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  1. Arion

    Solid 6' Vs. Mesh 8' BUD

    Also wind loading comes into play. All things being equal a solid dish requires a stronger mount with more concrete in the base and a stronger pole.
  2. Arion

    Lost signal over course of a week

    If any part of your pole isn’t vertical your elevation is going to be screwed up. You have indicated binding and your threaded rod is off as well. Fix those issues. Regardless what your elevation is telling you your not aimed at the satellite.
  3. Arion

    SES-11 trouble obtaining lock

    Cheap trick. Just adjust your elevation to get the highest background noise reading even if your not locked on to a transponder and from there start moving from east to west to increase your background noise levels and you can be pretty sure your aimed at some sort of satellite. From there do...
  4. Arion

    Junk C-band dishes?

    Dish is probably out of round. Read this thread that I started on these dishes several years ago;
  5. Arion

    music Choice on G14 125w

    It didn’t. Same orbital slot @ 125 west. Galaxy 30 and Music choice hasn’t come back up yet but it’s supposed to.
  6. Arion

    music Choice on G14 125w

    They switched satellites in the past few days and Music Choice is supposed to be back on transponder 22.
  7. Arion

    Need a Good Signal Meter

    A bird dog is one of the best for consumers and DTH installers;
  8. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    I would listen to Gary and others that have installed many dishes in the past. I have only done one big dish so I am really not in the place to troubleshoot it for you. Good luck.....
  9. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    I think I would string test as has been suggested to see if your dish is warped. If the dish is out of symmetry nothing else you do is going to fix it.
  10. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    If you have a Tek 10’ dish you can see from the pictures on post #29 where I bolted the rods. About 2/3rd the way up on the ribs on the outer ring of the mesh.
  11. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    The LNB ‘looks‘ crooked in the holder but it might be the camera angle. It’s critical to center the lnb in the holder and make sure it’s equal all the way around the circumference. IE if on the top of the lnb it extends a half inch beyond the holder and on the sides or bottom it’s more or...
  12. Arion

    Can Anyone Install or Supply & Install a C-Band Dish In Minneapolis Area ?

    Most of us who have been in your shoes if we want it bad enough we bit the bullet and did it ourselves. I did a big thread a few years back here on my install process of the Tek 10' dish. Like many things you learn by doing and there are a lot of people here that you can bounce ideas and...
  13. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    I ordered directly from Tek when I got my dish and I don't remember if I paid sales tax or not. I know my dish also came through Canada because it was shipped with Purolator and some of the items got hung up in Customs for awhile.
  14. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    Tek is right on the U.S. / Canadian border. I bet he has two storefronts and if you order from the Canadian one you don’t get charged U.S. sales tax.
  15. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    I did the 10' mesh install without any help. Put the dish together on the ground and rolled it over to the mount on the rim and then had to use a few small blocks of wood on the ground to rest the lip of the dish on so that the dish was high enough to be able to put on the mount. It was a...
  16. Arion

    Darn my dish iced up...

    The dish/mount must really be engineered well to endure all that extra weight as well as the wind load. With my mesh dish I'm constantly brushing it off in the winter but for you not to many ways to knock the ice off without risk of damaging the dish or mount.
  17. Arion

    Buying a 36” ballscrew actuator

    You can get actuators from Rick’s as well as Tek2000, I have purchased from both no trouble.
  18. Arion

    Anik F2 111.1W

    As of last week the last time I checked 4105 V 4140 was active. It's 8-psk and 1/2 FEC.
  19. Arion

    pole adapters?

    Tek2000 sells the adapter that you need so I'm not sure why your looking somewhere else. Cheaper to ship if you order it at the same time you get the dish package. 3.5-inch to 4.5-inch O.D. Pole Adapter |
  20. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    His consumer grade 12' dish is about $250 cheaper than the commercial quality dish. 350cm (12ft) C/Ku-Band Prime Focus Mesh Satellite Dish |
  21. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    I don't know about the 12' dish but I did an indepth review of the 10' mesh dish from Tek a few years ago in this subforum and it's made it through a few severe Michigan Winters already with no problems. And the dishes have been improved since then. Quality dishes at pretty reasonable prices...
  22. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    The dish is working fine and has survived a few bad Michigan winters now. If however, you think this would replace either a Dish or DirecTv subscription for most people this is not the case. Free to air comes and goes, never assume that a particular channel is going to remain FTA. For me this...
  23. Arion

    Blacked Out Channels

    First thing I do when that happens is to do a rescan in case the pid's or other info in the program map table changed.
  24. Arion

    Want to get a dish. What do you recommend?

    A 60% signal strength is baseline. It means that your not aimed at a satellite. You can get a 60% reading by aiming at the ground. Pick yourself up one of the cheapie $10 to $20 satellite meters so you know that your on a satellite and then make sure your LNB is set up right. I.E. 10750 Ghz...
  25. Arion

    Want to get a dish. What do you recommend?

    KU dishes are basically free. Lot's of businesses that used to have satellite as well as people with Directv and Dish network dishes that aren't in use anymore. These can easily be modified for FTA and that is part of the fun of the hobby. Usually these dishes can be had for sweat equity. A...