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  1. Hindu55

    Big Shake-up to Happen on 99w and 101w C-band

    Have not been on here for a while and hate to hear this news. Only FTA I've been watching the last several months is MeTV for my Perry Mason fix before bedtime. Oh well, was good while it lasted.
  2. Hindu55

    VIP211 green screen

    Good thing a DIRT member got a replacement headed this way. The green screen and lockup ups were getting more frequent and now it only gets started on acquiring signal, maybe 2 minutes and green screen lockup. No more viewing with this 211.
  3. Hindu55

    VIP211 green screen

    Yeah I know the 211 is older and asked for the 211K when we went to HD in bedroom but Dish gave me the 211. Probably to clear inventory but it's been a pain in the you know what receiver. The 211K has never given us any trouble.
  4. Hindu55

    VIP211 green screen

    Swapped out HDMI cable with known good cable. Thought it might have fixed problem then again, green screen and lockup about half an hour later.
  5. Hindu55

    VIP211 green screen

    I'll try that, thanks. Jim
  6. Hindu55

    VIP211 green screen

    Looks like our VIP211 in the bedroom is dying. We get random green screens, no message, it sometimes locks up when this happens and requires unplugging from main to reboot it. Other times it reboots on it's own. The VIP211K in the living room has given us no problems and is several months older...
  7. Hindu55


    I Want to Win!!
  8. Hindu55

    I'm back....and an announcement to the FTA folks

    Glad to hear all is well Iceberg. Good luck at the new place.
  9. Hindu55

    65W and 78W Cband

    I had never tried this sat on C band before. Just did and I get the 3885/V/23000 on the 6 footer but weak and picture breaks up. Dish may need tweaked. Have not touched it since El Drecho took down my Amateur radio tower on 6/29/12. Been busy putting up a new tower and antennas since and very...
  10. Hindu55

    FSTV @ 123w still up?

    I've had it here on 11848 V 1784 for the last couple hours with the MicroHD on my 90cm with a quality bouncing from 32 to 46.
  11. Hindu55

    BYUTV on 89W KU went to DVB-S2

    They did the same thing several days ago. I found it as S2 then the next day was back to DVB-S only this time I see the the channel ASL in the DVB-S mux. Some kind of testing or problems as you noted I bet.
  12. Hindu55

    EVERY weekend about this time, ME and THIStv vanish like clockwork! Crazy...

    ME seems to drop out here every nite too. Have not watched close but always seems to be back by 11:00 or 11:30 PM. ThisTV never drops out although it's signal quality is lower. I just figured since I'm using a 6 ft. dish that something was lighting up on an adjacent satellite for an hour or so...
  13. Hindu55

    MicroHD Blind Scanning

    I've been Blind scanning 91W today for the feeds with the MicroHD on my 90cm dish and switching between a couple other receivers on my 1.2m dish. The MiroHD consistantly finds TP's that the others miss (Manhattan, Pansat 9500HDX). I'm really impressed. I manually enter the TP's in the other...
  14. Hindu55

    WSI 6foot dish

    My WSI Special ($69.99) has been up since the fall of 2010 and still working well. Even survived the derecho that blasted through here on 6/29/12. My 52 foot tower was not so lucky, it folded over above the house bracket. I was very surprised that the dish survived as light as it is. When power...
  15. Hindu55

    Intelsat 14 @ 45W

    RASD TV changed frequency. I show them now on 11608 H 1851.
  16. Hindu55

    New Pansat 9500HDX

    I have one and have to disagree. It does have manual pid entry. Go to TP search, then highlight pid scan and use arrow keys to change to manual scan.
  17. Hindu55

    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    Ice, in post #89: "A default list of satellites with active transponders will be preinstalled at the factory for satellites visible from North America. The list will be split into two sections. First the KU band then second the C-Band satellites. This default list or your custom list can be...
  18. Hindu55

    What's Your Sign?

    Jim, W8SOL here. Started out as KA8KBY in 1980 then N8FIF for many years. Picked up my Dad's call in 2004 (W8SOL)
  19. Hindu55

    METV Out?

    I had ThisTV on watching Sea Hunt while getting ready for work this morning. When it was over (6:00 A.M. EST) I switched to MeTV and it was fine. Nice strong signal in fact.
  20. Hindu55

    SES2 AMC3

    Coming in here in Ohio but not near as strong as it used to be. Bouncing around from 39 to 46% quality on the S9 on the 90cm dish.
  21. Hindu55

    Openbox S9 August firmware from Sat Guys

    Depends on your TV. I loaded that firmware earlier and was viewing with my little 10" LCD with the AV output and screen went whako. Switched to the HD set through HDMI and had a picture fine but the S9 was set to 1080i_50. Switched it back to 1060i_60 as you said and all was fine on both sets...
  22. Hindu55

    SES2 AMC3

    I could not wait to get home and check it out. I had scanned in the 4080 mux a couple weeks ago but it was pixelating and gone a couple hours later. Now, no sign of 4080 but 3800 scanned right in 65 to 71 Q on the S9. I always thought that was the weaker one ?
  23. Hindu55

    New channels on 103 w

    They all show as AC3 on my S9. Coming in fine here.