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  1. Kryspy

    ExpressVu 9200 & External hard Drive

    This has already been added to the 9242. Any drive up to 750 GB and USB 2.0 will work. Kryspy
  2. Kryspy

    ExpressVu 9200 & External hard Drive

    Hi, This feature is on the 9242 only. The 6141 is said to be geting it also. No word on 9200 availability. Expect ExpressVU.....errr.... Belltv to abandon old receivers just like Dish does. Kryspy
  3. Kryspy

    Bev HD vs Starchioce HD

    Satboyz, Video processors and processing technology improve from year to year. Look at video cards for PC's. I am not saying that the signals are any better. I flat out admit that Starchoice is most likely sending a superior signal at the moment. On my 9242 I notice less...
  4. Kryspy

    Bev HD vs Starchioce HD

    Having just come from Starchoice to ExpressVU I can tell you that the difference in HD quality is negligible if not identical. For SD it comes down to the receiver; the 505 and 530 are old tech. The 9242 and the 9200 both do an excellent job on SD. Starchoice SD quality is horrible...
  5. Kryspy

    What to do with a broken 530...

    I have one for sale ;) $350 with two months warranty left; refurb unit, solid. Kryspy
  6. Kryspy

    Questions on HD Bell v. SC Mpeg4 and receivers

    My take, I've owned both..... ExpressVU is getting more and more compressed as they are stretched to the max for bandwidth right now........hence the name CompressVU If you own a 1080p set then SC is a nice choice at 1080i as the TV then just de-interlaces and shows it at 1080p as...
  7. Kryspy

    SatelliteGuys.US Bell ExpressVU Uplink Activity Report - Week Ending 01/19/2008

    Yeah most likely a dealer channel on a transponder all by itself to showcase ExpressVU's full HD experience.......<remove tongue from cheek> ;) Kryspy
  8. Kryspy

    Star Choice Digital Basic Questions

    I bought a refurb 530 for $299 and it has been very reliable. Nice thing is that you can upgrade the hard drive if you wish with any Seagate IDE drive. Some folks have a 750 GB drive in yielding 137 hours of HD content to record. The 505 is a nice unit; the R5000 mod is a possibility...
  9. Kryspy

    Thinking of switching from *C to Expressvu

    Well, I have had both; twice. When I was with ExpressVU I had the 9200 (942) and it was a really nice machine; better than the 530 in most areas. Having said this I prefer Starchoice because their service is better and HD is output in 1080i vs. ExpressVU at 720pish and I mean ish...
  10. Kryspy

    Starchoice power recycle issue

    Starchoice will most likely offer a refurb. I have a refurb and it has been fine for 6 months now. This is common with the 530 and shouldn't be a problem as long as your broker is willing to go through the hassle for you as they will most likely want to go through a whole bunch of...
  11. Kryspy

    Starchoice power recycle issue

    You need a replacement... flash memory has most likely had it and that is where the OS resies. Kryspy
  12. Kryspy

    STARCHOICE DSR505 Reciever-No HMDI?

    Just buy a DVI to HDMI cable like I did. Kryspy
  13. Kryspy

    Starchoice DSR505 Question and Programming Question

    You of course mean because they are all 8PSK now ;) Kryspy
  14. Kryspy

    PVR repair

    hab, You can replace the hard drive but it has to be the exact same model right down to the version and revision. Here is a list of the 9200 diagnostics. The 5200 is pretty much a non-HD 9200. Memory dump, Hard drive formatting and diagnostics shortcuts This has been requested many...
  15. Kryspy

    Bell ExpressVU testing MPEG4 stream on 82W

    "Half of 82W transponders are cold. If they will turn it on ... " Need to remember that the original Nimiq 2 suffered a power supply problem shortly after laubch abd therefore isn't capable of utilizing all of the transponders. Kryspy
  16. Kryspy

    Bell ExpressVU testing MPEG4 stream on 82W

    "Folks who want these channels will be able to upgrade their MPEG4 receivers (which they will have to pay for)". Scott, Lucky for me I threatened to leave a couple of months back and secured a sweet deal to stay which consisted of a note on my account that I will not be charged to upgreade...
  17. Kryspy

    SC to start 8PSK HD

    HDTVFanAtic, No, 4xx series receives are not compatible either. I doubt the free swap out will apply either to the 4xx series people. Kryspy
  18. Kryspy

    Hi! Where please are downloadable channel lineups (that WORK) for Expressvu and DISH

    The amount of children dropped on their heads at birth I guess is astonishing. Kryspy
  19. Kryspy

    Trouble setting up 75cm elliptical + DVR 530 for SC

    Back with my short lived life with Starchoice I had a 530. I am pretty certain tuner 2 shows 0 until it is actually recording something. Kryspy
  20. Kryspy

    Remote Cntrl Compatible w/ BEV 5900

    There's like a ga-jillion of them on ebay. Kryspy
  21. Kryspy

    Bell with 3rd Party Receiver?

    I think you actually can use one of the DVB PCI cards with a cam add-on board as long as you are using a currently activated smart card. This is what I have heard but I could be smoking a ton of crack. Kryspy
  22. Kryspy

    Ebay problems?

    When I sold my 6000 way back in the day Dishnetwork cancelled my auction for the same reasons. I called Dish and got connected to the signal integrity dept. and basically gave them my ebayID and told them I was Canadian and asked them to kindly mind their own business :) I reposted my...
  23. Kryspy

    Ebay problems?

    DJ Rob, Usually the auction end notice posts a e-mailaddress for Dish like abuse@..... Send them a e-mail and ask them what their problem is. Kryspy
  24. Kryspy

    Uplink Activity Report - 01/05/2007 - 4 changes

    They added a couple of AM radio stations..... oh boy :eek: I can't tell ya the last time I tuned in an AM radio.... maybe back when I was eleven-teen ;) Kryspy
  25. Kryspy

    Uplink Activity Report - 12/27/2006 - 4 changes (w/ PDFs)

    Those would be the 2 SD holiday channels with the fireplace and the 2 HD of the same in both french and english because apparaently a fireplace looks different in french than it does in english. :rolleyes: Kryspy