed.

    Battery Change After recently changing batteries in 920+922 I recommend removing Motherboard, covering powersupply & front panel area with plastic put some magnets around hole area and drill a 3 inch hole in bottom of case below where battery is located. This totally removes concerns of going...
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    4dtv battery

    DSR922 Done Completed battery change on 922 now as well, did this one as well with receiver plugged in all the time. A bit more stressful as battery not in as good a place as 920's to work on, but it can be done. Holes in motherboard are smaller than 920's as well so removing tabs from old...
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    4dtv battery

    DSR920 Done Did this with unit plugged in, wasn't to scary. I made a ALBUM in my User Name Profile with extra photos [ Right Click and Save File ]
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    4dtv battery

    Battery change experimentation, This week! I am currently working my way up to a battery change in a 920+922 as well, Noticed that the battery inside the old VCRS descrambler module attached pretty much same as one on motherboard of 920/922. So have dismantled it and have been practicing my...
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    Channel line up doesn't match

    X4 version Have you tried going to W5 Channel 603, Options 644 Highlight X4, Enter, arrow right to Remove Settings, Enter and Exit menu screens, then pull power cord, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. Let receiver do its warm up procedure, let it sit there for about 5 minutes and then...
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    SRL Says Alternate Procedure Not Working

    4 Step-Thanks! I have "valued" the info on 4DTV Online web site of TvroPro's it has been one access to good info "condensed". Made the changes as things progressed such as changing the X4 with music in 800's to one with in 900's, found the submenu 6778 and figured out what that 0 and then...
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    Srl ?

    Waits In case its helpful to anyone, I purchased my programing from these people Dr. Sat - Satellite dish installation in Southern Ontario (SRL reseller in Ontario) Online purchase and payment, received email in minutes advising to go to x4-216 and do the Options 67780 key sequence and email...
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    Shaw Direct HDPVR 530 with one line to dish?

    One Cable I run mine off one line, but only get one satelite at time as also use a 10ft dish moving from one satelite to another with a 4DTV therefore only one KU LNB feeding down one line and then splitter behind receiver into both receiver line in's. As long as channel being recorded is...
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    can the LNB device be at fault?

    Starchoice does use "two" satellites if your using "one" LNB and only pointing at "one" satellite you will only see some channels - F1 at 107.3 most channels are here if you get 299 you are seeing F1 - E2 at 111.1 all the HD channels are on this one if you see 285 ABCHD I watch *C on a 10 ft...