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    VIP 922 Search

    Go to search the first pull down has history at the bottom.
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    Force guide reload

    Go to Menu Setting Update set update to update in 1 or 2 min. and my guide updated after adding OTA stations.
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    Problems with Dish Website Sling Viewing? working in AR.
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    VOD won't play 1080p..

    So it then says I can rent at a resolution the WILL work, and now it's cut off 3 inches on the top and the bottom... Anyone have any ideas? Is this another in the long list of dish bugs? The black bars at the top and bottom have nothing to do with 1080p 24/60 or 1080i. This is the aspect...
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    Possible to use a 722k remote with a Vip 722

    The yellow and blue buttons will page up and down on the 722K.
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    Combining 722K TV2 Output with OTA Feed

    On the 722K you can view all OTA channels on TV 2 with out any extra cables or splitters if I understand what you are trying to do.
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    Fascinating and suspicious issue with my 722 and HBO/Cinemax

    Yes you can get a second UHF remote check dishnetwork remote tech. support web site. You can cover part of the IR senser on the dish reciever or turn the back light down on your TV check this link...
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    Strange Digital Transition Problem With KTLA

    Have you tried to add channel and enter 31 to see if the 622 will get a signal if it will select done to save.
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    Fascinating and suspicious issue with my 722 and HBO/Cinemax

    Is your TV an LCD? If it is it could be IR interferance. Try turning the TV off and see if you can power the 722 off and on to verify.
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    IE8 works from work but no scroll bar on the schedule until I click compatibility button. ATT DSL
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    Receiver Upgrade Question?

    I upgraded a 622 to a 722K two weeks ago. With a 2 year contract no charge I asked for the OTA module it was 29.99. I received my bill Fri. it showed 75.00 upgrade charge with a 75.00 adjustment. I talked to retention to get the deal.
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    I use a wireless data card at home. I will check from work Monday to see if the I have a problem from there.
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    I was using firefox to get to for scheduling my DVR normally I use IE8 but I could not get it to work in IE8. I found that if I go to in IE8 it sticks in a loop trying to load the site, if I go to tools > internet options then say OK it goes to with...
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    WOW! Just noticed the new DISH Remote Access Feature

    In IE8 if you get to the sling site at the top of the page click the compatabilaty icon and I get the scroll bar. Compatability icon is to the left of refresh at the sling site.
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    622 locking up in the aquiring sat screen

    Yes. I think dish will will replace LNBs beyond -8
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    OTA local scan

    Trouthead Do another channel scan and watch the channels scanned # and note the # when channels are found. The channel scanned # are the digital channel numbers. Then go to add channels and enter the digital channel # to see if there is signal strength and it will give you the analog # as...
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    OTA local scan

    Are you getting any sub channels of the 4 channel. The receiver counts those as well.
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    OTA local scan

    You could go to your local DMA at this site RabbitEars.Info and try add locals by digital number and check for signal strength on the meter if a channel number is strong you can add it.
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    Networking Question...

    I am using a 2 router set up at work and home different routers at both sites they work well 1st router LAN to LAN on the second router. I had no luck LAN to WAN on the second router. This makes the second router a switch in effect with wireless capability if you use a wireless router
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    Networking Question...

    You would need to go from the LAN port on the first router to a Lan port on the second router.
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    Local channels from a different Designated Market Area

    You will get programing from your DMA with Dish but you will be able to get OTA what ever your antenna will pull in. I get guide info from other DMAs on my 722 and 722K from 2 other DMAs.
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    Transfer timers from 622 to 722k?

    You have to use the 20.0 remote that comes with the 722K to save settings. It worked for me.
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    722 k signal loss when TV turned off

    What is the model # of the Samsung? Do you have the TV set up on HDMI?
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    722K intermittent IR remote failure

    What TV do you have? Some LCDs create IR interferance you could check AVS forums for your set to see if others are having problems with IR interferance.
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    Transfer timers from 622 to 722k?

    On the 722 remote push menu menu next and follow the on screen prompts using the 722K remote.