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  1. Lt Disher

    DISH Debuts Hands-Free TV on Hopper DVR with Amazon Alexa

    When I got that message it was because my network was down. So the Alexa was not connected to my home network.
  2. Lt Disher

    Snowy screen since new CUI

    It is no wonder people don't come to this site. Even with the smiley face, people don't need to be insulted when the post some concern.
  3. Lt Disher

    Netflix on Hopper 3 question

    I can just press the select key.
  4. Lt Disher

    Wireless setup greyed out

    They are new customers and we arranged to get them a Hopper3. I don't know why it was not installed for them from the beginning.
  5. Lt Disher

    Wireless setup greyed out

    Turns out they had a Hopper 2000 which needs a wifi dongle instead of a Hopper with Sling. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Lt Disher

    Wireless setup greyed out

    Thanks Thomas. I will check when I go over to their house.
  7. Lt Disher

    Wireless setup greyed out

    They do not have a hard wired connection. The wireless joey is plugged into the bottom ethernet plug tho. Would that make a difference?
  8. Lt Disher

    Wireless setup greyed out

    My cousins just had a Hopper with sling set up yesterday. The technician did not set up the wifi connection. They want to connect wirelessly, but the 'Wireless setup' button is greyed out and not accessible. Is there a way change that. (As a side note, they do have a wireless joey. Would...
  9. Lt Disher

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    I got my $15 credit for missing the Tribune channel in my area and I ordered the new 50.0 remote today, so, in effect, I got it for $15. I can't wait to receive it.
  10. Lt Disher

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO!
  11. Lt Disher

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    My update date is also 4/8. Software version U309.
  12. Lt Disher

    Need to reset Joeys every morning to do Apps

    You may want to confirm that AKosloski is truly a QA person with DISH before giving your receiver ID to him. It is his first post and he is not listed in RED as a DISH rep.
  13. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 guide settings

    It works for me. The only SD channels I see are those that don't have an HD counterpart.
  14. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 is the new 52.0 remote vs. the old 40.0?

    Use the Channel up and down button.
  15. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 Remote Control

    I like the new remote. I like the Vol + and - and the Channel + and - each being one key that you push the top or bottom. The two small buttons for each of those functions on the top of the older remote were not as convenient. I also like the feel of the select and the arrows buttons...
  16. Lt Disher


    I have also gotten used to the 2.5 hr guide. I look on the bright side. I now have 8 channels listed on each page instead of 7.
  17. Lt Disher

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    I see now. I think he meant that PTAT delete cannot be restored. I get it now. I was not aware that PTAT could even be deleted on Hopper 1 and 2. My mistake. Sorry.
  18. Lt Disher

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    I think your engineers snuck something in on you Vivek. The Hopper 3 (version U301) does allow the programs to be deleted from PTAT. Hopper 1 and 2 did not allow deletion, but Hopper 3 does.
  19. Lt Disher

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    It appears that when you delete from the PTAT folder it permanently deletes the program and does not go into the Trash. If you delete from My Recordings it does go to the Trash folder.
  20. Lt Disher

    Dish announces Hopper 3 release

    This site has 95% great and helpful people. But it also has its share of a**es. All you have to do is look at the way some posters are treated because they are a little too excited. It partially comes from people who are self made experts on Dish and try to show off a bit. But there really is...
  21. Lt Disher

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    You and also edit an existing time using the timers tab on the DVR screen. If you select the timer in question you can edit it there.
  22. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 Available Jan. 30th

    I got the install this afternoon. I had to go to the caucus so didn't get back here until after them. The install went well. I takes a lot of time to download software. It seems like it has to do it at least two different times. The Wireless Joey also took a while to get set up. Overall...
  23. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 Available Jan. 30th

    I hope to tell you later this afternoon. I'm getting my install in about 1/2 hour.
  24. Lt Disher

    Hopper 3 Available Jan. 30th

    Scott, Is the $25 charge for wireless Joey? Is there another charge for the wireless access point?