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    Lately having problems with DIY 771

    DIY 230 has been going from good picture to 771. There may be others but only have noticed it on DIY. Just a few minuets ago I watched it changing, I found that its on Tsp 9 of 103cb. I sat in the SS menu there and watched the SS go from 89-90 steady to 0 a few times. I also checked a few other...
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    Can't delete movie from Series manager

    In December I added a scifi movie to be recorded and watched it then deleted it. Yesterday it recorded again so I deleted it again, then went to the series manager and its in there but when I click on it the left menu does not have Series Options, so I cant do anything with it. I tried looking...
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    Copying External Hard drive with programs to bigger Hard drive

    I have an external 1Tb hard drive that is 94% full. I took it off and put it and a 2tb on my computer and copied the partitions to the 2tb. It works but the 3 partitions came out the same size. In other words I have a 1tb copy. I can not find any partition program to expand the 900gb unused...
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    Recently returned DVR charged sales tax for shipping

    I canceled Dish and had to return the DVR, they sent the box with label. I sent it back UPS. Now I get a bill for the return $15.00 and $0.90 sales tax. Is it legal to charge sales tax on return shipping? Bad enough I had to pay to return their equipment but sales tax or just another Dish scam?
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    New Dish install What Sats and What transponders should I get

    Well tonight its finally clear and on 101= I only have 2 transponders at 89 the rest are 94 and higher most over 95. 110 = 86, 92,90 119 = all above 96 most at 100 and one at 26 99c = lowest 41 highest 61 99s = 1 at 15 one at 36, 60, 80,93 103s = 27 to 72 103ca = 47 to 72 103cb = 52 to...
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    New Dish install What Sats and What transponders should I get

    What do I need 99c and 103c for? thank you
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    New Dish install What Sats and What transponders should I get

    What is the recommended way to tweek the dish? Should I concentrate on 119 or 110 ? The lowest transponder? Do I need to care about the other sats? I get my locals OTA.
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    New Dish install What Sats and What transponders should I get

    you are right 5 LNB. I have never gotten 101 for all sats to be over 98 even with a Round dish and 2 LNBs. I will post when the weather dries up. For reference I have. Tuner 1 85,84,82,0,79,95,82,93, 79,94,82,0,83,96,77,95, 75,99,77,0,92,93,84,95 83,89,80,96,82,95,81,95 Tuner 2...
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    New Dish install What Sats and What transponders should I get

    Recently I swapped out Dish for Direct TV. I installed a slimline 5 transponder dish and LNB. I believe I'm getting all the stations I'm supposed to get but am not clear on what sats and what transponders I should be seeing. I do not care about locals. I'm in Alabama Currently I get the...
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    Season Pass limit

    I have HD tivos and just dumped Dish HD for DTV. I never had a problem with the amount of season pass slots until now. I just got a Direct TV HR22 DVR and its limited to 50, I never reached a limit with Dish or Tivo. Also With Dish and Tivo one word could be used for multiple shows like Holmes...
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    Lost absolute now I have to pay to send their equipment back.

    I supposed you like the changes the lawyers are doing to consumers, all the right go to the people you buy from and we basically have none? If nobody complains it gets worse. When the lease on your car runs out do you have to pay to send it back? When the tell you they only offer the highest...
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    Lost absolute now I have to pay to send their equipment back.

    As most know Dish canceled Dish absolute The Reason I was given was few people subscribed to it. I spent 1/2 hour trying to get a supervisor, the first one hung up or pushed wrong button after a 15 minuet wait, the 2nd try another 10 minuet wait, finally I canceled and was told I have to pay to...
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    Getting or moving movies

    Dish givitheth and Dish takeithaway . The reason they were archived is because we only watch the movies on the weekend. So we never got to watch them, I also saved off all the Jerreco series which I have never seen. It will be authorized until I get my new bill. I suppose I can use a DVD...
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    Getting or moving movies

    I'm sure its been asked before but I cant find it. I decided to leave Dish when they canceled my HD only package. My only regret is I have a lot of movies archived to an external Hard drive. Is there anyway I can transfer the movies to my computer or the Direct TV recorder or my HD Tivo?
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I decided to go to Direct TV since they canceled my HD only package. I signed up during the first week they offered it with all kinds of promises it could never be cancelled and they would add all the (cheap) HD stations as they became available. So the first week they took away all the zoom...
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    Almost lost my Absolute...

    I also got charged $13 for cinemax the other day, I called Dish and they are crediting my account. I told them not to mess with my DISHHD Absolute and the rep said they wouldn't, Then I got an email stating the removal of cinemax and that my package was DISHHD Absolute and premium package was...
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    Guide for Green 194 wrong but Direct TV right

    Tonight Planet Green was showing a Prototype this marathon but the Dish guide showed various shows. I checked the Direct TV guide and it is right, Why is dish wrong and Direct TV right? I even reloaded the guide data its still wrong. I have found lately many shows running long or starting at the...
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    722 Can't record one channel and watch another.

    I just found the problem and came here to type the answer and saw your answer. Yes somehow it got put in dual mode. This can only be done with the front panel mode button. thanks
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    722 Can't record one channel and watch another.

    I have an external HDD on it. It does work if 2 shows are scheduled at the same time, both record. Its only if I try to view another channel with one recorder recording.
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    722 Can't record one channel and watch another.

    It doesnt matter. Right now Im recording Stargate Universe and Record Plus was set to TV1, so I set it to TV2 and I have the same problem, so I set it to enable and TV2, no change.
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    722 Can't record one channel and watch another.

    I have a 722 recorder with dual LNB and OTA antenna. I only have one TV connected. I can record on both recorders at the same time #1 and #2 only if I set them up in advance like a pass or schedule. However if nothing is recording and I want to manually start a recording on one channel and...
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    HD only no Encore

    I have the HG only package and currently get all the channels that the Turbo HD gold package lists except Encore. Does anyone else have the HD only package and do you get Encore?
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    Close Caption

    I have a 722 with the HD only package. The CC is useless any service from 1-6 is exactly the same, I get erratic CC that's way ahead and too fast to read on any station I watch. Is this normal?
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    722 software bug, rebooting

    Is there a new software bug list? I got the update today now every time I try to skip a program in my list the 722 locks up then after 3 min reboots. Happens every time. I was also recording on one of the tuners at the time. Does everyone have this problem or just me?
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    Where is Euncore

    I subscribed to Dish a couple of days before they dumped Voom. I have been reading that they are updating the software and have added some channels. I see they advertise that some are free for the month. I checked my account t o see just what I am now supposed to get and of course it doesn't...