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  1. raydio

    Welcome new tuner in Albuquerque/Santa Fe DMA!

    Cause that's where I looked first...I would not spend 25 if I could get it for 19....not stupid -
  2. raydio

    Welcome new tuner in Albuquerque/Santa Fe DMA!

    Cool thanks$25.00 on Amazon
  3. raydio

    Welcome new tuner in Albuquerque/Santa Fe DMA!

    OK, I have my external antenna on-line now so you should see some improvement...8 is lit, my antenna has LOS to Sandia so 10 is on the hairy edge of locking. 15 is also very close to lock but not 18. 20 and 21 scan like gangbusters but are not displaying so we'll see if Trip can get the code...
  4. raydio

    Does anyone know if Sirius adds a Holidays channel to the sat feed?

    It won't be long before it's 24/7/365 on sat as well -
  5. raydio

    Usage after demise: Hacking receiver's and DVR's firmware for something else?

    The excimers which do the actual vision correction, or re-shaping the cornea are ARF lasers - 193 nm...we cut flaps with Femtosecond Lasers and those are solid state - 1030 nm -
  6. raydio

    Usage after demise: Hacking receiver's and DVR's firmware for something else?

    Well, I am a Field Service Engineer that works on Opthalmic Lasers (Lasik Lasers) and I will look for a tool for 15 minutes that's right in front of me...if it was a snake, it would have bitten me -
  7. raydio

    Satellite Magazines

    Yep, very cool article in the May issue about WLW and Powel Crosley Jr and his 500,000 watt AM powerhouse radio station in Cincinnati way back when -
  8. raydio

    Lyngsat now again active, Sathint broken? (Dated: 2021.03.23)

    Gee Brian, you sure have a handle on what needs to be long would it take you to do it? Ha Ha like you have all sorts of spare time right?
  9. raydio

    Anyone know what's up with Orby?

    I totally agree with are in "the business" so you get it. I was in the business years ago (radio as well) and would do exactly the same as you IF I were doing TV -
  10. raydio

    Osmio 4K Clock Problem

    Not the mid 70's to mid 80's I'd like to relive as I don't remember a lot of what happened -
  11. raydio

    Bummer, Universal Radio is Closing

    Spongella, Your post reminded me, when I was a kid in the 6o's Lafayette or as it was better know as "Laugh At It" had a store front, in all places - Salem, Oregon. I bought several SW radios there...ah the memories
  12. raydio

    SOLD!! GeoSat Pro 1.2 meter 120 cm Azure Shine satellite dish FREE!!

    Dude, you need to drive out to Vegas next week and stop by Rio Rancho on the way...
  13. raydio

    New radio coming out in ham radio world, Yaesu FT-DX101D

    I will stay with my Flex 6400 thank you -
  14. raydio

    TBS card

    Glad you found a work around
  15. raydio

    10m Activity This Morning

    Well I was not a HAM then but a SWL but was real heavy into model 19 machines with the electronic converter with the "cross" tuning display...those machines had a certain smell when they were running that was entoxicating...running through reams of paper and many ribbons...those were the days
  16. raydio

    10m Activity This Morning

    I think that one of the WAS nets still has an RTTY night once a month or so...then there are always the RTTY contests but other than that, crickets -
  17. raydio

    New C-band satellites coming

    Yep CN 103 is hotcha for me as well
  18. raydio

    TBS card

    May be a BIOS issue with the new box...TBS drivers can be a real pain in the arse to deal with and getting help from them is difficult. Some of the older cards have issues with newer operating systems, but that does not seem to be your issue since the card and drivers work on a older WIN 10...
  19. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams far a C band on a mini-dish, one of my friends on this forum, comfortably numb, did a lot of experimentation using a 1.2 meter dish last summer. If you PM him and tell him I sent you, he would help you out. I even screwed around with it on my 76cm and was surprised on what I was able...
  20. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    I did end up selling it on QRZ, but Mr. Orbit is is a super rig for the price -
  21. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams

    Hi and thanks for responding. I don't think the idea has died but when I thought of it we were in a normal way of life with everyone working and such. Now with Covid-19, I am home and not working for awhile and I don't know about Michael and Brian. Brian is in NorCal and Michael in SC I...
  22. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    Hey guys, I bought two of these with the thought of using one for a base station, which I have and then one mobile in my truck. However, I have decided to go another route and have a like-new rig available. Will let it go for a real good price to a forum ham...if not then QRZ. PM me if you...
  23. raydio

    Very Large Array

    Found a webcam...updates the image every 15 seconds -
  24. raydio

    Intelsat extends life

    Cool...MEV-1 gave Intelsat-901 it's first space colonoscopy -