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  1. phlatwound

    Hi, My name is Al

    Cost may be a factor but have you considered Starlink internet? You will need to see a pretty good piece of sky, generally to the north. We have had it for going on a year now and it has been incredible with uptime at approximately 99.999%. We see speeds of 125-250 down, 10-20 up and pings in...
  2. phlatwound

    Testing the new Titanium C138 Performance Plus C Band LNBF

    I use a center punch and line up a very light punch mark on the mount and pole.
  3. phlatwound

    Toshiba TRX-100 Sat Name

    That would be nice if you could just put in the location in degrees like that, since the names and designations are always changing it seems. I have always tried to think of everything by location anyway, less confusion for me, hope you can figure it out.
  4. phlatwound

    Toshiba TRX-100 Sat Name

    I had a TRX-100 several years ago and I don't remember a way to change the names, but it may be possible. I do remember printing out a chart and just relating the pre-programmed names to an orbital location slot and cross referencing to that when the satellite names changed. A lot of...
  5. phlatwound

    Patient Channel 87w

    Is Starlink an option for you? I've been online with them for about a month and the performance is incredible for someone living out in the middle of the woods. You do need a pretty good view to the "north" typically in the lower 48 states. Pics are the mount I fabricated to breed the...
  6. phlatwound

    Best deal on a decent 1.2 meter dish

    Ah, I may have misunderstood the question, I didn't even consider the NPRM to be part of the deal. If that dish comes with the NPRM and the RX unit/feedhorn that's a steal!
  7. phlatwound

    Best deal on a decent 1.2 meter dish

    I'm not sure what mount it has but it would almost certainly require some fabrication to breed it to a STAB-type H/H motor. If that is a stamped steel dish I believe a STAB 120 would handle it, if you can find one anymore. A fiberglass 1.2 meter will require adapting to a polar mount or an...
  8. phlatwound

    ViaSat 3 Failure?
  9. phlatwound

    OTHER Televes 85cm Orange Ku Band Dish

    Wow, that's a blast from the past. Pretty sure I purchased that pair from "Mr. Tony". :cool: Got a lot of use out of both and they performed pretty well...think I still have one of them.
  10. phlatwound

    OTHER Ku Dish Farm Advice?

    I don't know what your level of knowledge is regarding switches but this is a great place to start: Anole, R.I.P. There is a lot more info in this thread than what you asked about but it might give you some ideas...
  11. phlatwound

    Starlink review...good article

    Nobody outside of Starlink knows that. I have seen guesses of around 30-100 per cell with the current satellite deployment on the Starlink subreddit but that's just conjecture. Of course the numbers per cell could/should increase as additional satellite "shells" are placed in orbit.
  12. phlatwound

    Setting the pole

    Perfectly plumb.
  13. phlatwound

    8 ft dish

    Since that dish is not a buttonhook-type you may not even really need that plate at the center, I have ran very similar dishes without them. That area of the dish is shaded by your feed so you are not losing any reflective area and all the bolts that hold the sections together provide plenty of...
  14. phlatwound

    Can someone help identify this 10-ft dish?

    That's an odd one to me you have there. I have seen reflectors very similar to that one (numerous radial ribs/buttonhook) but never seen a polar mount that was quite like that, with that big cast piece and the way you set the declination. Looks to be a pretty shallow dish? Should perform...
  15. phlatwound

    SES-11 trouble obtaining lock

    You may want to guy and/or brace that pole to stabilize it but, as you know, there is no requirement for it to be plumb since it's a fixed az/el mount. Glad you got it going.
  16. phlatwound

    Cband Alignment - Help

    Yes, back to basics exactly as Brct203 said, that is where I would go. And Brct203, I think with the typical 3 or 4 arm feed holder you are correct, of course with a buttonhook you can easily adjust focal length and F/D ratio independently of each other. As long as your focal length is good...
  17. phlatwound

    Old round DirecTV dish -- salvagable for FTA use?

    I wouldn't expect to a "better" LNB to make much difference, the signal types are different now and do require a bigger reflector. Some of the (quite inexpensive) LNBFs that are available now are superior to anything I was messing with back then, anyway Thought you might find it interesting...
  18. phlatwound

    Old round DirecTV dish -- salvagable for FTA use?

    A blast from the past...
  19. phlatwound

    FREE 10ft Aluminum Dish Free in Rogers, Arkansas

    I have one of those exact dishes and have seen several in this area. Not sure what the brand is but I know they were sold by a local Curtis Mathes tv dealer back in the day. Seems like someone told me they were a Drake dish but I didn't know if Drake even made dishes. I think it's about 2...
  20. phlatwound

    SOLD!! (2)-General Instrument Remote Controls Model # IRC 450-FREE, GRATIS, ZIP, NADA, ZILCH.

    These are no longer available, they were rehomed last year.
  21. phlatwound

    Should I revive spun aluminum dish?

    If the 8' aluminum dish is bent or distorted (wonky?) even a little bit you would be much better off going with the 10' mesh dish if you could get it. 8' is on the small side to begin with and if the reflector is not near perfect it will not perform well. You can use the same process...
  22. phlatwound

    Advice to find best ku motorized system

    Check out any Edward Jones facilities if you have them in your area. They transitioned from satellite to internet a few years ago and I still see the dishes at some of their locations, not being used. I have gotten 2 of the 1.8s (both free) this way. Stopped to inquire about another about 2...
  23. phlatwound

    Chaparral lnb question

    That feed (if functional) will work but requires something to actuate that little blue motor to turn the probe inside the feed to the horizontal and vertical positions. Your best bet would be to get a modern LNBF, the polarity on those units is toggeld by voltage and any modern FTA receiver...
  24. phlatwound

    dish alignment

    Nice tip there Mr Ti...I will be using that one in the future. :hatsoff
  25. phlatwound

    Actuator noise

    I have a (somehat noisy) Venture acme screw drive that's going on 28 years of service on my old 10' Perfect 10 here that is on the same maintenance schedule as yours...if it croaked tomorrow I couldn't kick too hard. Would definitely buy another one to replace it when it's time.