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    HWS vs H3

    There are some things I want to check on your account. Is there any way to DM with the phone number and 4-digit PIN on the account?
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    Hopper3 from Western arc to Eastern arc?

    With your home location being set for the WA you will need to keep those satellites due to NLOS. If both were open you would have been installed with the hybrid LNB that would allow to go between the two (EA/WA). Are you having difficulty getting the WA sat's when in the East Coast?
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    Questions about upgrading to H3

    The 52.0 remote will come with the H3 and I have heard it will pick up from 30 feet away and depending on the thickness of the wall will determine if it can get a good enough signal to make changes on that TV. Is there any rooms or electrical lamps or computer tower in between the two? To give...
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    Attn DIRT: Hopper 3 Upgrade

    I am happy to help you with this and if you can PM me with the phone number and 4-digit PIN I can look into this further for you!
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    Hopper/Joey Upgrade Questions

    When getting the Hopper 3 you will only need one Hopper 3 and the remaining TV's will get a Joey 2.0. There is a $50 one-time fee for the 4K Joey. As far as other upgrade fees it will depend on if you have the Protection Plan. I want to check into this for you, will you PM me with the phone...
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    Can a VIP722K interact with a powerline ethernet adaptor?

    It will work with the 722k to get Internet connection. I didn't catch the bottom portion of the message until I sent my first response. Are you trying to use the DISH Anywhere website on the desktop PC?
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    Hopper 3 upgrading

    There is a way for us to make sure we get you 7+ TV's connected in your home. Can you PM me and I can help you further.
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    External HD Recordings not playing back on Hopper 3, recorded with Hopper 2000

    With the U3.31 software added to the Hopper 3, it was to fix a lot of the external devices that are connecting to the hopper 3 (Smart Phones/Tablets/iPad as well as the EHD). The issue some were having was once they swapped out it would block the transfer to the new Hopper 3 and we would have to...
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    External HD Recordings not playing back on Hopper 3, recorded with Hopper 2000

    With my apologizes the message was not directed at you it was to let the those who have this issue know what we have to do on the DISH end when a customer changes out their HD DVR systems if it's not reading the EHD.
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    External HD Recordings not playing back on Hopper 3, recorded with Hopper 2000

    The Authorization Hit is what we use when this happens with the EHD. What I have asked customers to do is PM me with the phone number and make sure the EHD is connected to the Hopper 3. Depending on when you get the Hopper 3 will determine the steps to take to resolve this issue. When I get...
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    When am I considered a new customer?

    You can re-qualify as a new customer after 60 days of the account being disconnected.
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    Can anyone log into Dish Anywhere?

    There is an issue going to the DISH Anywhere website we're working on and if you want me to add your account to the report please DM me with the phone number on the account.
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    Can anyone log into Dish Anywhere?

    A couple of things I want to check with you. Are you using the App or the DISH Anywhere website to get to it? Have you noticed any error messages or error numbers when this happens?
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    Looking for 1000.2 WA dish

    With that being said you will want to get the TR-6100. If you can DM me I can better help with this.
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    Looking for 1000.2 WA dish

    Have you checked with your local retailer to see if they have the equipment for your RV? Will you be using it while the RV is in motion? If not it sounds like you will be wanting our model DISH 1000 Tripod Manual Portable Dish (TR-6100).
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    DIRT Team - a bit of help please -H3 Upgrade offer

    I would like to check into this for you to assist you better. I will need the 4-digit PIN and phone number on the account in a PM to better help you. There was a change in the process of getting the Hopper 3 for all customers.
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    DIRT Please Help - Dish Says Hopper 3 Upgrade Not Possible

    If you have one of our VIP series receivers can you press the buttons of; Menu> System Setup> Installation> System Info. Allow box A to reach 100% and let me know what you have for the satellites please.
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    Why am I getting an OTA Error 739 on just...

    What we're letting customers know when this happens is; The antenna selection and placement will yield the best reception. If you have difficulty receiving off-air broadcast channels or have questions about these channels please contact your local broadcast station and/or as...
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    On-Demand Freezing and pixelation - DIRT please help

    Members, This is an issue we’re trying to gather as much feedback as possible to get resolved. Wil the members PM me with the following to get this report started; Receiver # - Smart Card # - Software Version – Hardware ID – Is this happening on all VOD’s when watching? Are you trying to...
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    Attn Dirt, I need help!

    I do want to check into this for you and if you can PM me with the phone number, 4-digit PIN and Service Address I will get this going for you.
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    I am glad to have helped!
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    Hopper3 & Dish Remote 40.0 Cannot get TV or AUX coded

    With the error message of 001 it is letting us know the system was installed using a SW-AJ switch. What needs to be done is that switch needs to be removed due to the receiver is not communicating with it. If the message is 0001 I am not seeing a report about this. Are you able to provide me a...
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    need dirt help

    One thing you can try is to un-link and then re-link the remote. Try taking out the batteries and then reinserting them to see if it will work for you.
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    Any upgrade cost is determined by time with DISH, is the bill in good standing and if there have been any service interruptions in the last 12 months.
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    HWS Hard Drive Fail?

    If you have any issues will you reach out to me personally through PM? I will make sure I do everything in my power to make this right for you.