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  1. Breathing Borla

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    my price for the lowest package including all the locals is 39.99 out the door. hopefully it stays that way
  2. Breathing Borla

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    ya, it was certainly a factor in trying this out, we get all the locals in the northern il "Chicago" market. I am thinking of saying bye to dish after well over 10 years, just can't beat 39.99 for what you get and how well it works. Still, I am going to try it for a while while my dish is...
  3. Breathing Borla

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    I just paused my dish account for a while as I try playstation vue played from amazon fire TV. I have to say I really like it, I have the smallest package and get all the channels I want with all the locals for 39.99 out the door. nice
  4. Breathing Borla

    Where can i buy the hopper with sling

    They only wanted a 100 bucks for me and I went from a hopper to a hopper with sling. Better than shelling out for a purchase in my mind. maybe PM DIRT here?? Just a thought, if you don't want to re-up than I understand
  5. Breathing Borla

    Dish Hopper with Sling - Would You Upgrade?

    I think I am going yes I want to add sling, so it's 50 bucks for the sling or 50 more for a whole new hopper which is faster, ect. 50 extra bucks is no big deal
  6. Breathing Borla

    Scott's Review of DISH's Hopper with Sling

    i have the option to get a new hopper with sling built in for 100 bucks or get a sling adapter for 49 and add it to my current hopper. any advantages to either of the above? Wasn't sure which performed better or if the new hopper did something else mine didn't and so forth Zach from Dirt said...
  7. Breathing Borla

    New S229 Feature - Bluetooth Audio

    ok, cool, that's what I was wondering. If you just mute the yamaha and there was some way of controling the volume which it looks like you can use the volume on the headphones. I just wasn't sure if that would work or there was some control on the hopper. i bought these...
  8. Breathing Borla

    New S229 Feature - Bluetooth Audio

    what problem? how does it work now?
  9. Breathing Borla

    New S229 Feature - Bluetooth Audio

    so I have a question. if i have HDMI out of the hopper to my yamaha for normal listening through home theater. If I then use bluetooth headphones running from the hopper, do you mute the volume of the yamaha? and then how do you control the volume of the headphones through the hopper...
  10. Breathing Borla

    How to upgrade your Hopper to 7 Tuners for $30

    agreed.. it's really not 7 tuners you can use anyway you want. Still maybe helpful for people who like the Big 4 (which isn't me)
  11. Breathing Borla

    S234 12-13-12

    I have noticed this too. It seems to stay on My HD channels (that's where I like it and leave it)
  12. Breathing Borla

    Still having issues with :29 and :59 past the hour freeze/pixilation

    I have a hopper on the new 234 SW still have 29/59 pixel
  13. Breathing Borla

    S234 12-13-12

    I still have the 29/59 pixel issue
  14. Breathing Borla

    S234 12-13-12

    my system seems real snappy now again. the last few updates seemed to slow things down , but now it's fast again
  15. Breathing Borla

    Hopper Sling

    Where is the best place to buy this and also, how do you guys like it?
  16. Breathing Borla

    What package do you currently have?

    dish america silver, w/ starz add on
  17. Breathing Borla

    Hopper S221 Feedback

    I gotta say, mine's pretty damn stable. I like the few new touches, recall stations centered. seems a bit more responsive as well. I did notice that the pandora app now seems to overlay the tv station?? You can see the background station around the edges of the pandora app screen? I wonder...
  18. Breathing Borla

    Last Stable SW Build?

    I am just glad they fixed the stupid EHD issue with the channels you no longer subscribe too. I have to give Dish credit, they are rolling out lots of SW upgrades and trying to constantly improve
  19. Breathing Borla

    First big tick off with the hopper

    just thought I'd dig this back up since Dish has fixed this with S217 hey, better late than never:)
  20. Breathing Borla

    Droped Dish for Comcast

    I tried comcast a while back and left dish on while I tried it. I got there latest DVR and was able to do a comparison If you have a large TV, (I have a 61) the comast PQ sucks, it's not even close. The DVR is a joke compared to dish, the interface is like 15 years old at least. it lasted a...
  21. Breathing Borla

    Hopper S216 Feedback

    I have 217 this morning and my old recordings on EHD now work!! ok, dish I doubted you but it's looks like you made good!!!:)
  22. Breathing Borla

    Hopper S215 Feedback

    I haven't got mine yet, but as one of the first to have the EHD error 14 issue has anybody tested EHD movies that wouldn't play before due to no longer subscribed issue??
  23. Breathing Borla

    Hopper DRM - Can't play archived shows?

    I think it's a bug, because some work and some don't. either way, like I said before, i just don't think it will be fixed. i hope i'm wrong
  24. Breathing Borla

    Hopper DRM - Can't play archived shows?

    I'll believe it when I see it but thanks for posting that
  25. Breathing Borla

    MLBtv hook up

    I have MLBtv for dodger games as well but use the PS3, what a perfect app they have. go dodgers!!