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  1. CycloneSat

    Fuse TV dispute

    Considering how I’ve rarely heard of this network, I think the providers are justified in their decision...
  2. CycloneSat

    Fuse TV dispute

    Looks like we have a dispute going on between AT&T and Fuse Media, the Fuse and Fuse Music networks may disappear from DIRECTV/AT&T TV after January 15th. Fuse says that AT&T is "playing favorites with their own networks", AT&T says that they’re delisting the network because "they don’t want to...
  3. CycloneSat

    When is the last time DirecTV added a new channel?

    I believe they added an linear AMC + network last week
  4. CycloneSat

    Satellite T8 moving to 119W, T7S to be retired.

    De-orbit process of T7S should start on January 11.
  5. CycloneSat

    AT&T exploring Deal to sell off DIRECTV.

    Wasn’t D4S de-orbited a year ago?
  6. CycloneSat

    What will happen to Directv going forward

    All good things come to an end eventually. I expect DTV to stick around at least through 2026 though.
  7. CycloneSat

    R.I.P MHz Worldview

    MHz Worldview is folding at the start of March, and they’re migrating their programming to their streaming services. The service already left DirecTV in October. I personally wonder what will happen to the vacated subchannel spaces after MHz Worldview shutters...
  8. CycloneSat

    MHz Worldview is going away 9/30/2019

    Welp, we might know a reason at to why it left now. It turns out that the network is folding in March, and they’re migrating the programming to streaming.
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    Spaceway 1 Satellite Damaged

    New info: Boeing will update operating procedures to other spacecraft of the same model to prevent SW1’s issue from occurring again AT&T will relocate one of its satellites to replace SW1 as backup I doubt the age of the satellite had any factor in what happened...
  10. CycloneSat

    Spaceway 1 Satellite Damaged

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that sat having spot beam issues
  11. CycloneSat

    Spaceway 1 Satellite Damaged

    The last time I recall them having a major problem with their spacecraft was with D6, which was hit by a solar flare...
  12. CycloneSat

    Spaceway 1 Satellite Damaged

    Hoo boy, now I’m starting to see exactly why AT&T hates satellites...
  13. CycloneSat

    Audience Network shutting down

    A little birdie in my head told me this was eventually going to happen...
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    SD ~ HD Upgrade

    Yeah, it it doesn't make sense to upgrade if they're just gonna screw the service over a few years later.
  15. CycloneSat

    Model name for this receiver

    Got a update from my friend. It’s the HR-54...R1.
  16. CycloneSat

    Model name for this receiver

    Saw this receiver at a friends house. Definitely relatively new but I wasn’t able to get enough time to check for the model number, could somebody identify this?
  17. CycloneSat

    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    3 Rivers (Montana) and BELD (Braintree) already have shut down their cable services.
  18. CycloneSat

    At&t Pay Tv unit under financial fire

    You may be on to something.
  19. CycloneSat

    At&t Pay Tv unit under financial fire

    Not surprised.
  20. CycloneSat

    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    Because they’re Comcast. It’s dumb for a company to add apps that will convince a customer to leave the platform, there’s no defending that.
  21. CycloneSat

    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    Why should DIRECTV add apps? That’ll only make their customers more likely to realize they can save a lot of money and ditch the service.
  22. CycloneSat

    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    You do pay for those services, so it’s still pay TV. Free TV is mainly OTA. It’s traditional channel/schedule based television that’s dying. Once people were actually mostly happy watching what a programmer put on that time slot but something (which I believe to be channels spamming the same...
  23. CycloneSat

    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    And looks like Comcast and other companies are actually against an a la carte plan.
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    Web Browser

    Same, it seems a bit faster than Chrome in my end as well.
  25. CycloneSat

    Reconfiguring setup

    Go with HR54.