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  1. bebop

    OTA antenna wiring from DTV setup

    I took out the splitters and wired straight through and get all but channel 6.1-6.3 locals (which I don't need). Didn't have to spend a lot or rewire much, but want to try to get it to another TV. When the weather is better I'll try rewiring to the basement feed on the roof. Both locations...
  2. bebop

    OTA antenna wiring from DTV setup

    MSPLIT2R1-03, as seen here on at least 2 of the 3 "Splitters".
  3. bebop

    OTA antenna wiring from DTV setup

    Will try after I find some, why aren't the 2 year old directv splitters good?
  4. bebop

    OTA antenna wiring from DTV setup

    Now that we no longer have DirecTV, is there a simple way to get a good signal from an OTA antenna to two HDTV locations? No wiring has changed, just had to return the receivers. Had the Swim setup (single wire). I'd like to at least get a good signal to one TV. Tried disconnecting the dish and...
  5. bebop

    Erroneous sale of ViP 211 + Smart Card

    Update: Thankfully the buyer was great to deal with, return shipped the receiver back and never complained. The money was refunded to him and the original renter of the receiver/card will be getting his rented equipment back so that he can ship it back to Dish. He's basically out the shipping...
  6. bebop

    Erroneous sale of ViP 211 + Smart Card

    1. The website seems to say $200 for HD and $100 for SD receivers + $50 for the smart card if not returned. Anyone know if that's right? 2. What if buyer doesn't return equipment, I assume dish just charges original customer the fee from #1 above? 3. Is there a contact at Dish to discuss the...
  7. bebop

    Erroneous sale of ViP 211 + Smart Card

    Please answer the following if you know: Say someone doesn't realize they are renting a VIP211 receiver, and accidentally gives it + remote + smart card to a friend. Then the friend sells the equipment on ebay and ships it across the country after being paid via paypal. What is the original...
  8. bebop

    Thinking Choice Xtra - Changes 2/9 between Xtra & Xtra Classic

    So just call in and have them remove HD Extra Pack instead of changing base programming? As long as they don't charge to remove it. Thanks for the info.
  9. bebop

    HD Extra Pack confusion...

    I signed up for new serivce about 12 months ago and now have the "Choice Xtra Classic" package. I also added the free for 3 month HD Extra Pack about 3 months ago. I went online to remove the HD Extra pack so that I don't have to pay for the channels I don't really watch much, and when I go to...
  10. bebop

    Something Dish, Direct, etc don't want you to know...

    I'm not trying to pick on you, but if you got the "numbers from your boss" then you think the you could just relay the numbers instead of inflating them. I can't tell if you are making things up or what. We do have some sources referenced that show actual numbers. You have not provided a...
  11. bebop

    Something Dish, Direct, etc don't want you to know...

    What's your source? So far it looks incorrect compared to what we've been seeing for years. If they mark everything up 4x like it would have to be with your original post here, we'd be paying a lot more than we do for our programming.
  12. bebop

    A tip of the hat to Direct TV

    Hopefully you can get the rebates if you qualified for them too.
  13. bebop

    How do I make my directv remote control my audio receiver and tv and directv receiver?

    What model Onkoyo do you have? I have a TX-SR606 and it does most of the inputs with the numbers, but doesn't do the radio (and maybe a couple others). Maybe there is a better code out there but I haven't found it.
  14. bebop

    How do I make my directv remote control my audio receiver and tv and directv receiver?

    What make/model equipment are you wanting to control? Did you even go through the setup yet to try??? You can just go through the setup on a new receiver like an HR-24 and tell it what you have and it ought to work. I can do what you asked on my TV and AV after setting it up...
  15. bebop

    Former Dish Net / New Customers Read This

    Sounds like me 2 months ago. :) I was surprised at the installers lack of knowledge about some items, but in the end got it right. He wanted me to sign the contract before he'd start and I said no way. Then there was an awkward couple of minutes while he thought of what he was going to...
  16. bebop

    Yet another switching from E* to D* customer

    Any way to guarantee the latest equipment? Not likely, but you will probably get it if you are a new sub. Ask Claude. I need equipment for 3 rooms. I'm getting at least 2 DVR's and wondering if the 3rd room should be DVR or just receiver with whole home DVR access. From what I can tell the...
  17. bebop

    Directv HD Quality Sucks!

    D* HD looks quite good. It's your setup (which includes your crappy 22" Sharp for what you are doing). Have you changed the HDMI cables between the devices and noticed any difference? You could have a bad HDMI cable and not realize it yet. But I wouldn't expect much going from 1080 to 720...
  18. bebop

    HDMI for Video, RCA cables (red, white) for audio

    I guess with 14 foot high speakers you might be looking for louder. :) Joking aside, usually the settings on the home stereo will be what makes the signal change louder/quieter depending on the surround mode. I've seen the same with a 15 year old Yamaha and a 2 year old Onkyo. I end up...
  19. bebop

    My Dish Bill Getting out of Hand Any Ideas?

    We ought to start a thread that says: Post your bill line items and we'll show you how to save some money (Or just use this one)
  20. bebop

    What do I need to get SD in a bedroom with existing service?

    RF Modulators: rf modulator and some coax. About $20 worth of parts if you don't already have one. I have an RF modulator lying around in a junk drawer in the closet, so who knows.
  21. bebop

    Free Gun with new Dish Network install

    Same thing happening here now in my area: "Free gun with satellite t.v. purchase"
  22. bebop

    Using a 1920x1080 LED computer monitor for directv

    I use a LCD HDTV for my main TV and computer monitor. It works great. You just have to press the input button to change between satellite and computer views. I also run both through my home stereo and it sounds great. I'd rather do that than watch satellite on a monitor meant for a computer...
  23. bebop

    My Dish Bill Getting out of Hand Any Ideas?

    Mine looks like a good DVD on my home theater. I play mine through my Wii, then Onkyo home theater, then to my HDTV. Maybe it's how you are setup. I have a 5.0MB cable internet service through wireless to the Wii.
  24. bebop

    Free Gun with new Dish Network install

    We have offers around here "Free gun with vehicle purchase" and the like. It doesn't surprise me to hear that out of Hamilton, MT. If you're from this part of the country (at least not the bigger cities around) it's not unusual.