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  1. Cosmokramer11

    Renewal Notice

    I forgot to call and cancel, so they charged me $17. Their service is not worth $17 IMO. I am used to $25 for 6 months. They do like to lie, they said if I subscribe with XM I will get Howard stern 100. Then when I didn't get it they said I need the best of sirius package
  2. Cosmokramer11

    GEOSATpro Used microhd for $50 on CL.. why so cheap?

    Very true Iceberg. I bought my Coolsat5k for $5 it still has hacker software on it but it works. I also bought another no name box for $5 it worked but was very hard to navigate.
  3. Cosmokramer11

    Only true south

    No I will reset the motor thanks
  4. Cosmokramer11

    Only true south

    Now this is odd, I can only get my true south satellite and nothing more. Its not really my true south (since 74W is gone I am talking about AMC6 72). I even bumped the elevation a little and it didn't help. My setup is Primestar 84E SG2100 Coolsat5K and Prof7500
  5. Cosmokramer11

    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I want a microHD for 2013
  6. Cosmokramer11

    Holiday Party Info & Official Rules

    I am happy I will be home in time for the chat. It it fun, I remember the one from last year as well! Thanks
  7. Cosmokramer11

    OTHER X2 Premium HD PVR Satellite Receiver

    How does the receiver work with just the motor and no switch
  8. Cosmokramer11

    OTHER X2 Premium HD PVR Satellite Receiver

    thanks for the quick mini review
  9. Cosmokramer11

    OTHER X2 Premium HD PVR Satellite Receiver

    I may just bite the bullet and buy this one. Youtube on my tv would be a big plus. I have youtube via ps3 but its not good at all.
  10. Cosmokramer11

    RTV,TUFF,PBJ still on 83W?

    I had it on 5 min ago.
  11. Cosmokramer11

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unveiled at IFA 2012

    It does look great, I just got the SGS3 on tmobile. If the new Note2 had tmobile 3.9 aws modem I would get it
  12. Cosmokramer11


    How Are you getting S-2 signals on a 76CM Dish?
  13. Cosmokramer11

    Rescued a Winegard 2076 from death by garbage truck yesterday...

    my 2nd dish was a Winegard 76CM it played fine with my QPH31
  14. Cosmokramer11

    NBC DVB-S2 Feeds on AMC1 Ku

    I can get all the KU channels on 83W fine. But not S2 NBC. I think its my dish not being big enough. I was able to get the LPB on 87 S2 once. It looked nice though
  15. Cosmokramer11

    NBC DVB-S2 Feeds on AMC1 Ku

    Just a quick question. I have a 84E primestar dish with a qph31 lnb. I can get the MS10 channels with 90% quality. But I can never lock in the dvbs-2 NBC feeds. Is it because of my skew?
  16. Cosmokramer11

    What was your first satellite you got when you started with FTA?

    I had a winegard 76CM hooked up with a sg2100. Coolsat was the stb, I had some installer come by and I told him I want him to line up my true south which was 74W. I told him I want to lock on to ONN, he kept on asking me "why do you want a news channel for"?. So he couldnt lock on, I come to...
  17. Cosmokramer11

    I saw FIOS TV for the first time

    My girl has Fios in her house. She has a better HD tv than mine, but I do not notice any difference. I know my Fta HD feeds looked better than fios. But thats probably because the HD fta feed is in uncompressed
  18. Cosmokramer11

    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    As a kid, I loved summer. My birthday is in the summer and I loved going to the beach I still do. Riding bikes was great I miss catching fire flys!
  19. Cosmokramer11

    I found the Motherlode of satellite dishes

    does he have any 1.2 meters for sale?
  20. Cosmokramer11

    Thank you Blockbuster!

    very nice. I think all of the blockbusters around me didnt use a satellite dish. I will check from now on!
  21. Cosmokramer11


    The geek in me wants one. I do not mind the $250 price. The fact that you have to use their own memory cards I do not like. Quad core gaming sounds hella sweet. Cell Phone gaming will never match vitas power
  22. Cosmokramer11

    LPB on 87W changed S/R

    I just changed the SR and now the channels scan in